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Tyra Banks hits daytime television in her daily talk show, The Tyra Banks Show. The show focuses on empowering young women, and encourages them to reach their goals and achieve their dreams.
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  • Need help

    if you get a chance please read our story thanks so much.

    Hi Tyra,

    My name is Marisa Wallace and I am part of amazing team here in Hattiesburg MS. We are consultants for ItWorks Global and we are wrap girls. We go around and help women and men tighten, tone, and firm different parts of their bodies by wrapping them with our Ultimate Body Applicator. I'm not sure if you ever heard of use but our product is amazing. Please check me out at !! We would love to come on your show and wrap your cast, crew, and audience members.moreless
  • If you had any brains you would still be stupid.

    As an environmental engineer and scientist for more than 50 years, including doing experiments that prove that the greenhouse gas effect does not exist, I assure you that you just stuck your feet in your mouth up to your knees.

    Man -made global warming is a lie.

    There are thousand of peer reviewed papers that prove that the greenhouse gas effect does not exist and also that the "consensus of 97% " of climate scientist is a total lie.

    I hope you love eating crow because you jumped into an area where your looks will only get you into more trouble that your stupid mouth.

    Science is never settled

    Real information can be found below.moreless
  • Dance moms, Toddlers and Tiaras, and Honey Boo Boo!

    These shows experience some harsh viewers criticism, however most of us love to watch them! America's Next Top Model is a personal favorite of mine! I would love to see a new reality show similar to Top Model but for kids. You see them in magazines, becoming young actors, and parents put them in many pageants. If there was a show for these kids to compete in a modeling showdown for scholarships towards college, I believe it would be a perfect show for young children to watch to be inspired by. Not just reality, but great hope that they can make their dreams come true! Also sending the message out there how important it is to have an education. :)moreless
  • All Women Flash Mob in Tanzania

    Dear Tyra, I appreciate your strength, wit and independence. I think you are doing a wonderful job raising other women's self esteem. We are a small NGO located in Moshi, Kilimanjaro Region, Tanzania and our mission is to empower adult women via education and entrepreneurship. Many of our students are very shy, afraid to speak up and hide their face when their name is called. When I told them I would like to do a flash mob, they thought I was crazy. 2 weeks later, 60 of our students shut down the busiest part of Moshi, the bus station, and performed in front of many unsuspecting bystanders. They were so strong, happy and enthusiastic. And we were immensely proud of them. I wanted to share their video with you so others can learn from their strength. And hopefully understand that many women in other parts of the world certainly don't have it easy. Thank you. Monika 7B0Qmoreless

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