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my idea for License to Drive 2

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    Here's my idea for License to Drive 2:

    Corey Feldman, Dean, is now a professional mechanic, and is a single dad. Haim's character Les is still a nice guy but never really got into a serious adult life. Mercedes (Heather Graham) returns to town, divorced, and looks up Les. He's excited to see her but when she sees his messy house, un-mowed lawn, and juvenile ways, she decides to just stay friends.

    Les decides to clean up his act and impress Mercedes. He gets a haircut, stops drinking, and takes the bank job his father has been offering him for years.

    The License to Drive part is about Dean's 14-year old son, who is a great kid karting racer. He's good enough for the teen Karting series and takes his license to drive the race cars. Les & Dean recall parts from their driving tests, then Les heads out for a lunch with Mercedes, and Dean studies the advanced technical driving with his son.
    The son passes his test, but they disqualify him because he's too young by 2 weeks.

    Les & Mercedes' friendship re-blooms and she's happy to see he can be a responsible adult. He's sure she'll agree to a more serious date with him.

    Dean goes to the racing committe and they agree to give his son another test, but since he's younger, it'll have to be ahigher scrutiny. He agrees, but then they announce the driving instructor is Uncle Phil the coffee lover (from the 1st movie), who is looking forward to failing the kid.
    Dean does some research and discovers Phil is the toughest instructor in history; and he was fired from the DMV for being too tough & mean.
    The kid feels he doesn't have a chance, but they discover there's only 1 person who ever passed a driving test with him:

    Dean asks Les to train his kid, but Les is worried it'll damage the serious & responsible image he's made for Mercedes. He recalls how they were serious in high school, but when he couldn't care about college and his future, she moved on without him. He's dreamed for years of a second chance with her, but can't blowit now, so he says no.

    Les walks out on Dean to go to ask Mercedes to dinner. Dean trains his kid, but he's kind of intimidated after learning about uncle Phil's cruelty.The day before the test, he gives up. But then Les shows up to train him. Les takes out the coffee cup, just like Phil did in the original movie. The coffee spills a few times and Les gets burned! But the kid improves and gets ready.

    But at the test, Uncle Phil scares him with the coffee, and he fails. When Les hears, he cancels his dinner with Mercedes and goes to see Phil. He tells him his real beef is with Les, but Les says he's the better driver. So they agree to a coffee cup Kart race against each other, with the kid's license on the line. The 1st 1 to cross the finish line without spilling the coffee wins.

    Les knows he blew it with Mercedes so he decides to concentrate on his race. But Dean tells Mercedes the truth how Les was secretly helping his son, so she shows up to the race and plants a biggood luck kiss on the lips.

    Feeling good, Les starts the race. Phil is more familiar with the Kart car as well as the coffee, and pulls ahead, but Les switches cups to a Cuban bean decaf blend!
    Les's craftiness allows him to catch up. They're neck & neck starting the the final lap. Nobody's drank any coffee, so it's still full and hot. Phil bites the cup in his mouth for more stability. Les has to match his speed so he does the same although he's sure it'll burn his lips.
    Les avoids the spills and dodges Phil into the final turn. Phil's lips give out and he drops the coffee into his lap and screams out in pain.
    Les wins the race without burns!

    Dean and his son celebrate as he gets his racing license. Les is suprised his lips aren't burned and Mercedes reveals she kissed him with a special anti-heat lip gloss! She tells him being responsible doesn't mean he can't be his old fun self.

    Les is thrilled but on the drive back with Mercedes, the cops stop him for a broken tail-light. They discover his license expired, so they tell him he will need to re-take his driver's test!

    The end

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    Ive got a better idea.

    Haim gets Feldman hooked on drugs and they turn to a life of crime after both lose their license to drive.

    The ending? Just like Thelma and Louise, except with the Two Coreys in car instead. After being chased by the cops, Feldman looks into Haims eyes, longingly... grabs his hand tight, they both pull down the sunglasses and then Haim says "Sometimes you just gotta say... WTF... its been one helluva ride..." and punches the accelerator and they go flying off the rim of the Grand Canyon with Susie Feldman running after them screaming "Corey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" .... fade to black as the car begins its descent to the Canyon floor.

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    LOL! Good one! I have to admit, however I loved the first movie and own the DVD. I also think a Lost Boys sequel would be totally lame without the involvement of the original stars, especially if they're totally for doing it. Corey Haim is not the only guy to screw up his career with the element of drugs...
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