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  • Omg Tyras like my new bestfried at least on t.v.

    Tyra is a fun loving girl who is an retired supermodel who tells it like it is. She hosts shows about all kinds of good things like what surang goes with your body type, how to fix a flat, How to get in shape for summer. I found myself watching everday and i love the theme song my fav episodes are probabley like when they have the so what shows she totally inspired me, and taught sowhat about alot of things dont let other people get to you and stay strong. Tyra is also one of the most influential people.
  • Awesome show

    I love this show! It talks about todays things! She talks about beauty, race, fashion, hair, etc. Tyra is awesome! She is a wonderful role model for young girls such as myself! Keep up the good work Tyra! Also, check out her show " Americas Next Top Model " Theres something so unique about Tyra thats so different from the other people. Oh, I know what it is!!! Her originality! Shes different from all the other talk show hosts to! No other talk show host is going to talk about Racism and Hate. Stay awesome Tyra! P.S. Watch this show!
  • I'm watching the tyra show and it's about different races and how they define beauty.

    I think this is what's wrong with the world she's taking a few people out of races and they keep saying "well my community thinks this" I don't think these people should speak for everyone for there community I'm caucasion and I have agreed with nothing the girl representing the white community has said she's shallow and superficial
    This show has bothered me so much,Every individual person thinks diffently,just beacause your a certain race doesn't mean that race all thinks the same and views beauty the same. This show was very small minded! I'm sure tyra doesn't want this kind of image for her show.
  • She's trying to be like the next oprah so bad its funny.

    Okay so more than once i heard about tyra likeing oprah a lot. So trying to be like her i guess she cooked up this talk show to talk about whats important to her or just a another source of making money than america's next top model. America's Next top model deals with a lot of topics she talks about for some reason. But i'm not mad at her she's one of the few smart models. She tries to keep her self busy. I think she wants to be a role model for girls so bad. I really don't see her in that light but hey you never know.
  • my own opinion of the show:::i really think it helps a lot of people and should be continued...

    tyra banks show is the best reality show...
    it gives ordinary people a chance to be extra-ordinary and really feel special..i have seen many of her showa,..i have alsways wished to be part of it...
    tyyra, is a great host..she sees to it that she really interacts with the audience(who are fascintating in giving their feedbacks) the show is just amazing. it touches people and brings it all in the heart. they should have many shows like these..helping people out is one tough job...but later on, could realize how amazing it was that you have helped...tyra and the whole show's staff...we salute you!!!
  • It is a great sitcom. Sometimes interesting, sometimes not.

    Everybody loves Tyra Banks. At first, I think she's nothing but when she shows up some good values, I think things are gone better. As the future successor of Oprah Winfrey, she was a former model, but she gave up to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. She says that beauty comes in ALL sizes. Another thing is that fun, sorrow and drama is also shown here. All of her outfits are belts, and that's a trademark. So then, she was the best TV host next to Oprah. I don't watch this much, though. But the good values are still there to count.
  • The new Oprah Winfrey

    Tyra reminds me so much of Oprah Winfrey. What I love about her show is that she actually cares about her guests and cares about them getting the help that they need. Most talk shows do not put in any effort once their guests are gone and some like Jerry Springer do not seek any help for their guests at all. I think that Tyra is an innovator and she is inspiring. She is a talented young woman and she is doing great things. I really love her show and I can definitely relate with some of the topics discussed on her show.
  • LAY OFF on Tyra! She's is getting better, although...

    ...I don't understand why she insists on putting together guests that don't really go with the overall theme of any given episode. Case in point: she had the cast members of The Game (a FOOTBALL show) on an episode where guests were talking about infidelity in the BASKETBALL arena. Obvious to us, but TWO SEPERATE sports, Tyra! I think you need to check your fact-checker or fire your booking agent. She also would present a serious show with a serious topic, and then randomly end it with some rap artist performing with a new cd that had nothing to do with the episode topic at hand.

    Tyra, I hope you're reading.....
  • I think the Tyra Banks show is awsome she enpowers young women to follow their dreams no matter what she also knows what it's like to work for what you have

    Tyra Banks is great shes beautiful and smart and empowera young women everywhere to follow their dreams. She knows what it's like to work for what you get and wasn't born with a silver spoon in her mouth. shes understanding and compassionate. who wouldn't like her? She helps people overcome their fears and tries to help people make their dreams come true . could you ask for a better person?
    She's just plain wonderful. no one could compare.
    i never even watched talk shows before this. Tyra has encouraged me to follow my dreams and hr theme song is great. Tyra deserves all te credit she gets.
  • Tyra, isn't all that beautiful and comes off kind of stupid...

