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  • I like HER, but her show has gots to go

    or, be completely revamped. The reason most talk shows don't work is that they're unoriginal. But, Tyra's problem is that she doesn't have a vision for her show. She wants it to be everything to everyone, and it can't be that. 'Tranny model searches' and ' domestic violence' shows weren't meant to be shown on the same forum. Either Tyra's production needs to be real with a little fun mingled in, or fun and a little real. Not equal parts of both. I think, instead of interviewing the guests one on one by herself and doing those stupid stunts, like when she wore the fat suit, Tyra needs to go back to the old talk show forum- topics with guests on stage, a specialist to refer to and audience questions. She doesn't always have to do that, but her show needs more structure or this will definitely be her last season.
  • It's a pretty good show, but it could be better

    I like some of the topics they use, and I like Tyra Banks, so I like it quite a bit, but it could be better.

    First of all, I like Tyra, as I have mentoined before, but she sometimes bothers me! Whenever the guest people are talking, she will always interupt them, and say something about herself, or one of her memories, or she will ask them a question that they were obviously about to anwser themselves. But besides that the show is pretty good, which is pretty much why I am going to give it an 8.8.out of 10.
  • 1st let me say,"I LOVE THE TYRA SHOW!" I think tyra is very up to date when it comes to talk show.

    i feel bad for people who really don't understand real people. Tyra, is a real person to me and i love the geust she brings on because they, most anywaykeep it real also. Tyra, i praise you for doing what you do and i encourage you to continue with your endeavors. I tell my sister and her friend that you are the next oprah. no, no one will take oprah's place but trust sister, no one will ever fill your shoes either! I would encourage everyone to watch tra's show, the other thing i like is that her show is flexible. I'm from New Orleans, and i'm tried of all the drama. she has serious show but then she come with something that really helps me relax and enjoy myself. I want to be fabulious in my living. thanks tyra . ms cherry rum
  • Needs better content and a stronger production staff.

    Tyra seems to be sincere in what she is trying to do...empower young women, but she may not have the right staff to accomplish it. The show may be appealing to a younger demographic who is still awed by the modelling world or still has dreams of being the next super model. Some of the topics do have entertainment value while others are just pathetic. Many of the topics, like makeovers, have been "done" by shows that went before. Fortunately, I didn't have any great expectations for this show, so I am not at all disappointed with the tired content.
  • *starts laughing* I can't believe Tyra's afraid of DOLPHINS. I mean how can anyone be afraid of dolphins? Today I watched a show about the stupid phobias people have and I have to admit, it was funny to watch.

    This show is just as stupid as "Who Wants To Be a Superhero?". I guess the reason I watched it was because I had nothing to watch and I decided to see how Tyra's doing. I used to have her book "Tyra's Beauty Inside & Out", but then one day, my mom and I were watching TV and my mom turned to UPN57. Boy was I surprised to see her in a FAT SUIT on her talk show. She wasn't the beautiful model that I remember seeing in her book. Months later, I threw away her book, because when I looked at her book, I was reminded of how disgusted I was to see her in her fat suit. Nowadays she seems to have come out of her fat suit only to be the overrated model and talk show host she was destined to be. Her voice really annoys me. I think she should go back to being a model or at least retire and do what she wants with the money she earned. That way we can all be happy.

    Note: That show about everyone having phobias like being afraid of ovens, styrofoam, gnomes and clowns (which I think being afraid of clowns can be understandable since there's movies out like Stephen King's It and Killer Clowns) is stupid. Tyra, stop trying to be the next Dr. Phil or Oprah. It's not worth it. I only wish I could push you into a pool full of sharks. That'll give you something to really be afraid of.
  • I\'ve only watched a few times and was impressed.

    Tyra seems to care about people and doesn't seem to exploit her guest as so many talk show host do. The show I watched was when she had Naomi Cambell on. I was glad she let her emotions show and also not back down on how she felt and how Naomi made her feel so many years ago. She confronted a women that had a unexpected impact on her life for so many years. I think she is right on the fact the women really are in a lot of cases cruel to other women sometimes without even realizing it, as Naomi pointed out.
  • i guarantee u,, if u watch this show, you will either be bored to death or "sillied" to death... this show is hosted by a model who tries to be oprah,,, unfortunately she ALWAYS fails miserably...

