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  • UGH!!

    I HATE this show so much!!! It makes me want to shoot myself in the head! I love America's Next Top Model so naturally I thought her talk show would be cool! But I get 10 minutes into it and want to slap her in the face! She discusses the most pointless topics! And whats the point of having someone on your show if you don't even let them talk and cut them off all the time and turn the conversation onto yourself!! Don't bring someone on your show if you are just going to mock them and tell them how disgusted you are by them! You are supposed to HELP THEM!! GIVE THEM ADVICE!!! Tyra you make such a DICK out of yourself. Everything that comes out of your mouth sounds fake or stupid! Just because you're famous it doesn't mean you need to have a talk show. You are such a waste of airtime!
  • I was so interested in what everyone on the stage had to say.Great Show!

    I would really like to see the guest come back on the show later on this year to see how there opinions has change about Racial Perception this was one of the best show you ever done.
    This was a great show it was so much needed I would like to see the guest come back on the show later to see how much there opinions has changed about this subject. The Black mother (African American )mother was so exotic looking very pretty and her daughter next to her on stage was pretty also. I think you picked a great group of people to voice there opinions.
  • It is very informative. ~XD~

    It is very informative and very up-to-date with things like everyday issues. To me it is sometimes inspiring. I believe it is so for other people. The show's episodes, in my opinion, are very coordinated and well thought out especially towards teenagers. I can relate to some of the issues that are being discussed in the show or have been discussed in the show. I hope everyone else feels the same way or at least similarly to how I feel. It is entertaining to watch. The show is also educational. I would recommend it to anyone, anytime especially those looking for advice.
  • Topic for a show: High Risks for Low Pants ~~ U.S. states buckle down on sagging pants!

    Posted: 08-07-2008

    Brooklyn, NY College Student Wrote:
    E-mailed to Drevelyn Minor ~~~From: Taneish Hamilton~~~
    ENG 18.14
    Prof. Gibson
    Final Draft

    High Risks for Low Pants

    U.S. states buckle down on sagging pants
    One afternoon, a fourth grade New York City public school teacher was standing in front of her workplace awaiting a ride when she saw a high school student coaching his
    elementary school brother on how to sag his pants. His words were "Loosen your belt,pull the pants down that it hangs off your butt". Then he turned his back and said to his brother, "Look at mine, see how it's hanging down, that's how yours should be". After the demonstration, the little brother had trouble walking properly. He was upset and said "That's not funny, that's not cool. It just don't feel right man". "I was pleased to see that the elementary school child rejected the big brother's sagging idea, even though the big brother was adamant stating that he was trying to "diss" him", said the teacher.

    Some young males try to imitate others but they do not really understand what the sagging of the pants means. This is a dilemma that parents, state officials, and communities face today. Should it be stopped and what should the procedure be for prohibiting a fashion trend? And is it really a dangerous style?

    Young males across America must adopt a new style after some states such as Virginia, Louisiana, and Georgia, have decided to create a ban on sagging pants. The new
    laws started as early as June of last year with some penalties including a $500 fine or 6 months in jail.

    Wearing pants below the waist originated in prison. Inmates were not allowed to have belts because they might have used it to commit suicide or start fights, therefore, their pants would sag. Sagging was also a sign of homosexuality. Gay prisoners would sag as a sign of sexual availability. Dooney da Priest, a Dallas rapper, created the song "Pull your pants up" to force young men to pull up their pants, emphasizing that it is a gay style. The song was made in support of the "Pull Em Up" billboards that Deputy Mayor Dwaine Caraway created for Texas in October of last year. The states' lawmakers believe that this fashion trend is equivalent to indecent exposure, and even sex in public. Delcambre, Louisiana was the first city to pass such a law, and other cities quickly followed.

    The list includes Opa-locka, Florida; Baltimore, Maryland; Riviera Beach, Florida; Pine Lawn, Missouri; Dallas, Texas; Tallahassee, Florida; Trenton, New Jersey; Pine Bluff, Arkansas; some schools in southern Mississippi, and even Ostermalmsskolan, a school in Stockholm, Sweden has created a ban against sagging.

