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  • Modeling

    Hi Tyra,

    I am a model and a vegetarian. I am very active because for me, that's fun. I dance, run, sing, and play with my dog, mainly. I am a size zero, really slightly smaller. But, that's just natural for me. Any one who knows me can tell you that I DO NOT have an eating disorder. I feel like with this new trend, people who naturally do "fit the bill" are being attacked. I would love different body types to be featured equally. But, this is natural for some people. I started asan actress then a mag wanted to use me and I loved it. So, I never tried to be a model. Stop attacking us and start embracing our willingness to embrace different body types.
  • I'm 14 years old and I consider myself ugly

    Hey tyra:),

    I consider myself ugly because I don't have good hair. Good hair to me is sliky,combed through, shiny. My hair is nappy,damaged,dry Tyra I need your help please give me tips on how to do my hair because I have no one to ask
  • A Diversified TV Host!

    Tyra has a successful show for a reason. She works hard, has great interviews with celebrities and civilians, is a problem solver, makes the world a better place, and is humble. She brings you daily advice on wardrobe tips, beauty tips, and how to be a cooler person!
  • America's Next Top Model

    Hi Tyra,

    My name is Nikita but you can call me Paradise. I am a 22 year old individual who has dreams of becoming a model. I was leaving a message asking you to keep America's Next Top Model going for atleast 9 more months. I was intended to try out for this cycle but found out I am currently pregnant. I really want to try out and have the chance to prove to you, myself, and family that I can take beautiful, outstanding pictures. It would be my dream to atleast try out for your show. Please please please please pretty please keep it going (even though I know the ratings will do it for you
  • One Shoe Endless Possibilities


    I have a patent pending on a new product that you and every other women will love me for. High Pheels, pronounced High Peels, was born at 1:15am March 1, 2012 because my girlfriend made a comment about how her friend had an entire suitcase dedicated to shoes when traveling. I created an interchangeable shoe covering that fits with high heels that not only increases the comfort of the shoe, but can be made to match ANY outfit or accessory. This picture is of the same shoes, the one on the right has High Pheels on, and it slips on and off within 30 seconds without modifying the shoe ( Please contact me if you would like to know more of the benefits of High Pheels. Anthony Ciccarelli 3613318731
  • Modeling

    Hey Tyra,

    My name is Shai Rene Wagner I am 15 years old and my dream is to be a model. I am told all the time from random people how beautiful I am and that I should be modeling but whenever I go to interviews for modeling they tell me that id be a great model and then they tell me how much it will cost and I know that if the agencies really want you then you shouldn't have to pay anything. I was wondering if there was any way you could help me make my dream come true by helping me out? My email:

    Hi, my name is Taleyia Diya Wilson

    i am 13 years old and i don't feel pretty. At school i have to act like someone i'm not just for people to talk to me.

    Tyra Banks can you just please help me feel pretty llike im supposed to feel like. i just need a makeover.

    214-962-7972 please call me
  • Making Dreams Come True

    Hey Tyra,

    My friend Jamesha Tried out for Americas Next Top Model.. I think she has what it takes, Plus she's VERY determined.. I just wish you could help me make another dream come true..
  • Being 'short' and beautiful.

    Hello Tyra,

    I have watched your show a few times and I find it entertaining yet enlightening. I have watched America's Next Top Model, Every season, about 5 times each at least. My grandmother watches it and she tends to forget she has. So we watch them over and over again. I liked the America's Next Top 'Petite' Model season. I am way below average height, standing at only 5ft even. I am Short, slightly over weight for my height and I have stretch marks from having my son. Yet, I still think I can be beautiful. When I was 16 I was contacted by a modeling agency that some how saw my picture and thought I would make a good model. However, I was 16, having bad self-esteem issues and some other issues as well. I thought it would be cool to try, but my mom would not allow me. I was just wondering why there are not more 'short' women who are models and why can't extremely short women be top models? I can think tall, I have to every time i try to reach something on a tall shelf. lol I would love to see if I could model, but my height and weight issues hold me back. I am currently enrolled in college online, and I saw on your ANTM website that your looking for college students to be on the next season. Do you think there is a chance that a person as short as I am could have a career in modeling? Also, do you have any tips on how I can try to loose weight in a healthy way, tone up and possible get rid of my ugly stretch marks.