    OH MY GOD! WHY WHYYY! this is one of the worst shows ever...
    it is even painful to watch n this is not a joke!
    and if u do not knw why,here is your answer:
    i think that tyra is deep down a blond,, she asks the most stupid questions, for example: some people in her show talk abt their worst experiences and they say how horrible they were and stuff.. and the first question tyra asks them is: \\\\\\\"so how did u feel then?\\\\\\\" I MEAN COM\\\\\\\'ON the person just said it was horrible,,, this didn\\\\\\\'t happen once or twice, it happened a lot,,,
    another thing, oprah became a famous talk show host not bcoz she imitated another one,, but by being herself,,, unlike tyra..
    and btw ,,, i dn\\\\\\\'t care abt models! i don\\\\\\\'t care about abt their \\\\\\\"poor\\\\\\\" lives! for heaven\\\\\\\'s sake, with all the misery in the world...
    unless the topic is related to actual reality, reallyyy i don\\\\\\\'t care...
    this show should be cancelled looooong time ago.. wt r they waitin for?
  • Oprah who? TYRA IS TAKING OVER.I simply love the tyra show. After years of watching oprah over and over again- i am so happy their is finally something BETTER!!!

    Tyra Banks has finally made a talk show that is directed to the younger america without the whole drama,overdramatic thing. The Tyra show is simply a wonderful way to get helpful information about life and so much more.Wathing this show really proves that tyra is a real, nice, and generous person in real life. She most definetly does not change when the camera comes on - I mean she keeps it REAL!!!!, and that what america needs. I mean it's not that i don't like oprah - and i hate to compare but if you really think about it oprah's show can be really Boring and a little more for adults- but thanks to tyra and her much more lively show I no longer have to sit through a hour of something i don't care about!!!
  • Completely inspirational!

    When I first saw the advertisement for this show, I was completely skeptical. Tyra Banks - a talk show? I really doubted her, and her television abilities. America's Next Top Model was one thing, but a talk show is completely different. I decided I wasn't going to bash it until I saw it. Then I saw it. It was completely fabulous..and now it's one of my favourite talk shows. Keep it up Tyra!
  • I think Tyra's show,is pretty good for what it set out to be,a show to inform and reach young mid American people who need something/someone to model their lives after and get vague'right-now'advice and opinion.Then her show fits the bill.Good for her!

    The timing of the show was also brilliant in that if she did not have a highly successful "American Top Model show" I don't think a talk show would fly. But her audience love her because in the fabulous world of modeling, face it, she is the bomb! She is young enough to be able to hear what the beauty conscious followers are asking...yet old and intelligent enough to steer them in the right direction. Therefore her audience trust, love, and admire her. Much like Oprah, she has that likabilty and best friend to all personality.She's a winner!
  • I Love it!

    This show aims for young peoples such as me. I am a young teen. I love this show beacuase it raises my self esteam and Tyra is a wonderful and Funny host. I can't wait to see her host the next season of amerocas next top model. I watch it alot. I think this a great show. Try it out. New episode on Monday. On the cermercaqil it says it is a must see. naima's secreats and Top Models devistating problems. I programed it to my charter!!!!! Anyway give it a try. Thank you for listening to my review. Thank You!
  • The Tyra Show, is a breath of fresh air from the talk shows out there. I have been watching since she came on the air and enjoy the topics and her down to earth personality. One would never think someone so grounded,Was a super model...Way to go Tyra!!!!

    I have seen alot of talk shows, some i enjoy to this day and others. Have gone down hill, the longer they run. I have enjoyed The Tyra Show since it came on. It is imformative,funny,and sometimes heart breaking. Tyra has a special way about her. Easy to talk to,sympathetic and yet tough as nails when need be. The topics she has on are important and informative. I wish i saw more shows like it!
    I now am going back to work and am going to tape the show,i dont want to miss even one show.way to go Tyra !!! KEEP IT UP. Your biggest fan.
  • Tyra Banks hosts her own daytime talk show. She has said her goal is to be the next Oprah Winfrey, as much as I don't like Oprah, she's nothing close right now.