    Carol Brussard, the mayor of Delcambre, denied that there is any racial motivation for the law, saying that white people wear sagging pants as well, and anybody who decides to wear these pants should he held accountable. The ordinance states: "It shall be unlawful for any person in any public place or in view of the public to be found
    in a state of nudity, or partial nudity, or in dress not becoming to his or her sex, or in any indecent exposure of his or her person or undergarments, or be guilty of any indecent or lewd behavior." As drastic as some people say the law is, they have been obeying it. An officer at the Delcambre Police Department said that nobody has ever been cited for sagging pants since the ban has gone into effect, none at all. "I sag sometimes cause the girls like touching my butt", admits one young male. Another said that he sags depending on the type of pants that he's wearing. This style is not appealing to some of the girls that they are trying to impress however. Twenty eightyear-old Ginger describes saggy pants as plain lazy. "They need to pull them up. If you're in a hip hop group it can pass but I don't find it sexy. Classy dressing never goes out of style." On the other hand, another girl specifies, "I think if the boy is cute it is attractive but sagging pants isn't a problem for me. I really don't mind."

    The style may also cost young males in the job industry. Last year, Bill Cosby was on the campaign to wake up black America. In his book, co-authored with Alvin F.
    Poussaint, "Come On People: On the Path from Victims to Victors", he writes: "And what's really unfortunate is that the beltless, droopy-drawered look you see on the streets
    is a fashion straight out of prison. Boys like the defiance of the look, and some make it part of their permanent identity, but that look doesn't get anyone a job". Timothy
    Holmes, a commissioner in Opa-locka, Fla., would agree with Cosby. In an USA Today article, he described saggers saying, "If you ask six of these kids, 'What are your grades?' four will tell you they're making C's, D's and F's. I see how senior citizens respond to these kids. They're afraid". A Brooklyn woman, Lola Chung, 59, is definitely fed up with this fashion trend. She recalls being at a Marshalls store one day, and the cashier who was tending to her had on a pair of loose jeans, with the crotch hanging so low that it looked like there was feces weighing it down, she says. She then proceeded to hit him on the bottom and told him to pull up his pants. The young man was polite and followed her instructions. "It look like a bag of doo doo", she said.

    In January of this year, a family of 6 was arrested because of sagging pants. Reportedly, a 20 year old man was arrested for trespassing on a mall after he was
    previously banned for wearing sagging pants. The family went to the parking lot and discovered this, causing them to allegedly push, scratch, kick, scream, and curse at the
    officers. This resulted in the arrest of the mother, father, sister, and two cousins.

    Author of "Character and Life Skills": A Family Guide Book, Drevelyn Minor,raised money along with the Alliance of Black School Educators of San Francisco in order to take young people on college tours. The students were from housing and low income homes. There was some slight etiquette training beforehand. "Its just things that
    they did not know what to do," she says. There was limited social awareness. Some of the boys even thought that it wasn't "cool" that Morehouse College males politely opened
    doors for the young ladies. Minor wrote her book with the determination to improve social behavior for entire families. One of the topics that she focuses on is acceptable attire for young men and women, having pages that include pictures, diagrams, and instructions on how to properly dress. Minor identifies the possible penalties of the fines and jail time as a horrible
    punishment. She suggests adding an elective in grammar schools where children can learn certain social behaviors. The class should be called etiquette, social development, or
    life skills. "Laws and fines are not the answer," she says. Her book will be enlightening families when it hits the shelves this summer.

