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    I know you probably get a lot of people asking for help and i apoligize for taking up you time. As i stated before i am a mother of 6 beautiful children , 1,3,5,7,8 and almost 10 , 3 boys and 3 girls. We have been homeless for 10 months now , been staing in a 1 bedroom hotel room for 3 months scrounging up the rent each week which is 245 per week. Cant find a job , trust me i got out everyday aplying everywhere i can and still no luck. :( I have my GED plus 3 semesters in collage, im a photographer with several other talents. Currently residing in Clearater florida, been here 4 months. I really want to be able to provide my family a stable home, ive tried everything that i know to do and keep ending up back at the bottom or below. I absolutly love you and your show and everything that you do so thats why i turned to you hoping somehow, someway you can work you magic and get us back on our feet. My email is .

    Thanks A Million,



    My name is Shawnte Wash. I was invited by the People to People Ambassador Program to apply to become a student ambassador. I completed the application process and passed the interview successfully in September 2012. As a student ambassador I have the opportunity to go to Europe for the summer.

    I am a child that one could easily mistaken as a statistic. My father died when I was 3 from diabetic complications. I am being raised by a single mother on Public Assistance. My mom has done all that she can to ensure that I stayed out of trouble and focused on my education. She has invested in extracurricular activities to keep my busy and focused so I would have no time be become a victim of my neighborhood. I have always excelled in school because I knew that education would provide me with more opportunities. I have become a pillar in my community and an essential member of my family. I am a scholar athlete which helps me to be a well rounded individual. I am humble. I am thankful for the accolades that have been bestowed upon me for my stellar performance in the class and on the field. I appreciate my family and my experiences that have gotten me to this point in my life and have opened avenues to my future. I am excited about the opportunity to explore other countries and broaden my horizons. I am an African American young woman with a lot to offer and even more to learn.

    People to People Ambassador Program has been around since 1958; their mission is to provide a unique opportunity for educational growth, which can help give you an edge in the classroom. In addition, academic credit and service-learning hours are available. As a high school student my involvement as a Student Ambassador can provide me with a competitive edge on my college and scholarship applications.

    My goal is to raise $3500 from this fundraising letter. This fundraising supports, me, Shawnte Wash, in pursuit of becoming a Student Ambassador with People to People Ambassador Programs. My mom and I have been working hard since we found out that I was accepted in this program and we have raised half of the money needed for this experience. We are not done working but with your help I can reach my goal.

    I invite you to consider what donation you can make whether it is big or small, a financial contribution will be greatly appreciated. It is your support that will have the ability to move me closer to experiencing this wonderful opportunity. With your donation you will be helping me to broaden my horizons and see beyond my neighborhood boundaries.


    Shawnte Wash

    my mom's email
  • Can you help me, Tyra?

    Hi Tyra,

    I wasn't sure where else to contact you so I publicly ask for help on here. I'm sure you receive a lot of these help-me messages, and I apologize for having to be one of the many with a sad story. I'm currently a high school junior at Georgiana Bruce Kirby College Prep. I love my school and enjoy every day of attending there but unfortunately because it's a private school, the tuition is: $20,750 per year. Our school doesn't have a library so we all have to pay for our textbooks, which cost around $50-$150 or more. My mom and I were able to receive a scholarship for which we are very grateful, but we still had a portion to pay that was due at the beginning of year. Unfortunately we were barely able to afford it and as a result, we had to rent out my room. We ended up getting money to pay for my tuition once the second semester had already started. And as for the textbooks, I had to make copies of every book so I could complete my homework and catch up with my classes. Four years ago, my mom was pregnant with my little sister and had to leave her job for maternity leave. She tried to get her job back but was unable to. She's been looking for a steady job since then, but it's been very hard. Last year my mom and I weren't able to afford any new clothes for the school year. To make it economically easier and less stressful for her, I decided to take a job during the summer so I could pay for my own clothes. It was only a summer job. I've been looking for another job ever since. My point in getting a job is so I can afford a nook tablet and not have to pay for the books. Yes, we've tried the library, but they don't always have the books need. What comes with a college prep school besides the books, is also the tremendous amount of homework assigned. I try my hardest not to turn in my work late, but my junior year has been the most difficult to keep this up. I'm especially worried about not having a way to do my college apps for next year. Computer time is limited at the library, and my school closes at 5. My way of solving this issue is if I find a job to buy a yoga laptop. Another problem I face this year is having to find a way to pay for my AP Final Exams which cost around $100. One of my biggest fears is not having enough money to pay for my SATs, ACTs and the fees for college applications next year.

