The Twilight Zone

Season 3 Episode 34

Young Man's Fancy

Aired Unknown May 11, 1962 on CBS

Episode Recap

Virginia urges her new husband to call the realtor, Mr. Wilkinson, but he gets easily distracted. She decides to make the call herself while he packs his clothes.

She happily tells Wilkinson over the phone about her marriage and he agrees to come over immediately to have Alex sign the papers authorizing the sale of the house so that Wilkinson can show it to potential buyers while they are away.

Alex walks about his mother's living room. He wants to decide what pieces to keep but Virginia reminds him they agreed to do this after their return. He would rather do so now and points out several furnishings that have special memories for him. The old-fashioned radio is beautifully built, but doesn't work anymore. He remembers his mother's favorite song, "The Lady in Red", and the shows they used to listen to. He remembers her sitting in her chair reading movie magazines and the grandfather clock that also doesn't work. She insists he go upstairs and pack.

After he distractedly goes upstairs, she tells Mrs. Walker's picture that Alex is hers now. Suddenly, the radio begins to play...and it plays "The Lady in Red". She turns it off and goes into the kitchen. She hears the song again and is rattled, but realizes it's not coming from the radio but from upstairs.

She finds Alex in his mother's bedroom having discovered some of his old toys and clothes. He goes over them nostalgically and wonders why she kept them. Virginia, still shaken by her experience downstairs and frustrated at her husband's inability to focus on packing and leaving for the honeymoon, snaps that his mother wanted him to stay exactly as he was when he was a boy. Hurt, Alex turns away and she apologizes. He storms off to his room to pack and she follows.

Virginia explains that she only wants to be the best wife she can be. It seems that she waited twelve years for Alex to marry her as he always gave some excuse. She believes that Mrs. Walker never liked her and resented Virginia taking Alex from her. Alex points out that he and his mother had only each other while he was growing up as his father deserted the family when he was two months old. He asks why they couldn't live here. They could redecorate, but Virginia is adamant. She wants her own home with her own furnishings.

Wilkinson arrives and Virginia goes to meet him. Alex tells his mother's picture that he doesn't want to sell the house.

Down the steps, she finds that the pendulum on the grandfather clock is swinging. Wilkinson is a jovial fellow who doesn't believe there will be a problem selling the house. He asks to use the phone and Virginia is horrified to find it has revered to an old-style telephone. An old movie magazine sits with Mrs. Walker's old chair. Wilkinson has no problem making the call and she sees it is now a modern receiver.

Alex reveals that he wants to wait until after they've returned to sign the papers. Wilkinson is concerned but accepts this and leaves. Virgina is furious. Alex tells her he doesn't want to sell the house. They can redecorate if she wishes and he goes back upstairs. She rushes after him to find his mother standing at the top of the stairs.

The late Mrs. Walker only shakes her head wearily as Virgina shouts that she can't have Alex and that the love of his bride will break him free. Alex emerges from his room and asks his mother to stay. Mrs. Walker tells Virginia that she did not cause this and walks to Alex who has now reverted to a young boy.

Young Alex tells Virgina to go away and they don't need her. She runs from the house.
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