    David Prescott, host of "Religious Talk" on KREF radio, thinks that the sagging pants laws are too drastic and shouldn't be made a criminal offense. Prescott wrote about
    the cure for sagging pants, an experiment that he conducted, in his Mainstream Baptist blog. For seven years on Wednesday evenings, he opened the church's gym to the
    neighborhood kids. He writes that "all you need to cure the sagging pants syndrome is to put a basketball in the hands of every kid with low riding pants and put them on a
    basketball court." When he first started, nearly all of the African American and Hispanic males wore their lowest pants with their colorful boxers showing. His method was to let
    the guys with lowest pants go on the court first, and had two half court games going at the same time. He concludes his experiment and his blog writing, "After the second
    week, I rarely had a player wearing low riding pants. It's just plain hard to play basketball with the waist of your pants half-way down to your knees."Jacob G. Hornberger, President of the Future of Freedom Foundation, believes
    that the whole problem revolves around the government trying to run schools. His company is against involvement in public schools altogether; each school should have
    their privacy. He thinks that there should be freedom in the education system just like freedom of religion. "It does appear to be singling out a certain kind of dress that originated in the African American community", said Debbie Seagraves, Executive Director of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Georgia. Describing the ban as "a flawed ordinance", she said that the issue is that none, state, local or federal government has the right to criminalize a style of dress or expression. She explains that this is not even about exposing your body; it's about exposing a piece of cloth- underwear, not body parts.

    A teenager might have been killed due to sagging pants as well. In Gary, Indiana, a young boy was burglarizing a home when a police officer spotted him. The officer said
    that he shot after him, but missed when he bent down to pull up his pants, although the officer thought that he was reaching for a weapon. The boy then climbed over an 8 foot
    fence and dropped to the ground. Turning towards the officer, he once again reached for his pants; the officer fired again and didn't miss this time. The bullet hit him behind the ear, which killed him instantly. The officer can face up to eight years in prison if he is convicted.

    Although there are plenty of males walking around Downtown Brooklyn and Manhattan with sagging pants, New York City hasn't joined the bandwagon to adopt the ban. New York City police officer, Charles Cipriano, says that this kind of law is fine for small towns that are trying to maintain their decade old values, but New York should not
    adopt. "You would never see me arresting someone for that. I used to chase killers, I would be embarrassed bringing someone with baggy pants into the station house", he

    Another New York City police officer, Evidelia Boyd, thinks that such a ban would allow the police to stop, frisk and arrest anyone wearing sagging pants walking down the street. "That would mean that just about every black male in the city would have an arrest record. Arresting more black men is not the answer," she says. She agrees
    with Drevelyn Minor's theory that there should be etiquette classes at school, and also more school clubs for all students, with an emphasis on leadership qualities, and personal responsibility qualities. Another possible solution she suggests is the black leadership in our communities and nationwide, that they have a responsibility to the young people, some of whom will be our future leaders.

    Councilman Tennell Atkins of Dallas, Texas had another solution. He told The Dallas Morning News that, "The first thing I did was told my kid to pull up his pants. The
    second thing I did was I took off my belt, and I whupped his butt. And I did it for a reason: because I love my kids."

    Posted 12-11-07~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Whoop!–The View Talk Show 12-11-2007 Promoting Sagging Pants. Sent note to Whoopi,"Please do not promote Bad Behavior or Sagging Pants," for our children. One mistake may cause them their lives! A kid or young man revealing the crack of his behind walking in front of a young girl with her dad, mom, and grandparent might place him and others in a life treating situation. The possibility of a life treating problem is greatly increased for all concerned.

    A great grandmother living in Duncanville, Texas and a transplant from San Francisco, CA wrote her third book, "Character & Life Skills" a Family Guide Book dedicated to improving social behavior for the entire family and making sure you fit in.

    Let's Make Sure Our Children Fit In. Character & Life Skills from early childhood should be taught in the classrooms in our nation schools, grandparents no longer lives next door and parents are working. Years ago, African American Churches would assist parents in teaching their children proper social skills. Okay, we all have dropped the ball! Let's pick the ball up and take it to the classrooms and bring it back in our churches. The villagers are needed - Parent, Family, Community, Educators and Ministers. Etiquette is basically good manners! The best etiquette is based on "The Golden Rules" being kind and polite to others. Learning social skills is the key in being able to express acceptable behavior. Education is the key to success in life. I have found that the majority of students in public and some private schools, Jr. Colleges and University lack the understanding, training, and experience of good social skills / etiquette. This creates an insecurity and reluctance to blend with various societies. Manners can help students get the grades and stay in school - teach students a good set of health values, respect for human life, and a respect for education and to excel in school. Proper manners can help a student increase his or her overall academic achievements; reduce the placement of students in special education classes; reduce suspensions and expulsions; reduce dropout rate for students; increasing the graduation rate and college attendance of students; increase the rate of class attendance; and increase Self-Esteem and Student Achievement. Let's call the family back to the dinner table where everyone expressed what was happening in his or her life. Before dinner was over we knew which family member needed help.---