    I've seen quite a few episodes, and I conclude this show to be inconsistent. There are really informative and intersting episodes that make me glued to my tv. At the same time, there are probably equal number of episodes wherein the topic is something I couldn't care less about, and are simply boring. Tyra tackles society issues and doesn't back her strong opinions up with reasons why she is for/against something. Let's just say she's not the most exciting or best talk show host out there. Though I think this show has potential and will develop after some time.
  • Focus on someone else for once Tyra...

    Tyra has a wonderful way of making everything about her. On both America's Next Top Model and the Tyra Banks Show, we hear an annoying amount about her personal experiences, and her personal opinions, and how she would deal with the situation. She does get some people on her show with truly heartbreaking stories; but too often they are drowned out by Tyra's personal tales of agony and woe as a model and how she's had to deal with her 20 lb weight gain or w/e. Honestly? Get over yourself. She's a gorgeous, intelligent woman, and has all the right charateristics to turn this show into a wildly popular hit series. But right now, in my opinion, she's failing as a host, and failing as a listener. I may just sound jealous of her or bossy or whatever, but this is just how I feel when I see her on the screen.
  • Disappointing

    When I heard that Tyra Banks was going to have her own talk show I was excited because I love America's Next Top Model, however, it has been pretty disappointing. Although sometimes the show is mildly interesting, most of the time Tyra seems as if she is just trying to be Oprah. In addition, the episodes which deal with serious issues are often hard to stomach as the host tries her best to act like a counsellor/psychologist. Memo to Tyra: You are not Dr. Phil! The best episodes are the ones where she deals with lighter subjects such as beauty and the world of modelling, She should stick with what she knows and, as she often tells the contestant on Top Model, make it her own.
  • Tyra show is great is an oprah-style show with a younger audience

    Tyra show really inspired me show much about self-esteem and body. It is one of my favorite new shows. It is more Oprah than Ellen and it also part Ricki Lake.I was shocked that her show didn't get nominated for a Daytime Emmy because she's new that her show has just started. I hope her show will continue to go on. She is a great talk show host. I love Tyra
  • This show is about Tyra Banks and her life i guess I watched this show few times and I sort of liked it.

    This show is mildly interesting it has some things I love about it and there are things that I dont like about it. First negatives Tyra is a supermodel and she is interviewing fat people...and trying to relate to them...yeah I don't get this either but shes hot so i'll watch her for an hour. The positives some of the shows topics are very good. Like the one where she had Naomi Campbell (hope i spelled that right) on and she basically attacked her with words for god knows how long and she just sat there that was awsome. Then they had this one where Tyra was put in a fat suit that one was great. But the thing is it is not that get-out-of-my-way to watch it type of show.
  • Everybody loves Tyra.

    Everybody loves Tyra Banks. Ever since they got a real glimpse of her personality on her hit (if I may say so) reality tv show, America's Next Top Model, the people just can't get enough of her. Now with her very own talk show people have another time of day to settle on the couch and tune in for their hourly dose of the lovely lady. The show's got a cozy theme song that makes you want to stick around and be inspired, and you know if its got Tyra's name on it, it can't be bad. There's no such thing as a GREAT talk show, but Tyra comes pretty close.
  • its great its helpful its the best and shes not all in to her self like some talk show ppl

    i like the tyra show she is not a selfish person
    she got what she has to day by working for it and
    she has great topics on her show and im hoping she will do a show in single mothers in low
    income housing now that will be a great topic to talk about keep up the great work tyra
  • It is as if someone with no prior experience and no natural talent for it gets a talk show. Means well, doesn't work. Reminds me of Tyra's movie, is it "LargerThan Life" or something like that where the Barbie-like doll comes to life. It's not natural.