    Adding to the stress, I unfortunately was sexually molested by my neighbor when I was 14 and 15. Most recently, the police were involved again when the truth came out that since I was 5 years old, I had been a victim of physical and verbal abuse at home. I was sent to a group home for a while but was sent back to my mother's house. But I would proudly like to let you know that I hold 3.5 GPA and am the star of the varsity basketball high school team. My ultimate goal is to get a basketball scholarship to Stanford or UCLA. Despite everything I'm still able to keep a positive attitude and a smile. So after I've just shared my story, I truly hope you'll be able to help me in any way you can.

    Thanks for reading,

    Jenny Aguilar

  • The Unknown: Darkness By: Sasha christophersen

    I was wondering if i could come on your talk show and talk about my book The Unknown: Darkness and i will even bring a book and personally sign it for you. Would this be a good plan? I love your show and Americans next top model. I'm from a small town in Oregon and i have worked so hard on my first book. I come from a rough back ground of abuse and addiction and now i have three years being clean and sober from heroin. i want to show people that just because you come from a rough background that doesn't mean you can't become somebody and make something out of your life. let me know if you would want to do this. I would be truly grateful and honored, Thank you so much for writing me back i hope to hear from you soon God Bless. if you are interested in doing this please send me an email at Thank you so much and God Bless.
  • Foundation for Haitian and Dominican Street Kids

    Hi Tyra,

    My name is David Palmer and I am the founder of the Joan Rose Foundation. The Joan Rose Foundation is devoted to giving impoverished children the basic necessities and the opportunity to succeed in life. We provide food, education, medicine and clothing to over a hundred children Monday-Friday. We operate in a rural area of the Dominican Republic. The majority of our children are illegal Haitian immigrants.

    I founded the foundation when I was 24 and have been living and the Dominican Republic and running it with my girlfriend since then. We have a short youtube video about what we do and the area we work in. You can check it out here . We were also featured in the Detroit news back in September and actually made the front page, here is a link to the article. 20120926/OPINION03/209260362

    We are an extremely efficient organization, we have almost no overhead or administrative costs whatsoever and my girlfriend and I make a combined 300 dollars a month for running the foundation. The children we help are truly destitute and I know that we are making significant changes in their lives. We handle all of the fundraising an publicity ourselves and would love to take advantage of any opportunity that you can provide. Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you shortly.

    David Palmer
  • Dear Tyra is Shawna !!!Please read this !!??!!

    Tyra my name is Shawna I am 25 years old I live in a little town called Palm Bay Florida I have four children three of which are Jaime and Myiah and a stepson name Anthony .I have never been married ohh but I have dreams of that day all the time I am very much so in love with my boyfriend of 5 years I have one problem though I am to fat to get married and fit into a dress I have struggled with weight my whole life I am 5'3 and I weigh 200lbs I have tried dieting and not eating and starveing myself and everything I possible could think of and to be honest with you sometimes I feel like giving up I hate the way people look at me I hate the comments I hear of my own family talking about me and how fat I am I cry myself to sleep almost every night when I get undressed in my bathroom to take a shower I cry I am just so sick of crying I avoid mirrors for the simple fact that I dont even like who I am anymore I used to watch a show called extreme body make over and always thought I WOULD DO THAT IN AN INSTANT GIVE IN THE CHANCE BUT THEN IT WAS NO LONGER ON . ANY MORE have tried everything I could think of and im running out of things to try I diet all the time I dont have alot of money to do much I have a family that I support as well I try to do things for people who need what I have I would give anything for you to help me find a way to make over my body so that maybe just maybe my boyfriend someday will want to be married to me as bad as I want to marry him I know you probably have alot of people to responde to so ill let you go but one day maybe Ill be the one you choose to help fix what I hate most about my self !!! my email is and my number is 321-914-6995 and i have facebook as well sorry to ave bothered you but I think I need your help your a beautiful person and you do beautiful things for others as well and I watch your show all the time and everything youve done in your career is wonderful keep showing everyone why you are Tyra Banks 1 super model and beautiful person you Shawna Nevue
  • born a female but mentally a Drag Queen