    For info and a sneak pre-view of her book please e-mail her direct:

    Reaction - to my note to Whoopi from a retired educator.
    There are different generations, eras, fads and life styles. Zoot suits, mini skirts, long hair and Afros, punk rock, Mohican hair styles in various "loud" colors, etc. attire to identify ones culture or values. This world has various styles to identify, Asians, Middle Easterners, African, European, and so on. Which bring me to the hip-hop generation with loose clothes and baggy pants and tight fitting women's apparel.

    Reacting to Drevelyn Minors letter of disapproval of baggy pants is mixed. To each there own, I say. But with understanding of the effect you may have if trying to assimilate. To me they are nothing but costumes, to help identify the character or make an intentional statement, for example the black clothes and tams of the Black Panthers, or the cultural nationalists with dashikis. As Shakespeare said, "all the world is a stage and we are merely players". I have no problem with baggy pants and the hip-hop generation. As a matter of fact I'm impressed with the Black entrepreneurs who build a profitable industry in the clothing and music business. Although some insensitive narrow minded people venture from the clan and choose to abuse and disrespect by wearing pants as low as their thighs or knees and some even showing the crack of their butt in places that are inappropriate (church, school, job interviews, etc.) I do have problems with them.

    Basically that's all I have to say about the "baggy pants" issue..

    I did enjoy Ms Minor's book on etiquette. It was informative and definitely useful if one visits formal events. And above all it places the importance of respect for women especially during these times of dwindling respect, especially with the youth. Back in the day, I remember when we referred to one another as brother or sister. There was respect for the elders and love and care for our parents and most parents deserved the respect. But perhaps the 60's stimulated a new consciousness (some great "I'm Black and I'm proud" and the message in the music "that we want freedom now" & "by any means necessary")

    Ms Minor's book, for the many that forgot, reinforces respect for one another and helps to assimilate comfortably in various cultures and class.

    John H. Doyle
    Berkeley, CA

    "Character & Life Skills (Early Childhood-Young Adults-Adults) Family Guide Book-by Drevelyn M. Minor: Coming Soon!

    "Character & Life Skills – Family Guide Book is timely and well written. Your book is absolutely a winner!"
    Doris Ward – San Francisco, CA,
    Formally Assessor, City and County of San Francisco

    "Character and Life Skills are important at all levels of personal development. Drevelyn Minor's book is a guide that is useful to educators, psychologist and social workers at every level as they work with youth and adults."
    Robert L. Green, Professor – Los Vegas, NV Distinguished Alumni Michigan State University

    "This is very good and will be quite helpful. The fruit of your labor will benefit many in a generation bereft of "home training" and basic life skills. Again, this is really good information'
    Peace and Power,
    Dr. Frederick D. Haynes, III
    Pastor: Friendship West Baptist Church – Dallas, Texas

    "Your book is an important reminder to all of us, that having proper social skills are an essential component to the growth of a child into an adult and the preservation of the community as a whole."
    Bishop J. Neaul Haynes
    Saintsville Sanctuary COGIC – Dallas, Texas

    DrEveLyn Minor made this project a Major one. Her Character & Life Skills Book is phenomenal. You will have epiphany moments as you read the pages and view the art work. This guide book is universal like music it will never go out of style and is non seasonal. Mrs. Mae B. Ward Great, Great, Great Grandmother–Dallas, Texas
  • A daytime talk show hosted by Tyra Banks, the model. On the show, she usually talks about real life issues and women empowerment, and sometimes does interviews with celebrities, or with people involved in an issue of some sort.

