The Two Coreys

Season 1 Episode 4

Surprise Party

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Aug 05, 2007 on A&E

Episode Recap

The Feldmans are planning a surprise party for their good friend Corey Haim who is turning 35. To celebrate his birthday, Haim has decided to finally attempt to get his driver's license again. Corey Feldman wants to have the party and a strip club and gets Susie on board, but at the last minute, Haim's mom decideds it's not a good idea and suggesting renting out an ice arena to play broom ball. Haim wakes up that morning not feeling so well and asks Feldman to take him to the doctor because of his heart pains. Once they return from the doctors it is Susie job to keep Haim busy until the time of the party. Not too thrilled about the whole idea, she does it anyway. The two head to a salon to finally get rid of the blonde highlights in Haim's hair and then it's off to a clothing store for a new look. Haim thinks they are all going out to dinner, that is until he told he has to be blindfolded and now knows something is up. Haim is delighted at his surprise party and Feldmen actually thought the ice arena was a good idea once it was all said and done.