The Twilight Zone

Season 2 Episode 28

Will the Real Martian Please Stand Up

Aired Unknown May 26, 1961 on CBS

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  • twy-lit

    this episodes my favorite one of the alll!! i just love the plot to it its just awesome snowy crappy ngiht in a dinner with an alien gets no better the gift is awesome too
  • Perfection

    My favorite episode. A nice twist ending, I read some where that there was supposed to be a dog in the diner that was supposed to get the last word and say "that's what you think" and wink to the camera. If they ever make a remake or another movie I want this one, "The Hunt" and "Hocus pocus and Frisby" done in color.
  • You didnt know what was going to happen at all.

    In this episode its about these cops that see footprints coming from the lake out of this big spaceship-meteor like thing. They follow them to a local diner and there is the bus driver and seven people in there (other than the person at the counter.....) the bus driver only picked up six people (the seventh came from the lake) and the cops were trying to figure out who it was but couldnt. so later after everybody took the bus home one guy (he was the guy that was saying that there were no such things as aliens) came in and was talking about how the bus crashed in to the lake on the way home! (but he wasnt wet!!! because he was an alien)and about how Earth would be a nice place to colonize for the people from Mars! Then....(this was so unexpected)the counter guy behind the counter was like "i do agree with you this would be a nice place to colonize, but for the people in Venus" Then he pulls of his hat and reveals a third eye on the top of his head!!!!! Oh my gosh that was unexpected !!!! here is the exact words of what the countermen and that guy that came in that was the alien said and the narrator (I copied it from

    Counterman: Hey, uh, didn't you, uh, what I mean is... Didn't you go out on that bus? Businessman: I did indeed. Oh, yes, I went out on that bus. And you know something? That bridge wasn't safe. It collapsed. The state police car, the bus, everything -- kerplunk -- right into the river. It was a terrible scene. No one got out.

    Counterman (incredulous): Except you.

    Businessman: Except me. Lucky, I guess, huh?

    Counterman: Very lucky. But... but...

    Businessman: But what?

    Counterman: You're not even wet.

    Businessman: Wet? What's "wet"?

    Counterman: What do you mean "what's wet"? You landed in the river but you're clothes are all dry.

    Businessman: An illusion, that's all. Just an illusion. Like that jukebox playing in the corner. That's an illusion, too. (the jukebox stops playing)

    Businessman: Or that telephone ringing.
    (the phone rings)

    Businessman: That's an illusion. Just a parlor trick.

    Counterman: What are ya, some kind of magician?
    (a thrid arm emerges from under the businessman's coat. He's uses it to help light a cigarette)

    Businessman: Who, me? Oh, hardly. Now, uh, before you, uh, faint dead away, I ought to explain that the name isn't really Ross. And I wasn't really going to Boston. No, I was sent as a kind of advanced scout. You know these, uh, cigarettes, do you call them? They taste wonderful. We haven't got a thing like this on Mars. That's, incidentally, where I come from. We're beginning to colonize. My friends will be arriving very shortly. I think they're going to like it here. Lovely area, so... so remote, so pleasant, so off-the-beaten track. Just the perfect spot for a colony, don't you think, Mr. Haley? While we're waiting, how about a little what you call music? Counterman: I don't mind. I have to do a little waiting myself. You see, Mr. Ross, my name isn't Haley. And I do agree with you, this is an extraordinary place to colonize. We folks on Venus had the same idea. We got it several years ago. And I think I really ought to tell you now that your friends are not coming. They've been intercepted. Oh, a colony is coming. But it's from Venus. And if you're still alive, I think you'll see how we differ. (the counterman removes his hat revealing a third eye)
    Counterman: And I agree with you about what they call music. Why don't you play some?
    (the counterman bursts out laughing) (edit) Closing Narration
    Narrator: "Incident on a small island, to be believed or disbelieved. However, if a sour-faced dandy named Ross or a big, good-natured counterman who handles a spatula as if he'd been born with one in his mouth, if either of these two entities walks onto your premises, you'd better hold their hands - all three of them - or check the color of their eyes - all three of them. The gentleman in question might try to pull you into... the Twilight Zone." (edit) (this is the narration at the beginning of the episode)

    Opening Narration
    Narrator: "Wintry February night, the present. Order of events: a phone call from a frightened woman notating the arrival of an unidentified flying object, and the check-out you've just witnessed with two state troopers verifying the event, but with nothing more enlightening to add beyond evidence of some tracks leading across the highway to a diner. You've heard of trying to find a needle in a haystack? Well, stay with us now and you'll be a part of an investigating team whose mission is not to find that proverbial needle, no, their task is even harder. They've got to find a Martian in a diner, and in just a moment you'll search with them, because you've just landed in the Twilight Zone."
  • This is my favorite episode! The ending was great and unexpected.

    "Will The Real Martian Please Stand Up?" has to be my favorite Twilight Zone episode. It was one of the first episodes that I saw. During the whole episode I was racking my brain trying to figure out who the real martian was. Then at the end it turns out that he was in there the entire time and no one even expected him; it was the diner owner. I loved the conversation between the business man and the counter worker at the end. It was completely awesome. I loved his laugh at the end. It was a little scary. This episode just proves what a great writer Rod Serling was. This was truly a classic.
  • Will The Real Martian Please Stand Up is the first episode of The Twilight Zone I would show someone to get them hooked.

    Will The Real Martian Please Stand Up really showcases all the elements of The Twilight Zone that make the show such a classic fourty some odd years later. This episode in paticular was fantastic. The cast was great and I was on the edge of my seat the whole time wonering who the alien was. This is such a great episode and one you have to see.
  • Police officers try to find what they believe to be a martian in a diner. There are only supposed to be six people in the diner, but there are seven. Who is the real martian?

    This is one of the best Twilight Zone episodes that I have ever seen. It is nerve-wracking and cleverly plotted at the same time.

    It starts off with two police officers responding to a call about a UFO. All they find at the sight are tracks leading to a local diner.

    Once they get there, they question the guy running the place, and ask if anyone has come in recently.

    He replies by telling him that a bus just came by and all of the passengers and the driver are now in there. The bus had stopped because they weren't sure if the bridge up ahead was safe to drive on due to the bad weather. The guy running the place also adds that the place was empty before they arrived.

    He police asks the bus driver how many people were on the bus. He replies, saying six people.
    The police man looks around then asks him how he can account for seven people.

    The bus driver looks around, to see that there are in fact seven people.

    The episode goes on show how fearful everyone becomes. The police try to ask the other passengers, if they can remember who was on the bus. However, this is difficult, and they still can't pinpoint who is the alien.

    Then strange things begin to happen. The lights flicker on and off. The juke box starts to play all by itself. This only scares everyone even more.(including the viewer)

    Finally, the police recieve a call saying that the bridge up ahead in the road is safe to pass on. The police decide to just let everybody go.

    In one of the last scenes of the episode, we see one of the passengers from the bus return alone. He tells the one guy running the place (the same guy who was running it before)that the bus had crashed into the river because the bridge really wasn't safe. He said that he was the only survivor.

    He also reveals that he is the alien, by showing off his third arm. He tells the guy that he is an advanced agent from Mars and that his friends are coming.

    The real shocker comes when the guy running the diner reveals that he is an alien too, from Venus. He says that his people from Venus have intercepted the aliens from Mars, and are now coming.

    The episode ends with the martian from Venus laughing diabolically.
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