    It is very informative and well up-to-date with things. And may even be inspiring to others. However, in some shows, the topics can be misleading and exaggerated, especially in the commercials. The host, Tyra Banks, also exaggerates things and seems to like to put people in the awkward spotlight where she gives a lot of tension to the particular person/persons. She is very predictable when it comes to the whole lesson of the show. She acts like she is teaching this lesson to a bunch of school children. She also has a tendency to interrupt, which can be annoying and make her seem unthoughtful for others.
  • The show really fits a mid-day nitch.

    I am impressed I am with Tyra Banks show. I've been watching for a few weeks now and am impressed with not only her but the shows format. Every day, I learn something worth remembering, and most of all, I'm so happy she emphasizes how important personal esteem for women. I'm just very impressed and it's a great show! Go Tyra!!!

    I love the variety of issues covered, how well they are covered, the audience isn't "off the street"; Tyra is fabulous. I feel as if I've known her forever and she's a personal friend of mine. She's very down to earth, just herself, outspoken but not rude or caustic; she has a great sense of humor and doesn't mind showing it. Tyra doesn't seem to be afraid to show herself as she truly is and I just love that. She'd teaching women how not to let other people influence how they feel about themselves, how to make them stronger and speak out and up for yourself. It's a great show and I'm so glad I watch it now.
  • Great concept, but Tyra's phoniness is so nauseating!

    The concept of her show is wonderful. However, her phoniness is so obvious and it's quite nauseating. I wish she would be more down to earth. I think the fame of America's Top Model has gone to her head. She is an Oprah wannabe, but not even close. Oprah is real, Tyra is transparent. It's a good thing she has a talk show, because her acting is atrocious. I used to like her in the beginning, now I can't even stand to watch her. I have to change the channel. She's actually quite flakey. I guess she's too over the top these days.
  • Great show!

    I think its great!

    People need to quit hating on this show , this show gives life lessons and little tips that help you.

    I absoulutely love this show!
    I think Tyra bank's main purose of this show was to make it so that babies , toddlers , kids, teenagers and adults can watch, love and learn!

    I think its great!

    People need to quit hating on this show , this show gives life lessons and little tips that help you.

    I absoulutely love this show!
    I think Tyra bank's main purose of this show was to make it so that babies , toddlers , kids, teenagers and adults can watch, love and learn!
  • I actually enjoy watching this show.

    I actually enjoy watching this show. it teaches me a lot of things and I actually love the whole woman empowerment thing she has going on. It isn't the greatest talk show out there since I have numerous favorites above The Tyra Banks show but there's something unique about her and the show. I started watchnig it when the whole "Kiss My Fat Ass" thing began. Im not one of the thinner girls so I appreciate Tyra going out and saying that all women are beautiful no matter what size or shape they are. If she can love herself, than so can I.
  • I really used to like Tyra, but her ego has got to go

    I loved Tyra Banks growing up. I loved Tyra Banks during the first 5 cycles of ANTM. I loved Tyra Banks the first few episodes of her talk show. But, that girl is out of hand! I completely understand her desire to overtake Oprah and I would say that I would be the first one to applaud her efforts. But, she's becoming just like Oprah. It's all about Oprah; it's all about Tyra. She is so cute and bubbly and fun that you expect that her show would be a little more like her. Instead it is weird and awkward and just down right cray-zay. She is a terrible interviewer on top of all of that. She has no finesse. She leaves you with the impression that she is trying to shock the audience more with her quirky questions that really trying to get underneath the out layer of celebs and politicians. But, like I said - it's all about Tyra.
  • The Tyra Banks Show it's just another talk show. Still, some episodes are worth watching...

    The Tyra Banks Show it's just another talk show. Still, some episodes are worth watching. I've not seen many episodes of this show, but some of the ones I've seen are actually good enough to learn from them. Others are about things most persons don't even care. Some are boring, some are exiting, but not a single episode I've seen has been truly original. The only think I like about the Tyra Banks Show is that sometimes it brings a positive message to the viewers. I really enjoy watching episodes about self esteem, image, sex etc. This show has it's ups and downs. I don't recommend anyone to be a fan of it, or see every episode; but some episodes are worth spending an hour in front of your tv.
  • The Truth is in there.

