The Two Ronnies

Season 3 Episode 1

Series 3, Episode 1

Aired Saturday 8:15 PM Sep 27, 1973 on BBC

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  • The third season starts of well.

    For the third season the Ronnies have learned some lessons from the past. The sketches are crisper than before, and more varied. The "How not to shout" sketch could be a Monty Python skit (and perhaps written by Jones & Palin), the mockumentary "How to care for the sick" is in the style of "The Plank". Unusual for a word comic like Barker to use silent comedy (with commentary).

    It shows its age, of course. Not only do references to Richard Nixon clearly put it in its time, some jokes are now considered politically incorrect. Idi Amin arrives for a state visit, accompanied by his witch doctor on the mumbo-jumbo jet?

    For those who are used to the Ronnies classics, it might be surprising to find that there is no comic song. Also, the serial has been replaced by separate television take-offs. The Colditz one for this episode, shows the attention to detail given to such skits. Location shooting and several guest actors.