    The one episode I watched, I really seemed interested. She was talking to this woman who had been abused by her boyfriend. The girl was describing when her boyfriend started beating her with a bag full of dishes. Tyra goes on repeating everything the woman says, the woman obviously looked annoyed. Then Tyra had the nerve to say "When he hit you with the bag, did it hurt?" while showing pictures of the woman bloody and bruised. DUH IT HURT! Then I saw a clip one time...Tyra was talking to a woman who helped underpriveleged children. The woman said "when I started going this, it changed my life" and Tyra said "Something that changed my life was when I started modeling" the woman stared at her with a look of utter amazement and confusion. I don't necessarily hate everything she does, because she is all for the fat women, but she called herself fat and I could snap her back like a potato chip.
  • I hate the Tyra Banks show.Because she only knows about modeling.She has nothing up stairs.She always talking about her body.Whats annoying about her she always talking about fart.And how she something don't wash the make up off her face.She ask dumb stuf

    I think her show should be taken off the air.Her show should be call lets talk about modeling.She talk about her butt a lot.And she wonder why she can't keep a man.She talks about how she don't take shower until late in the even.If she don't have nothing to do.To much information.I think she likes girls.Tyra is curious about a lots of things.She is a fake person.She act like she this angel.Talking about she going to be the next Oprah that offense to Oprah.
  • I loved the Tyra Banks show with beyonce on the show. That episode was so funny, It is absolutely fabulous. The funniest part is when Tyra was ac ting like beyonce out in public. Iwish they will show that full episode on tv again.

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  • Am i an african indian or indian african?

    Hi!My name is Aisha, and i am from Zanzibar, Tanzania.
    I am pretty sure that we get some old episodes of Tyra Banks Show - i will guess we are about 2-3 weeks behind- (or maybe more).Today, i managed to watch the show on RACISIM-which was quite nice.
    I just wanted to highlight something to african americans...
    I was born and raised in Tanzania, and i grew up speaking Swahili my whole life. But because i have indian blood in me, ppl in zanzibar call me "MDOSI" which means INDIAN...
    i get pissed off because whenever i go to india, i must go there with a visa., they dont know me there- for indians i am an african and for africans i am an indian!

    its really sad- i used to get upset until i realized there is no point in getting mad!

    So no matter where you go in this world- racism is there. We have created it, and now we must face it. There is no such thing as minor lapse in integrity!
  • NO charisma, no charm, nada. This disaster is one of the worst talk shows out there.

    Tyra is completely self-absorbed. Why does she even bother to have guests? This shows keeps getting worse. Once upon a time, I thought Tyra was a looker and might be cute or funny or surprisingly bright as a TV personality. Wrong on all three counts.

    An obnoxious former model so full of herself it's sickening. She's made her fortune and could easily retire. Look out Oprah, Tyra's on your tail.
  • I have been watching Trya Banks for years and the class and professionalism she has brought to the young gals of today is definately a work of art...she is definately one of Gods Angels..

    I have been watching Trya Banks for years and the class and professionalism she has brought to the young gals of today is definately a work of art...she is definately one of Gods Angels..keep up the good work bless you Tyra and your TV talk show is a venue to bring your style..class and relating to lost girls who want another chance in this hard difficult world...
  • The Tyra Banks show is a talk show directed towards women of all ages. While the show covers a variety of topics, there is a significant focus on current issues facing women.

    The Tyra Banks show relates to women of all ages. She addresses topics that women really need to be aware of and allows them to discuss inner beauty and how to love yourself. She hosts touching stories and loves to reach out to teenagers especially, which I think is really important. Coming from Tyra who was in the business and who knows the stresses of peer pressure and the longing to be beautiful to fit in, it's refreshing to hear someone like that address insecurities like anyone else. She exposes eating disorders for what they really are, and reaches her message across to people who just need a little more security.
  • my favorite talk show by far>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    this has to be my favorite show to watch not just because its hosted by tyra banks but because it sends a messageto young girls and i dont think just cuz she iz gaining weight she shouldnt be look as a role model, because to me a role model is a person who sends a message to not one person of a spesific age she is a role model to diffrent ppl of diffrent agesthis is my fav show by way far , kinda like ohpra !!
  • Tyra, Tyra - I just love you!!! You are so down to earth with everyone that comes on the show and you don't try to impress or act like your are better than any of the guest(s). Even with your status and wealth you seem just like an average person.