    I have Discovered that if you lay perfectly level on a mattress,with no pillow. Do this for 3 hours day/night. you can only do an hour then massage,because its painfull. But try and do 3 hours day/night. If you do that for seven weeks the crucifixion comes out in you. Electric shocks in your hands wrist and feet. Prevention of doing evil will occur. The Truth is revealed. Amazing aspect's occur. Gravity crushes us, as soon as we are born. Lying level, for prolonged amounts of time, reverses this effect. Also if you have kids. when you lay your baby on the side, you crush the ears. So you need to put a hole in the pillow so the ears do not get crushed.You will have a much happier baby. All comes from the ALMIGHTY FATHER,OUR LORD JESUS
  • I find Tyras shows to be informative and i have enjoyed most of the subjects that she has discussed..Keep it up Tyra..

    I think tyra is full of life. I find her shows refreshing and most of them are full of life..I think it is also cool the way she involves herslf with most of her shows and the things she has gone into the public and opened peoples eyes on..YOU GO TYRA I enjoyed her when she dressed as a man,the reactions of the men the things she found out the conversatins that she had, and also when she became a fat person,the reactions from the people around her..keep up the good work,Tyra..and i never once thought you were fat or over are a beautiful woman..
  • she is a bias stupidd judgemental oprah wannabe

    she is a bias stupid judgemental oprah wannabe.
    she pretends that she understands everyone but when she finds somone that she doesnt understands or doesnt like what their doing (Sasha Grey episode) she trys to "fix" them. and when she can't, the show cuts out everything that counters her and her amazing ability to help ppl out of their horrible lives.(sarcasm) WORD REQUIREMENTS are stupid a a a aa a a a a a a aa a a a a a a a a a aa a a a a a a a as **** exactly 100 words happy ?!
  • Tyra Banks is a joke and has been given too much power. She is not intelligent at all and speaks to people like they are children.

    Tyra Banks is a joke and has been given too much power. She is not intelligent at all and speaks to people like they are children. She contradicts her self daily and has the dumbest topics i have ever heard of. She once had a show about getting off your butt and doing something with your life. I know she isnt smart but is she retarded, her entire following are stupid girls that sit on their butt and watch her show at 3pm. Get a job! Tyra the devil and will mke you stupid! PLEASE dont ever watch it is for your own good!
  • Unorginal, but still good

    When I first started to watch this show I thought to myself oh no another talk show. But Tyra's show has a bit of difference in it then the normal talk shows. She doesn't act the movie star part. She brings herself at the same level as her guests. If she has the audience take off their make up so does she. I just wish she would tackle some issues that are not your standard issue like most other talk shows. And Tyra is so damn hot, that really helps with the ratings and people watchin it, so yeah, here i am.
  • I tried to give her a ZERO rating, but it would not take. I did not mean to give her a 5. Oprah has a higher raiting than in my opinion.

    Tyra is not the role model we want for our teenagers or grandchildren, she disrepects
    herself and women in general in my opinion. She seems to have given into slutty for sexy and making women into this image that we got away from for so long...other
    than the cheap adult magazine. I don't like Tyra's show or Top Model - they degrade women.
    It is pathic that these young girls will do ANYTHING for fame or money - and blinded by
    the moral depletion that has occurred in their behavior. I am not thrilled with Oprah's new
    age thinking; however, she never disrespects women that way I feel Tyra does.
  • whats with your hair

    Well Tyra i love you and your show, and i think your beautiful and i'm sure most will agree. But you gotta do something with that hair. It looks so drab. The long straight does nothing for you it makes your face look long, and its quite boring. Lets bring it up a notch. The colour is nothing to call home about either. I would just like to see something new and more beautiful. I think a short do would look great. ANYTHING really would be an up-grade. Really i'm not trying to be rude cause i really do love ya. Just trying to be helpful.
  • ok I went to the emergency room my side was hurting. got hospitalized was told needed emergency surgery foratumor that needed to be removed they said life threatening.had surgery infection developed Needed surg for inf. my stmch looks like my butt.

