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Bi-racial hating one side of who you are

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    [1]Oct 27, 2011
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    I came across an old video of the Tyra Banks show, not quiet sure when it aired, but I doknow it isn't anything recent. I was interested in the biracial topic because I am half asian (Thai) and half black (African American) anddon't understand why people would not like one part of them...I'm interested about what others think about this topic, orif you're biracial if you love both sides, or if you hate one side and if so why?I was born in the Netherlands, and wasn't always accepted into society when I was younger.... I grew up in the Northern part wheremost people were not used to seeing or living with black people. Most kids made fun of me because I had curly hair, or because of my skin color.I've been living all around the globe, and many people who first meet me know that I am black because of my skin color, but what they don't knowis that I'm also asian. However I have come across some people who didn't know I was black, and just thought of me as being asian. I don't mind people calling me black or asian, I love both. Be proud of who you are, and don't let other people tell you what you are.

    I hope people do respond to this, because I'm really interested in what other people think of this.

    I think the Tyra Banks show should air another show discussing Bi-racial "hating one side of who you are".

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    [2]Aug 12, 2013
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    i was just going thru shows and i saw this topic.im like super late lol

    i find it very strange some biracial kids hate one side of who they are.

    i always say you cant be one without the other.hating one side dont sounds like you love yourself.

    alot of people in hollywood do ,do this igornore one side.i love halle berry but she considers herself black.but she is also half white.her white mother raise and cloth her.so its strange to me that she wouldnt even reconzied her mom who is white.

    their are some biracial people in hollywood who dont deny any part of themselves like shemar moore.he takes proud in being two different races.even the singer amerie she is half asian and black.she loves both sides because like she said to say your only one when your two says alot about how you view race and yourself.

    my thing is you cant be one without the other.and to only clam one you basically telling that side of your family f**k you.and that aint cool.

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