    Thanks for that show today about cheating. I learned my lesson many years ago by knowing I was gay but I fell in love with a beautiful woman and then she broke my heart by cheating on me after our engagement and left me heart broken for another guy.
    Then a few years later, I met a super good-looking lady that fell in love with me which I could not believe and I thought I'm going to do it for my family's sake to be "normal", but instead I cheated on her and always regretted doing it to her.
  • Cool talk show!!

    It's about tyra victoria's secret model and she talks about many different types of problems!! One of her episodes is when Tyra’s mom takes us on a tour of Tyra’s house and exposes her daughter’s penny pinching secrets. Tyra, with a little help from the “America’s Next Top Model” girls, shows how to get celebrity looks for less. Amerie performs her single, “Talkin’ About!
  • Tyra Banks show is funny, real and is very entertaining. Tyra show is diffrent than the rest she does things hershelf and talks about real life things,things that many teens like me are going through right now.I respect Tyra fully for being a real person.

    Tyra is so cool. And her show makes me want to have one of my own someday. Tyra is funny and very entertaining to watch she is diffrent and some people don't like her for that I respect for it.Tyra wants to show the world that she is more than a pretty face and that she can do anything that she sets her to. Tyra is my idol I do want to be diffrent and she is teaching me and a whole lot of other young women to be our selfs and hold on to who we are.Tyra really need more respect.
  • Holy heck!

    I\'ve never been much of a fan of daytime talkshows. Jerry Springer is the only one that I like to watch occasionally, and only that one for the sheer shock value of the people they bring on.

    The other morning I was home from work and stumbled across The Tyra Banks show. I had seen her on ATM once in a while but hadn\'t seen a full body shot of her in some time. Anyhow, I happened to see a full body show of her as he was waving everybody goodbye...holy heck! When did Tyra put on about 60 pounds around her hips. Is life just too laid-back for her now that she\'s not really modeling anymore? I mean, she was never skinny like most models. But now \"Baby\'s got back.\'
  • I think the show was pretty good but needs some fine tuning and a littler more consideration for the plain jane and everyday people and a little more research on how to portray them.

    On December 28, 2006 you aired a show on how looks influence people and their attitude toward you. Well you are right somewhat, but when your gave the beautiful girl a make-over to look plain and dowdy, her attitude changed because that is how she perceives \\\"normal everyday people\\\" when in real life, a person who looks like that has more self confidence in themselves. A reall everyday person would not go to a job interview dressed like that. They would clean themselves up and look their best when you actually sent her in looking sloppy. Everyday people do care about their appearance when going on a job interview and speaking to people. You make it sound like everyday, plain normal people are slobs. I don\\\'t think you did enough research. Why not try to put a normal person in that situation against a beautifful rich person and follow them around and see what actually happens. Let them dress themselves and act the way they normally do. I am sure some have low self confidence but most are proud of their accomplishments. When sending them in for the job interview, give them the resumes you did for the test. I think that would be an eyeopener for everyone.
  • I want to thank you for reconizing single moms,We need more support from socitety...And so do single Fathers.Well anyway Thank you so much for caring!

    Youe the bast Tyra I havent liked a talk show in a long time. I think your real down with the reality of things and it helps us as veiwers to allow you into our lives. I feel the people you help on your show have a fighting chance at sucess in life wheather its big or small.

    Thanks again.
    Nancy Rider

    P.S.Hey.. If you ever do a show on truck driving single mom makeovers...Hey Look me up.........Luv ya Tyra!
  • I hate this show and please give us all a favor and cancel it please

    I watch this show and I wonder what kind of people watch this junk. Tyra banks tries to be cool but she isn't all the guest stars in the world couldn't change that. This show makes and forgive me for saying this 7th Heven look good. I hate the Trya Banks show because she wants to talk about radom Junk. I think Trya is nothing but a drama Queen.I don't have anything personal against Trya but she should stick to Modeling. I think that everyone needs a break from this show. I have a word of advice cancel it. This show needs alot of work
  • I have watched the Tyra banks show here and there. Last season was all about fun, she was doing what she does best, modelling, beauty, etc., but this season is serious.

