The Two Coreys

Sunday 10:00 PM on A&E Premiered Jul 29, 2007 Between Seasons


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  • Haim I feel I have a burden for you.

    After seeing tonight's show (8/10/08) I feel I needed to write this really for you. I've started feeling that I have really needed to say that I care for you and your well-being. I guess you can call it a burden for you. I hope you read this. I really know and understand the deal with the prescription meds. I had to learn the hard way. I have had the same problem with taking whatever the doctors threw at me, but one day my eyes were opened wide. I ended up losing my younger brother. My brother and I both had to take pain meds and like him once in awhile we would think "man one isn't taking care of the pain so an extra won't hurt me.", but with my brother it started to get more frequent. One day my brother broke in to our parents house for something and when the police went to arrest him they found him almost dead and had to revive him, witch ended up a good thing because he became a Christian again ( my father is a minister). Even so though he still needed the medication and he had to live at like a half-way type house were they could help him get back on track but the damage had been done. He had trouble with concentrating and falling to sleep just like your assistant was trying to tell you that you were doing man. I'm praying for you, don't let it happen to you.