    Dear Tyra

    its been years that i have been wanting to write you a message

    but i have finally gain the courage to ask you for advice

    I am 20yrs old and ever since i was a very little girl i knew that there was something different with me

    one day when i was 5yrs old i was in my parents room getting ready for church and i told them that i am a boy they told me that i am not a boy i am a girl then i felt bad and never spoke of it again as i grew up it was obvious that my parents were ***phobes i have tried explain them three times of my sexuality

    but even as i explained to them I myself was confused as well

    sometimes i cry because i wish i was born as a man and be drag queen so that i can be somewhat straight

    my sexuality is PANSEXUAL

    I AM gender blind and I find all forms of sexuality beautiful and amazing

    i wish that i was born as a boy so that i dont hurt my parents anymore

    i was bullied almost my entire and i have also been beaten for my uniqueness

    my hero is my brother and my sister the have been so patient and understand with me

    dont get me wrong i love my parents very much and have been very supportive of me my family has been there for me through my illnesses and school etc

    i just wish that they were more accepting me for me

    i am tired of hiding who i am

    Tyra i now you are an extremely busy well known famous fantastic women

    and i know that there are so manny people that need your help more than i do

    but when you have a chance to read this all i ask is a message from you for your advice

    (my celebrity role model is Jim Adkins from Jimmy eat world Pink Ru Paul and Isis King)
  • hi tyra i am a big fun of Nick carter and the .

    hi tyra i am a big fun of Nick carter and the . For my birthday wish is to meet nick carter and the . I would love to meet them on my birthday that is march 1st. I did see them in concert when i was 15 years old. When I see them on tv i have to watch them i of all of there wanted to know if the backstreet boys will do a concent in a small town called owen wi please.

    from nick carter and biggest fun

    Veronica pfeifer
  • Problems at school

    Hi I have problems at school about people making fun of my big forehead do you have any tips for me to make them stop if you do please write me back
  • Biggest fan Mail

    Hey Tyra! I am a HUGE fan of you and I love your show including americas next top model I wish I can be a contestant on americas next top model but I can't because I have very bad health conditions inside my back so my body won't let me do any type of modeling but I just going to look at the show! I hope you will get a chance to talk to me tyra!

    Love: Jazmine
  • The beauty of Falun Dafa and it's persecution in China

    The beauty of Falun Dafa and it's persecution in China

    Greetings friends, my name is Maria and I am a Falun Dafa practitioner.

    Please take a moment to read this important message.

    Falun Dafa practitioners nowadays face the most evil of persecutions. Falun Dafa (or Falun Gong) is a Great Buddha Law of the Universe, a cultivation system in the Buddha School based on the principles of the Universe:




    It includes gentle exercises and meditation. It helped millions of people to regain health, peace of mind and obtain spiritual fulfillment. Since 1999 this peaceful practice is being brutally persecuted by the CCP in Mainland China. People are being killed, tortured, put into concentration camps and have organs harvested from live people, simply because of their belief. Officially more than 3600 Falun Gong practitioners have died a brutal death at the hands of CCP in the past almost 13 years, but the total number of death, including those who were cut alive for organs for sale is in the tens of thousands.

    More than 100 million people around the world practice Falun Gong.

    To learn more about the persecution of Falun Dafa, please visit:

    To download free materials:

    People ask how can they help;

    Just spreading awareness is a big help. Let your family and friends know about the persecution. Many people invest money in China, without being aware what it is used for. Many products that are coming from China, which are made by prisoners, in the most pitiable conditions.

    If you want to help in other ways, please visit:

    Brochure on Falun Gong in the West and why it matters:

    Traditional art depicting events related to the spreading of Falun Dafa in the world and it's persecution in China:
  • Tyra, can you PLEASE help me?!?!?

    Tyra, I am having a problem and I need your help. Im with this guy, I've been with him for 9 months. He's already proposed to me and we were engaged at one point. We are not engaged anymore though because we had a huge argument. The problem is we keep arguing but everytime I try to break up with him he ends up telling me how much he loves me and all that adorable stuff. Im not in love with him but I dont know how to tell him that. I still want to be friends with him but I dont want to be with him no more.

    Im in love with this guy , I dont know how to tell this other guy I love him though. There is a catch with all of this not loving one guy and loving another..

    This other guy I have never met. We have talked for a long time about a year or two now. I live in Indiana and he lives in Gorgia. He keeps telling me he wants to get out or Gorgia after he graduates. I tried looking up prices for plane tickets but they are too much.

    Long story short,

    I dont love the guy Im with and I want to be friends with him. And the guy I never met I want to be with but I dont know if he feels the same way.

