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The Two Coreys refers to Corey Haim and Corey Feldman. Their friendship is almost legendary in Hollywood. Their on-screen chemistry was so effective they ended up working together on eight films including The Lost Boys and License to Drive. Now they're back; together again on-screen. In season one, Corey Haim comes to live with his old pal and his wife Susie. Fortunately for viewers, Haim is quite the challenging houseguest and pushes the Feldmans to their breaking point. Things have changed drastically since the two Coreys were together last. Corey Feldman is a now a married man, a neat freak, a devout vegetarian, a non-smoker and an animal activist. Corey Haim on the other hand, loves to eat meat, a smoker, single, and he is a slob. How long will they all last under the same roof?
  • 1971-2010

    Actor Corey Haim Found Dead

    The former child star-turned-reality star was found dead early this morning in Los Angeles; cause of death is allegedly drug-related.


    Mole, Bachelorette return to ABC

  • Wednesday
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    • Haim I feel I have a burden for you.

      After seeing tonight's show (8/10/08) I feel I needed to write this really for you. I've started feeling that I have really needed to say that I care for you and your well-being. I guess you can call it a burden for you. I hope you read this. I really know and understand the deal with the prescription meds. I had to learn the hard way. I have had the same problem with taking whatever the doctors threw at me, but one day my eyes were opened wide. I ended up losing my younger brother. My brother and I both had to take pain meds and like him once in awhile we would think "man one isn't taking care of the pain so an extra won't hurt me.", but with my brother it started to get more frequent. One day my brother broke in to our parents house for something and when the police went to arrest him they found him almost dead and had to revive him, witch ended up a good thing because he became a Christian again ( my father is a minister). Even so though he still needed the medication and he had to live at like a half-way type house were they could help him get back on track but the damage had been done. He had trouble with concentrating and falling to sleep just like your assistant was trying to tell you that you were doing man. I'm praying for you, don't let it happen to you.moreless
    • The shows about cory heim and cory feldmen being freinds and working in hollywood

      An alright show I like cory heim and cory feldman they are both good actors a should get more work and I really enjoy watching heim hes funny and he really gets to feldman sometimes and susan one thing that makes me angry is that cory feldmans wife no where near as famous as her husband thinks shes so great and she comes off as arrogent to me and stuck up and I hate how she thinks shes better then cory heim hes much more talented then her and she thinks she has to be in the spotlight constantly the show is called the two corysmoreless
    • this episode was the one of the two coreys going to work on lost boys 2.

      what to say about the july,2008 sad corey haims has been so tortured inside that you can feel his self destruction coming.he definitely screwed up his lost boys chance to come back.he needs ready for acting yet he need more therapy and love and nuturing. it breaks my heart to see the pain in his eyes. he is lonely and unsure of himself and scared of everything. i dont understand why noone is trying to get him more help instead of using him for ratings on tv. are people that heartless. stop helping him be used and abused. pleasemoreless
    • Exciting show that follows the two actors as they deal with challenges in their friendship and their professional lives.

      Who would have guessed that a show like this would turn out to be more surprising than most other reality shows put together? When I first heard about it, I thought it was just going to be footage of these guys going to auditions and telling jokes about the old days. It's not: it's a sometimes harrowing, sometimes funny story of two people who used to be like brothers and are now struggling to reestablish that trust. Drug addictions, family disputes, the search for new acting jobs-- these and many other issues in the episodes prove that truth can be much stranger than fiction.moreless
    • The Two Coreys follows the adventures of two Gen-Xers in their thirties. It appeared to be scripted, but recently took on a more meaningful turn.

      For those of us who grew up with these two, this is a meaningful show as it causes us to reflect on who we were and what we have become. Recently, these two stunned those of us who remember them as children when they disclosed stories of sexual abuse by adult men when they were young adolescents. For viewers who were kids when they were, it is a shocking, painful revelation because we just did not know this was happening while we watched and idolized them. This show goes beyond most reality programs in that it is now truly going into the realm of the truth--minus the exploitation. Viewers are going to be challenged to consider their opinions on everything from child stardom to sexual abuse. Importantly, this show may finally be the breakthrough society needs to finally "get" that boys and male teens can be sexually abused, and that their ability to heal and move on rests upon not only them but society as a whole.moreless
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