    She is reaching out with shows like building confidence. Which we all know a lot of young women are lacking. I feel she is a good hearted person and she is not being superficial. Just because she\'s a model doesn\'t mean she\'s putting everyone else down or trying to be the best person out there. I don\'t know her personally and neither do any of you, so if your trashing her, you don\'t know what you are talking about until you meet her. Don\'t get me wrong, i haven\'t met her either and i doubt i ever will but you are trashing something that is so small, stop wasting your time, if you like the show, you like it, if you don\'t, then so be it.
  • My review is pretty much my opinion on Tyra and her opinions. Hate it or love it.

    I\'ve been trying to bite my tongue but I just can\'t take it anymore. The only real reason I watch the Tyra Banks show is because of the guests. Tyra has gotten so phony, self-righteous, and judgmental. What gives someone who doesn\'t have kids the right to tell someone how they should be raising their kids? What gives someone who made a personal choice not to party the right to tell party girls that they are ruining their lives? I hate to tell you this Tyra, but there is no way in hell you are going to be the next Oprah. So maybe you should just give it up. Whether you realize it or not, you talk to your guests with your nose in the air. You always find one reason or another to look down on them. You have a very condescending tone in your voice. The episode that pretty much pushed me to the limit was about the “Party Girls”. Tyra talked down to those girls, told them everything they were doing was wrong, and that one of them would have to die before they realized the truth. I understand that you\'re 32 years old and you never really had time to just let go and experience what it\'s like to be a normal woman in her early 20\'s, but this is how it is. You go out with your friends (i\'m not sure if you know what those are), you drink, and you just want to have a good time. If this isn\'t your idea of a good time, that\'s fine. That still doesn\'t give you the right to put someone down who decides that they do want to be a party girl. In conclusion all I want to say to Tyra is this: If you want this talk show to continue and to grow a larger fan base, maybe you should take a good look at yourself and re-evaluate what you\'re doing wrong.
  • Tyra helping all the women to be the best people that they can be... by giving beauty tips, helping them to achieve their dreams.

    I really didn't know that Tyra had her own tv show. I saw her on America's Next Top Model, and I really liked her. So,when I watched it for the first time, she was giving beauty tips to women.
    Then she answered some of the live audience's problems. I don't really do make-up or dress like a lady. I dress so casual that I am such a dummy when it comes to beauty stuff.
    It was a great info to learn!!
  • Clay Aiken abd TYra!!!!!!!!! Fantastic!

    Just had to write and tell you how much I enjoyed your show today, Tyra. You and Clay were fantastic. It was so nice to see a host act like one and really appear interested in the responses from her guest. You were wonderful to Clay and Clay reciprocated with humor, charm and genuine warmth. After the hubbub with the Kelly Ripa deal this week it was certainly refreshing to see your show. I am hoping it is rerun because I didn\\\'t tape it and I wish I had. Here\\\'s hoping you have this terrific man and singer back again. Really, really enjoyed the show.

    If you have him on again maybe you can delve into his charitable efforts which are numerous and commendable.

    Thank you so much,

    Dot Mahaffey
  • Oct 12, 2006 The woman and her daughters claim to be Christians but let me assure you. "You will know they are Christians by their love, without love you are but a loud annoying noise!" We forgive because we are forgiven!

    Tyra\'s show on Oct 12 2006 showed a woman that was talking so awful about gays. I felt sick inside that people out there think that this is how Bible believing Christians really think. PLEASE hear this, PLEASE! We ALL sin. Every single one of us and my sin is NO BETTER than someone else\'s. The Word of God says that homosexuality is wrong so I am not going to argue. But I sin too! Is her sin more acceptable to God than someone else\'s? Love people because they are creations! Jesus came for the!
  • tyra was danceing with the people on the show so you think you can dance they all had a dance off i love the way tyra dance on her show i love the tyra bnaks show so very much i whis she was my mama i do not miss her show for nothing it is a good show!!

    tyra was danceing with the people on so you think you can dance is was funny and crazy cool to me she is a great person to me she just a funny person to like me it just super funny to me she is a good person to me i look at her show every nigt at 11 o'clock at nigt every day her shows a just great to every body that look at her show but this one lady she said tyra do not know any thing but i got mad and said tyra banks is a very smart
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