    Tyra, Im desperate and begging you PLEASE HELP ME!!!
  • An inspired idea...

    Hey Tyra! First and foremost I'm a huge fan of ANTM! I've been thinking about this for a long long time and never really knew how to bring it up, or if these fan reviews even make it to you? Hopefully this one does.

    On ANTM I always hear you promoting healthy living lifestyles for your models, as well as promoting career, and success. I think you should start a show for the unsung hero's of communities! A weight loss/beauty competition for people that want to be accepted and gain the looks to match their beautiful personalities! We wouldnt need prizes as the ultimate prize for me would be to become healthy for the first time in my life and learn how to continue a healthy lifestyle for the rest of my days.

    Well, me? Yes, I am a very overweight 24 year old woman. However I have the spunk of a 19 year old, and carry the responsibilities a usual 40 year old would. I'm a full time single mother of a 2 year old, as well as a full-time student. In my community I work with 50 families as an Early Childhood Coordinator at our local School district. I do home visits and book bag exchanges, as well as playgroups and read alouds for our community. I'm very involved with other students in the high school as I take on the role of 8th and 11th grade advisor. I'm also supporting the Senior class this year in getting volunteer hours with Early Childhood Development for one of their classes. I care about the children and my community very much, and see myself forever contributing and supporting the success for not only myself but the community and youth as a whole.

    I'm outgoing and know how to be a real friend. I work hard and am determined. But I do need help. I do believe in myself that I am a beautiful person with all of these amazing traits, however, the world doesn't accept me that way. I've been made fun of my whole life for my weight and it truly is a toll that I deal with everyday no matter how positive I am. I really want to become healthy and allow my body to match my personality for the first time in my life.
  • A Letter to Ms. Tyra Banks

    Hi Tyra: Ever since I was a young girl I have always been interested in pageant shows. For a plus individual I'm thinking about starting a plus size pageant show this as always been a dream of mine and I would love it to become reality. I'm asking you for any type of assistance you can give I would gladly appreciate it.
  • Picked on or bullied

    Hey, Tyra, how are you doing? well i just wanted to know if you had a show to were a girl is getting picked on and she doesnt know what to do.. if so please send me the link, because thats what's happening to me i have picked on since i was 7yrs old and it usually doesnt get to me but now i just dont know how to ignore it anymore... If you will please help me out. thanks.. oooh and my name is Anniesha
  • Questions from a shy girl..

    I don't know if I am able to find anything out on here, but I figure that I must start somewhere. I am finishing my first degree in a couple months, and then transferring to a larger university. My whole life people have told me that I need to be a model, but that was not something I felt I was meant to do. After a conversation with my mother about leaving and much thought, I decided to look into it. As I was searching through the eligibility requirements I found online for America's Next Top Model, I discovered that you must be in perfect health. I have a heart condition called Tachycardia, would this restrict me from being a model, or being on America's Next Top Model? Other than that, I am a perfectly healthy 20 year old girl. I am roughly 5'10" and 115-120 pounds.
  • ANTM tyra

    Not a review of talk show,just saying the ANTM college is so confusing when they meet the judges. Put together poorly. Points here,points there, face on review of each model. I would like to know just one critique of the photos. Altogether as one voting group.If you have a good picture,but everybody on line votes against you that doesn't reward the right model.
  • I love what you do

    hi tyra,

    I admire you greatly, from small watch america's next top model and I love to participate in, well when you have missing bit older aunq

    remains .. the person you are

    I write from Managua Nicaragua ... from here I send you many kisses
  • mommy issues

    i just saw a show from 2009 the episode was called secret lives of teens and you said to tell you how i feel about a secret im not sure if this is a secret or something else but i want to tell my mom that she doesnt understand me i have never had a close bond with her which ive always wanted but something always seemed to stand in the way i get very sad thinking about it but i needed to let someone know so i figured y not you it feels nice to get a lil bit out :) ohh and i love your show plus you are super pretty xoxo jasmine smith
  • Plus size model show

    Dear Tyra,

    I was so inspired by Whitney Thompson in cycle 10. She is my role model. I would like to see a cycle devoted specifically to full-figured models. I think it would empower women in America who are no longer a size 2. I've seen what Whitney has done for the industry. I can't wait to see what a whole cycle can do!
  • Can we see a tv show on male models and Plus sizes Model?

