The Two Coreys

Season 1 Episode 4

Surprise Party

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Aug 05, 2007 on A&E

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  • Corey Haim turns 35

    So Corey Haim is about to turn 35 and Feldman wants to throw him a surprise party. Who can blame him for wanting to celebrate? As he pointed out, he was amazed Haim made it to 35 with all the problems he had in his past. So he and Suzy plan for Haims party to be at a strip club and Feldman gets Haims Mom to fly in for the event. In the meantime, Haim is having some heart problems and ends up being taken to the Dr by Feldman. Haim is afraid that all of the drug abuse has wrecked his heart but the Doc tells him that for now, all is ok. Haims Mom put the kibosh on the stripper party and asks if they can have it at the ice rink and the guys can play broom-ball. All ends up well in the end and Haim isnt exactly "surprised" but he is happy. His newly dyed hair looks fabulous, by the way.