    Surgery gone bad need help. i need help I dont feel like a woman i feel ugly and disfigured. Cry all the time when i look at myself in the mirror. I hide my pain very well. i am a poor woman i have no income and try to work which is painful for me. All kinds of things making it difficult for me to do what i want to do. Cant run either. Please tyra if you read this will you please help me I have been losing weight trying to gain some control back trying to look better
  • love your show tyra!!! you are smart, beautiful, caring, compassionate and helpful!! thanks!!

    i love how your not afraid to tell ppl how it really is! you werent ashamed of ripping a hole in your pants on the show with chris brown haha. wear a bathing suit on nat'l tv, kiss my fat ass!! yes i love you!!! thanks for being REAL!!! and you are real that is why your show is going to last forever like OPRAH's show! i wish i could meet you!! you are inspirational to normal girls like me!! thank you Tyra for the fun and serious topics you have on your show there has not been a bad show yet, stay away from paternity test shows let those losers go on another show, or tell em to keep there legs closed!!


    roxy looney
  • Tyra Banks's Talk Show.

    I do not enjoy this show, at all. However it does have entertainment value. It is interesting to see how Tyra reacts to certain things, especially her personality. She is vivacious and tries a little to hard to make the show more interesting. I feel that it is almost too much Tyra to handle, and just seeing her at panel during America's Next Top Model is just enough for me to handle. I have a feeling that Tyra will not be known as a great talk show host, but rather she will and should be known for her fantastic, inspiring modeling career.
  • I would like to see her do something that will really help women in every aspect of their lives. I resently read a book title "The Truth About Men and Women" and it changed my life!

    I really enjoy Tyra's shows they do a lot of good for young women. I would like to see her do something that will really help women in every aspect of their lives. I resently read a book title "The Truth About Men and Women" and it changed my life! It cover so much of the stuff the most young people both men and women go through in relationships. I know Tyra is not Oprah but this book is really good and maybe she could had the author on her show before Oprah has him on hers. I found the book on the The authors name is D.R. Middleton. The guy is very straight forward and to the point they call him the "Urban DR.Phil". So if it is at all possible please try to have this guy on your show so he can help others. thank you.
  • this show sets young woman for real life.

    this show sets young women for real life. it is so cool. even a great show for men, help you learn all about women. it is nice, one of my afternoon favorites.this show sets young women for real life. it is so cool. even a great show for men, help you learn all about women. it is nice, one of my afternoon favorites.this show sets young women for real life. it is so cool. even a great show for men, help you learn all about women. it is nice, one of my afternoon favorites. this show sets young women for real life. it is so cool. even a great show for men, help you learn all about women. it is nice, one of my afternoon favorites.
  • Dear Tyra i love your show!!!!!

    Dear Tyra Banks, My name is Kristie! I have watched your show for a long time and I love it. I also love "America's Next Top Model", I have always wanted to be a model ever since i was 6 years old. The only problem is im 16 years old, 5'4" and 120 pounds. I really wanted to model this year but my mom just had back surgry 6 months ago and is now having really bad heart problems. 1/2 of her heart is larger than the other 1/2. when she got up one day her heart got up to 210 and im so scared of her health. i told her that I was going to be a model and she was going to be able to see me accomplish my goal. I was just wondering if there was anyway that you could get me into a modeling job. If you give me the chance I could succeed with flying colors and you wouldnt regret doing it. You have been a great model for me. I have looked up to you for many years now and I want to be just like you. You are very beautiful. You inspire me to my dreams and I am trying to find a modeling site that will allow me to model but I cant seem to find one. Do you think that you could help me out with it????
  • The worst Talk show ever

