The Two Ronnies

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The Two Ronnies

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A show which gripped the funnybones of the UK for years, and which has also proved a big hit across the seas. Starring ever shrinking Ronnie Corbett, who recently admitted sex manuals have helped his love life (he stands on them) and Ronnie Barker, owner of the Guinness world record for least number of people fitted into a telephone booth. According to legend, the duo were presenting the BAFTAS and a technical hitch occurred. They covered so well that producers offered them their own show. In 1971, they signed contracts with the BBC to record a series of shows called The Two Ronnies.
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  • If it were possible this show is one of the shows I wish we could bring back. To try and replace the original two Ronnies would be impossible. There are no two comedians like them. They certainly are one of a kind.moreless

    This show was before my time but the reruns caught my attention and held it. There was always something new and interesting that would help pass the time and it was never a dull moment. The different skits kept me laughing for hours later. This is definitely a show that should be played as reruns over and over, and one of the shows that I would love to own on video. If it were possible this show is one of the shows I wish we could bring back. To try and replace the original two Ronnies would be impossible. There are no two comedians like them. They certainly are one of a kind.moreless
  • The Two Ronnies is a true television classic.

    The show usually started off with a short news item (read by both Barker and Corbett), then it was followed by some sketches (including Corbett's trademark "armchair moment", where he tells funny stories whilst going off track at the same time), and then a spoof on a serial program. Finally, it closed with the now famous catchphrase: "It's goodnight from me... And it's goodnight from him."

    Sadly Ronnie Barker is no longer with us, but he has left us with a wealth of immensley funny comic shows and which will live long into our memory for a long time to come.moreless
  • Dam good show, another outstading British Comedy. Officially cementing England as the Country of Comedy.

    The Two Ronnies (Ronnie Barker and Ronnie Corbett) hosted this show that always started and ended with their news interlude and was a half hour show packed with zany sketches and numerous musical guest. Very sad to hear when Ronnie Barker passed away last year (2005).

    Making an unusual couple, considering their size diffrences, but made up for it in their cunning and wit to perform the sketches they did. Amazed me personally at Ronnie Corbetts couch gag where he tells a long zany joke. Made a lot of paradies (e.g Space Wars) and a lot of interesting songs to go with these.

    The Two Ronnies is a time old classic and should be added to your comedy collectionmoreless
  • The Two Ronnies

    This is quite a good show. It is a real good sketchshow just like the fast show. It has two men who have the same first name Ronnie. One of them being the late Ronnie Barker and Ronnie Corbett who play a number of people in the show. This show is one of the finest classics.
  • British comedy at its finest. Ronnie Barker and Ronnie Corbett star in what I can undoubtedly say is the funniest TV program that I have ever seen in my life.

    What can I say, a great show that was only proven by the millions of viwers that tuned in for those 16 years, and I enjoyed every minute of it. It was beofer my time, but even know it comes on television and is regarded as one of the greatest comedy shows ever.

    Ronnie Barker (R.I.P) was superb in this show. he was a very vertsile actor. The show had sketehes containing pompous authority figures, eccentric middle class guests at dreary cocktail parties and shabby men. It was about Britian and its various differrent people and lives. Ronnie Barker and Ronnie Corbett are perfect for eachother.

    This show will forever be a classic, and one of my favourite comedy shows. In the words of Corbett and Barker "It's goodnight from me", "and it's goodnight from you."

    Rest In peace Ronnie Barker.moreless