    My email is:

    Thank you,


    p.s. I tried to find a way to send you a message through your other site, but i could not.
  • Tyra I really need your help

    Hi, my name is Katy

    I'm almost 16 years old.and I've been watching top model for as long as I can remember. I'm in love with your show...and even watching your tips that you tell your models have helped me. My dream was to become a doctor but I realized that's not what I wanted too do. I reeeeeally want too become a model but here's the downfall...I'm only 5'3". I'm too short.when I turn 18 I want too go on your show top model.and it would be absolutely amazing too have another petite season. I don't know if I should give up on my dreams as being a model...I don't want too and I refuse too give up but please tyra help me.

    Please feel free to email me back at:

    I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.

  • A carbon copy of a already bad show

    Wow this show makes me want to vomit. This show is basically a copy of Oprah in everyway. I like how the guest stars are usually pathetic people that have been in a couple of movies or bad artists. I also like the way Tyra always cuts off her guests and often yells "Girl oh no you didn't" and the way she makes everything about her. Look if i wanted to watch some whiney rich girl complain i would go watch gossip girl. Tyra also likes to give out crappy gifts like Oprah. "Look heres a free new handbag" i find it sad that people watch this.
  • i love your shows so much trya

    i love your show so much trya but i am having trouble in school can u help me with that please.
  • dear tyra

    dear tyra banks

    there is an estament that 8 million americans have eating disorder and its a growing problem with young girl and boys its also some times ends up in death all to lose weight. so i thought you could help start a clebertiesl agenst eating disorders, maybe if the men and women who every one wants to look like say that you need to starve to be beautiful and they dont need to change might make a diffrence.

    im trying to contact you tyra beacuse you care and maybe you can make a differnce.
  • Modeling is Marvelous

    Inovation, fascination, dramatization, creativity, and love is what I'm all about! My life has been a very interesting one at that! I have been a diver, gymnast, dancer, singer, pianist, and model! Dancing and modeling are my favorites though. Dancing is about showing you emotions in movements, you don't describe your emotions through words, you use your body. Modeling is the same thing! You show how you truely feel through your expressions and features! Tyra, you are and always will be my idol! You captivate the lives and hearts of many people and you are a true inspiration to me! I have watched every season of America's next top model, and I also watch your show! You are a tremendous woman and you are truely captivating! I only have one question though, when are you going to make an " Americas next top male model! " ? I would LOVE to be on that show! Love you Tyra!!!!! Hope you read and love this because I love you!!!

  • The Dangers in Modeling Scams


    I am a highly motivated, recent college graduate pursuing a career in the media industry. I have spent the past five years dedicating my life to contemporary media and journalism, and I will stop at nothing when it comes to accomplishing the goals and dreams I have set for myself.

    Since my graduation I have applied to hundreds of positions in either reporting, spokesperson, modeling, and even behind the scenes work. With lots of good feedback and many potential employers seeing my resume as a promising start to a successful career. My enthusiasm and motivation to make it to the top has only sky rocketed even more.

    About a month ago I was doing my nightly job search on the internet when I came across a casting call for a NBA All-Star Week Model/Spokesperson. Immediately I got my info together and sent in my picture and bio. The casting call stated "only one picture per person due to the over whelming amount of applicants" .. Naturally, I thought it was a long shot that I would get chosen, but still optimistic, I eagerly waited a possible chance.

    The very next day I received a message stating I had made the final 10 girls for the position and a conference call interview would help them decide if I was the girl for the job. Later that evening I called in to the conference call where about ten other girls gunning for the same position waited to see what this was all about.

    We were asked a trivia question about basketball, and told about how the position would include our expense paid trip to Orlando for the entire All-Star week along with a pretty big chunk of change for the position. The moderator, Jason, told us how last years Spokesmodel did such a great job she now works full time for the NBA and that we too could have some career breaks at this highly covered event. He briefly went over minor details of what the week would entail, and proceeded to ask us each to introduce ourselves and tell a little bit about why we think we would be a good fit for the position. All the girls seemed to have a good chance, with a strong resume, but I was confident my background in sports reporting, and being on camera had set me apart from the rest enough to land the position. After all the interviews Jason told us we would find out in the next 48 hours if we were chosen, and 4 girls would be picked total.

