The Two Coreys

Season 1 Episode 3

Cold Turkey

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Aug 05, 2007 on A&E

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  • Trying to help kick cold turkey!

    We see the two Coreys trying to rekindle their teen
    Stardoms and if you think that is bad then let
    Them trying to kick the cold turkey habit of smoking since
    The Feldmens are vegetarians, environmental friendly, and try to leave very clean lives.
    Until that is, Haim comes on in as he's the opposite of that keep that in mind. As now Corey F is beginning to smoke along with his buddy and former co-star. That doesn't sit too well with Feldman's wife. As she is putting up with both men's smoking.
    As they try every trick in the book to kick the habit.
  • Corey and Corey attempt to kick the habit

    In this episode we learn that Feldman hasnt so much quit smoking as he has learned to hide it from Suzy. Haim finds out and is actually willing to quit along with Feldman. They go for the chewing gum (Nicorette?) and this is a bust. Suzy finds out her husband is smoking and decides to send them to a hypnotist. This is also a bust, but quite funny to watch. Suzy then decides to send the guys to a sweat lodge perhaps to rid them of their inner demons? Anyway, the guys go and are able to let go of some of their resentments of each other. Suzy takes a girls night out and gets tipsy. All in all not a bad episode.