    I wold love to see your show do a plus size American Top Model and a Male Model show. Alot of times fashion designers talk about talk skinny women, but not often male models or plus sizes. Please let this be one of your shows. I know I will watch it. It gives plus sizes women encouragment and male model the uplifting spirits.
  • a wish im hoping it to come true

    i really want to become a model , i am 16 years old , i have a great body.I am watching all these girls becoming what they wanna be (a model) and it hurts that i have doubts of my dream coming true because of my situation. I might have to do a surgery or whatever it takes for my dream come true, i wonder if Tyra can help me, it would be the best thing that could happen in my life , i want this badly just like all the other girls waiting in line. heres my email i would be happy if i got an email from Tyra :)
  • I wanna be a model but dont think i have the beauty BIG FAN of tyra banks

    Hello tyra! I am Brianna Adams and 11 years old. I watch Americas next top model and i love the show. i want to be a model just dont think i have the beauty like you do. I wrote u a letter also. Can u write me I am a HUGE fan of u :D love Bri Please e mail me. and can u give me adviced!
  • I'm Interested In Being A Model

    Hi Tyra, my name is Lonna and im 16 years old. I have dreams of becoming a model and believe i can do it, could you please give me some advice i think im getting the run around. I believe that you have everything it takes to direct me from this point. Very hopeful, I'll be waiting. Thanks a lot, my e-mail is
  • i wanna be a model

    hey tyra im 15 years old and i dont really know if you cheak this or not but all my life ive been talked about and your my roll model litteraltaly lol and im 5'11 and i want to be a model so bad i want to prove all those people who have talked about me wrong and show them i am pretty i wanna shine like you tyra please if you read this contact me at i really wanna do this
  • Pregnant Bunny-Review

    Hi Tyra,

    i just got done watching this episode on Youtube, and i just wanted to say As much as i respect your over-all goal trying to get young girls to not turn to prostitution for a living, i thought that you were very disrespectful and i feel so bad for that girl that had to come on that show and have you insult her for what she had to do, or felt as though she had to do to keep her child. It was very obvious that she knew what she was doing wrong, and she wanted better for herself. She is not a disappointment, i actually am a child of a mother that did what she had to do for her children and i do not find what my mom as a single mother with no support did for me as that. Yes what my mom did effected my life, only because of the fact i could not be more grateful for what my mother put herself threw for me. You had no right to judge someone with out being in they're shoes. No of course it is sick what she does pregnant and having sex with men for money, but shes doing it for all the right reasons and instead of making her feel even worse, maybe you could have pointed out the positives and commended her for being so brave because that's all i see a strong brave women that would do anything for her child. I realize this episode was like how many years ago but it bothered me that much that i had to come and find this site and post my opinion.
  • Arabian girls and the Culture they follow

    Hi Tyra, i am an Arabian girl living here in the U.S, I am 15 year old. And i really wanted your help . I have been suffering living here in the U.S i pretty much hate it because of all the issues going on with me and my overprotective family, especially my older brothers. I have been causing alot of drama and troubles to my family lately (always been) and i really dont think its my fault, because they treat me differently. When i cause all the troubles it mostly has to do with how im not following the religious rules, such as covering, other personal stuff. I hate living here with my family (not saying that i dont love them, because i do very much) it's just that they dont treat my right like my other younger sisters my family showw no love, and i have no idea what to do. I go through alot with my family. I have brothers that hates me because of my dark complexion. I'm the only dark member in the family (tanned) and i think my skin is beautiful, because i could tell you that i attract alot of guys (not bragging about it) but i hate the fact that they treat my other sisters with love and caring. Tyra there's alot to say but i dont know how to even make this enough sense..or what to do. I go through alot of suicidal thoughts i tried to k.....

    ( i once asked my dad that i want to go back to Arabia, he responded "for what? to get married? alright i"ll think about it") Tyra im scared of living this life like the way it is now.

    -Tyra please help me what should i do?
  • me singing

    will i always wanted to be famouse when i was little and i want to follow my dream i just nd some support me. contact me by and @sylviamitchell1 twitter and sylvia mitchell on facebook thx and have a good day
  • Hi Tyra

    Hey Tyra, i m a big fan of ur show. a mother, student nd worker. Ever since before i had my daughter i wanted to be a model, unfortunately i didnt have any support, where to go or someone to guide me through it. I will really appreciate your effort in helping me pursued my dream in order to have a better life for my child and others. I know you can do it for me please. I m very beautiful, have the features nd look but i m i have some issues with my body and i dont feel complete. Contact information:, 267 481 3318
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