    Through my total excitement and shock, I still had questions and concerns about what exactly this was all about. I wondered what they would have me wearing, where I would stay, who exactly I would be representing and so on. As much as I wanted to just call and ask all of these questions, I also wanted to make sure I didn't come across to them that I wasn't paying attention or wasn't serious about the position. I decided to text the assistant Latoya after the call and just tell her thanks for the opportunity and gave her the link to my website so they could see some of my work.

    The next night, Latoya text me back and informed my that their team loved my website and thought I was a perfect fit. she said my natural ability on camera and my knowledge of sports set me apart from the rest of the applicants.

    I soon got a call from Jason, who congratulated me and told me a little bit more about what I would be doing. Also he assured me I would get all of my info and all my questions would be answered when I talked to corporate. He also said to have my modeling agency contact Latoya and she could get the next few things set up. I told him I did not have an agency and asked him what he suggested I do as far as choosing one.

    He told me he wasn't really allowed to suggest or prefer specific agencies, however there was a New York modeling agency that I could simply register online to and that would avoid having to find an agency.

    After weighing my options and speaking with an agency, I decided paying the 60 dollar fee to register on the "New York Modeling Agency" website since the All-Star week was coming up so quickly. Jason said that would work just fine and to give him my username for the association and he would take care of the rest of the stuff for me.

    Over the next week and a half I decided to only tell my closest friends and family about my huge break, since nothing was 100% just yet. My parents urged me to cover all my bases and make sure everything was legitimate before committing to anything. I made many phone calls seeking advice, and also called both Jason and Latoya getting all of my information straight as far as who exactly I would be representing, what I would be wearing, where I would be staying, and when I would find out more info.

    They were not always the most informative and helpful when I called, but they always assured me they wanted to help the best they could they were just so busy with all the planning and that I would most definitely hear from "Tayna Dickerson" soon, the "Liaison of the NBA who was handling all the expenses."

    As time passed and I continued to have difficulty communication with both Jason and Latoya, I started to have a gut feeling that something wasn't right. I went on the modeling agency website they had me register on and searched through all of the newly added members and found some girls that also were excited about their new All-Star week position. I messaged all of these girls, and learned that they too were waiting to hear more and starting to get frustrated about the lack of communication.

    From this point forward I knew something was not right. I called Jason and started asking many questions I thought he should be able to answer easily, he could not.

    After some digging and phone calls, I found some reviews online about scams on the internet that sounded HORRIFYINGLY similar to my experience. My heart sank.

    All of my hard work and dedication, and all of the time spent and practicing and working on my talent was now not only made a mockery of, but now i'm faced with Identity theft concerns, bank account issues, fraud, the list goes on and on.

    After making some calls and reading enough postings, I came to the conclusion that this was in deed - 100% a scam. I called Jason to confront him and just sort of confirm what I had just found. He was completely calm, and tried to act confused when I started questioning him and this entire deal. For a lack of better/ appropriate terms I RIPPED INTO HIM about how sickening it was and how many hopes and dreams he has crushed just to make a quick 60 dollars off all of these innocent girls.

    Jason hung up... and since then I have been doing everything in my power to protect myself and to fallow the right steps to get this idiot not only off the internet but arrested for what he did.

    What I am here to ask you is to inform all the aspiring artists out there, or anyone for that matter, the dangers of these scams, and just how good they are a becoming professional con artists. I am a smart and motivated individual. I have always been a more cautious person and even somewhat paranoid about anything anyone is ever trying to sell me.

    The completely fooled me.

    It's embarrassing, disgusting, heart-breaking, and really discouraging.

    I think everyone needs to be better informed at how to distinguish who is the real deal and who is just trying to screw you over.