    I'm telling you right now you are wasting your time tunning into Tyra to try and get the daily gossip or info or how to fix anything thats wrong with you. Do not tune in to this, I can't believe she has lasted this long with her making up different things for shows and trying to be different from other talk shows. I give her an E for effort because she does come up with different topics for her show that I haven't seen tested on TV talk shows so she gets an E for that but in all other areas this show just fails for me so don't waste your time and tune into Oprah or something else.
  • What an empty shell she is

    I'm sorry for all those who fall for this Tyra. In my opinion she is a vacuous dodo bird, with a brain to match. I have had to sit though this show more then once (thank you wife). She talks about the most unimportant things that concern nothing. Please, fear of dolphins?! Is she serious? How can you fear something you never come in contact with? She does the show from NYC, a city I grew up in. Funny I never saw a dolphin on the subway or riding in a taxi. I only fear that people will start to really listen to her none sense. I guess this show makes money because it is still on. I hope a dolphin bites her right on the butt. Please just go back to looking good and modeling.
  • So bad it's good

    Oxymoron Alert: This show is some really good bad TV. Never before has a televison show made Geraldo's old show creditable. OK, let's be honest here. Some TV executive said, "I got an idea! Let's get an ex-underwear model to host a show and think she is Oprah." Then another network picked up it's reruns?!

    I just love to watch the shows when she investigates stuff,
    Why do men Like strip clubs?
    Do ugly women get treated worse then pretty ones?
    Why do I keep giving Best week ever and the soup material?

    Now tonight I turn on the show and she has Sapharri from Flavor of Love as her Roaming reporter?

    and the hits just keep on coming.....
    Please Tyra keep up the bad work, and keep looking down on people.

  • i have absolutely no idea why anybody watches the show. After sitting through a few episodes it is clear that the show is motivated by commericialsim and ratings. All the segments that are presented are tacky, trivial and unimportant.

    They feature unoriginal issues like plastic surgery, bullying and makeovers. Infact i find the show to be quite fake and a complete waste of time. Tyra is quite fake herself and seems very unintelligent and rude at times. I think this show is disgusting and why people take interest in it i have no idea. It appeals to the uneducated majority who are only interested in issues of no importance to young women who are trying to "reach there goals" as i myself am 18 it dosent make me feel liberated or accomplished but it patronises me. I was recently watching a show with Jay Emanual a regular guest of hers, and they did a segment where you ask for the your favourite celebrity features like a nose etc. i found this to be so condesending toward women who should be told to embrace there individualism. There is nothing important or relevant about the shows she presents,and i was mortified when i heard her described as 'the next oprah' i find oprahs shows much more entertaining,pertinant and informative. However i think tyras serves a diffrent purpose, one which can be labelled as INFOTAINMENT. instead of presenting the latest issues affecting young women, she turns it into a dating show, or celebrity central. The shows purpose has no central focus. I beleve at the end of the day it comes down to choice. What people choose to watch and if it meets there expectations. The tyra show for me is simply pathetic, and her hosting ability is disastrous. She tries to appear to be intelligent and informed but she comes across as quite the opposite, doing no real investigative work of her own. The show where she went to the womens jail and described the situation as 'degrading' was completly sensationalized and served its purpose to its 'maury povich' watching demographic. All in all A complete disaster and completley unoriginal.
  • Wow.

    I like this show a lot more than Oprah, I actually only watch her like every year or so(LOL). This shows brings everything I want: celebrites, talks, summaries, and loud cheering that you can't help cheer for it. Tyra seems to be better than Oprah and I don't care if it she is trying to be like her, I love Tyra!
  • please help me help my mom

    Dear Tyra. 3-28-06 my mother applied to be transferred to Inglewood community development housing department attention Eartha Taylor 310-412-5221.she re-applied through Ms. Salas PO BOX 2129 Santa Fe Springs CA 90670. Unfortunately she unsuccessfully continuously re-applied between march 28th-September. September 30th a call was received from a Mr. Roberts of Philadelphia housing regarding procrastination of portability. In March of 07 the director on Philadelphia housing authority section 8 division Mr. Green was notified via certified letter. May 21st 07 a Mr Hill promised mom a call however the procrastination saga continues while copywritten original songs needs production
    Tyra Please Help
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