The Tyra Banks Show

Season 4 Episode 105

Pregnant Bunny

Aired Weekdays 3:00 PM Mar 05, 2009 on The CW

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  • First of all I want to say that I am tired of all these celebrities acting like life is a fairy tale. Those of us that have not escaped the streets, still have to survive meaning there are no rules to our lives, we make it the best way we know how.

    Tyra basically crucified this girl in front of millions of people. What is the difference in having sex with your man for money and doing it with a stranger. Women look down on other women that sell sex, why? You are or at one point in your life have had a boyfriend and if you wanted something from him you did cetain things you know he liked to get what you wanted. I am not a prostitute but I'm a woman that knows what I have and if I need some money, any man in my company will pay up, not necessarily for sex but for my time whether he wants to go to the movies or out to eat or whatever. I have a job, a very good one but sometimes thats not enough. I live a lavish lifesyle and that costs money so should I go out and get a second mediocre job or do what I know best- work these weak men for what I want. I know women that has never had to work because they recognize that rich men love what they have so why not. I beleive in common sense and when you dont have the resources to go to college or even have people support you in life you have to do whatever it is that you have to do to make it. So instead of ridiculing the poor girl be the one person in her life that will offer her some kind of help or shut the hell up, eveyone didn't grow up with examples of how to make it. Some of us never had parents there to wipe our noses everytime they ran, so stop judging everyone and listen to their pleas for help. I thought you had more class than that. Learn how to conduct an interview without your emotions getting the best of you.
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