    Luckily my dive for success is way too strong for this one bump to stop me from pursuing my dreams. But I do see it as an opportunity to warn anyone else out there with my drive and ambitions to please be careful at who you are working with, and if it doesn't feel right... it probably isn't.

    Sincerely yours,

    Hailie Meyer
  • my daughter amber wants to be a model

    Hi tyra im a big fan of america's top model as well as my 14 year old daughter Amber. I took her to a john robert powers interview over the weekend and they said she has potential but do you think i should pay 2,000 dollars for her to do there classes? Can u please answer mebacki

    I would greatly appreciate your advice. Thank you sincerly sonia castellanos.
  • i need help how to become a modle with out paying outrageous prices

    ive beeen going to all the modleing calls in the malls and they all say i would be a great model but they all want money that i dont have and iwas wondering if you could tell me what i should do about becoming a model like what arethe steps you have to take
  • Tyra, PLEASE help me, PLEASE reply to my plea!


    I don't know how to email you but I really need your help. Back in 2003, after I had my son, I had a breast reduction. Tyra, you can't believe how much this has affected me. I hate to take off my shirt and bra in front of anyone, including my husband of almost three years. The scars and permanent marks that this botched surgery has caused me have lowered my self esteem greatly and makes me feel ugly. Even though I know people can't see through my shirt, but it still feels as if they all know. You are my last chance for any help. Ease contact me through my email, My name is Tabitha Stoner. I'm begging you Tyra, PLEASE help me, please!

    Much live and hope,

    Tabitha Stoner
  • aspiring model

    Hello Tyra!

    I have been told that I should model. Do you think I have what it takes to be a model? I want your honest and professional opinion so I can decide if I should give it a try or continue on with my life. Thank you so much for your time.


    Rama Love
  • TYRA we need to talk!

    I didnt know how to email you. BUT, I think you need to redo that episode of why asian women are trophy wives! I was just not satisfy with their answers its all wrong!!!! LOL if you can reply to me as soon as possible I would be gladly to explain!!
  • Episode suggestion

    Tyra, i think you should have an episode where you have upcoming designers, entrepeuners, and artists on your show. I was thinking maybe one day you could have a fashion show and have some designers (including myself) on your show so we can show off our work.
  • to close to the ground to reach for the sky

    I am a 5'3 african american woman I w eigh 150 and I am pround of my body I love ANTM but everytime I watch I get mad why you may ask well it is because you to be a certain height and weight to a model but any size woman to do porn and I find that degrading I just feel that if there was a season where you did it for short woman I and I truly believe others will have inspiration that we too can reach the top without being 6.2 thank u

  • I Love To Watch Americas Next Top Model

    Hi Tyra And Hi To Your Cast. Tyra I Love Watching Americas Next Top Model Beacuse What You Do Is Amazing,I Look Up To You,You Help Alot Of People To Not Be Afraid To Be Them That They Can be Thereself,That It Don't Matter What other People Think About You As long As You Know Thats Your Pretty And That You Can Do And Be Anything You Put Your Mind,And Heart Into It. Tyra I was Woundering If You Could Help Me Get Started On Modeling I would Be So ThankFul I Konw A Little About Modeling, My Name Is Jasmine Im 5.9, My Shoe Size In Heels Are A Nine,I'm Sixteen,I Weight Hundred And Forty pounds I Know That's Alot But I Am Willing To Lose Weight If I Have To,I'm Dark Skind,I have Long Black Hair, Im A Hard Worker When Ever I Do Something I Do It A Hundred percent I Will Work My Hardest To Keep My Spot In The Business I Hope You Can Help Me If Not I Understand You Probley Dont Have Time,Also You Helped me Talk to My Mom To Tell Her How I Felt And What My Dreams Are. I Always Wanted To Be A Model Since I Was 10 But I Had No Body To Support Me Or Have My Back. I Finally Told My Mom That Modeling Was My Dream And That I Would Love For Her To Be There For Me, And Support My Dreams. And She Told Me She Would Help Me With Anything To Make My Dream Come True.So I Just Wanted To Thank You So much And I Love Everything You are Doing To Help People,And That You Inspire Me To Be A Good Person And To Help Others Please Responde Back If You Can

    Sincearly, Jasmine
  • Girls with Tattoos can model too!!

    Hey tyra and hello to her cast and crew. Im not sure if yall read these besides your fellow members for this site but, my name is Tiffani, 24 and i am an aspiring model wtih tattoos. I feel we should be given a chance to be in high fashion just like every other model. Also every other model catergory thats in the industry. Id like to see a episode where you have models with tatttoos a chance to sign with an agency. Even with being a promo model its hard wtih my tattoos, i just want a chance to be on your show and experience this subject with the world :) thanks for taking the time to read
  • To the Lovely Tyra

    Hi tyra my name is De'Jearnette Sanders and I love ur show American Top Model, i would like to no if u ever tho about doing American Next top Model for women that are 28-35 at least cause I am 34yrs ols and don't look my age at all. I look abt 23-25yrs old and my body is awesome. I would love to come on your show to meet u and for u to meet me as well and tell me what u think if I still have a chance to model in this life time. Love you tyra and hope to meet u soon. You can see my runway show and photo shoot pix's on'Jearnette Sanders. Thank you and keep up the beautiful work
  • i just wish that you could help me get out of this sense of self. i need to feel like i matter, i need to feel like im someone worth loving. i have never felt love,nor have i ever felt like i was beautiful. i dont have much self worth in fact i have none

    i have watched you every day and you have changed the lives of so many women. i was a abused both physically and mentally. i was on drugs for a while i have over 7 years clean now and i cant seem to find the me that im not ashamed to let people know. i want to have friends.i want to be able to wear clothes that make me feel pretty instead of hide what i feel is a hideous body. you have worked your magic on ladies and im begging you to just let me have a little of that majic so i can turn a head and feel like i matter even if its just for my 15 seconds of fame on your show. im desperate to break free of this maddness that has me tied to this ugly selfless waif please help me i need you
  • Get it together Tyra, America is watching and you have a rare chance to say something that people will actually listen to and learn from.

    I watched the interview with Barack Obama when Tyra talked like a nervous school girl and recounted her meeting him at a party where Kimora Lee embarrassed herself. I suffered though the episode where she put on a "fat suit," I even gave her a couple of points or the show about sterotyping people by their names, but overall I think that she is squandering a great opportunity to be the voice for young women in America - and throughout the world since she is seen in several countries.

    Wanting to give her the benefit of the doubt, I went to a taping of the show, I was completely frustrated and unimpressed. Tyra was aloof and acted very strange peeking backstage every time the taping would take a break.

    The warm up guy was corny and had to beg the audience to clap and put on fake smiles when the taping started up again. The topic was disjointed and seemed to have no point even though she was trying to be profound. She had to do several takes and what should have been a simple taping was two hour ordeal. I say she needs to stick to modeling and leave the talk shows to the big girls.
  • I like America's Next top model....

    But Tyra's talk show sucks. The topics are boring and the most commonly one I hear about is teen sex. My biggest complaint about most of these airhead talkshow hosts is instead of trying to teach teens abstinance till marriage, why not educate them about having protected sex? And some of the things her guests talk about seem a little too exaggerating and far-fetched. Another thing i hate about some of these talk shows along with others is that they seem to bash women who work in sex-oriented businesses, like strippers, porn-stars, etc. and make the topics on those far-fetched, like they can't understand that this is a bad economy and they have to do something to make money to feed their kids (if they have any). Not everyone has the time or money to get an education and get a professional career
  • This show is as plastic as it comes. Or, should I say as superficial as Tyra. It does provide a learning element to those that want to be airheaded, self-absorbed and/or silly.

    I tried, I REALLY tried to get into this show. But... this show is as phony as Tyras' wigs! The humor is sophmoronic and, the shows that would love to be informative, turns out to be extremely superficial and mundane. In the show descriptions, it would appear that I just might learn something from it. Yeah, I do. I learn that Tyra is phony and hasn't ever had a deep thought about herself or anyone else. It's fashion, hair, image and everything else on the outside. Nothing about thinking and caring for anyone else but yourself. So, Tyra, I've changed the channel and so have ALL my friends. Your show isn't anywhere as popular as you think!
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