    Guests are contrived; Way the show is done results in Tyra coming off with an air of superiority. Does not seem genuinely interested even for the moment, just to get the show done. She hasa so much else going for her, get out now!or get better advisors. I'm a fan!
  • Tyra rules

    hope you keep Tyra show on she does really great job on her talk show. She beautiful person also
    I wish people would not put tyra down and say nasty things about her. She does her best what she can do. Trya rules. She deserves respect from others etc. Tyra rules
  • Needs a little help.

    This could be a great show but, Tyra has to step it up some. I don't want to see the same type of information everyday. Don't start like that, no, no, and no. Mix it up some. Especially, if you want to keep and add more viewers. Don't get canceled girl, make this show hotter!
  • The best television show since ricki lake, i mean oprah is nice and so is ellen, but tryn relates to young women and men who struggle with every day isssues and i admire her for that

    this show is awesome. Trya really did this show with out all the drama such as jerry springer and with out all the judgement such as judge judy. Trya is a compassionate television host and if being a compassionate television host gets you into heaven then she is already an agel...get it? i bet you did....Trya if you are reading this i love your show and i hope it stays on forever and this is coming from a man honey. I love your show and i hope that you continue to encourage people of all genders and ages because you have really encouraged me!
  • Another talk show?

    When I first started to watch this show I thought to myslef oh no another talk show. But Tyra's show has a bit of difference in it then the normal talk shows. She doesn't act the movie star part. She brings herself at the same level as her guests. If she has the audience take off their make up so does she. I just wish she would tackle some issues that are not your standard issue like most other talk shows.
  • This show is aimed at women to discuss day to day issues in which women face.

    Awesome show for women. The show talks about issues that we face daily, in a very true and honest manner. Not to mention - Tyra is absolutely hilarious. To lighten it up, she has shows that aren't so serious as well, such as hair and make-up advice, etc.. LOVE IT.
  • What can I say besides, LOVE IT!

    I love this show! It is not what I expected and maybe that is why I am hooked. I hope this show survives! I am in love with Tyra Banks! For all of the people who don't watch this show already, trust me, I give you my word. Watch tomorrow's epsiode: 10/06/05! And you will be stunned at Tyra's performance as a hostess!
  • Tyra one hot model.

    The show is not what I expected it to be. I personally admire Tyra Banks as a model, tolerate her in her reality show TOP MODEL, but now she hit a low with this talk show. I don't know what the viewer ratings are, but I could almost say that it is not too high. Who would find this realistic? Perhaps, she should go back and do something she is great at: modeling. I do give props to the people who actually like the show, be sure to share the aspects that you like about this show. Could it be the originally, creativity, entertainment, or overall message? I certainly do not think so.
  • WooHOO Work it Girl??

    Oh man, don't get me started. This show is a bomb, a bomb like its hostess MODEL Tyra Banks. Who in frick wants to watch a MODEl on TV. A coat rack is more interesting. What? we need a MODEL on TV coaching women (they look down their noses at) that they too can exude an air of superiority to dupe everyone into thinking they are cool and beautful? Just LOOK. You boring mannequins. I would rather watch my lava lamp for ten hours.
  • Like a bad Saturday Night Live sketch Miss Tyra bats her eyelashes at the camera and tears up before each commercial break, proudly proclaiming her \\\"Messiah\\\" status to an ugly duckling from Ohio, badly in need of an oral surgeon. How egotistical ca

    Like a bad Saturday Night Live sketch (which will undoubtedly come to pass...) Miss Tyra bats her eyelashes at the camera and tears up before each commercial break, proudly proclaiming her \\\"Messiah\\\" status to an ugly duckling from Ohio, badly in need of an oral surgeon. How egotistical can this Tyra girl BE? Keep tuned - the first show simply Oooozed with \\\"How Great Am I?\\\" Tyra-ness. It played like a joke - like an SNL send-up. I kept waiting for Tina Fey to step onstage with the punchline. But Miss Tyra is her own punchline. She IS the Joke. She tries to sell teenagers and pre-teens on the idea that she is Not responsible for their Bad Body Image fears at a camp she pays for!!! How psychologically purging is *t*h*a*t*?! Perhaps if she Did Admit her mistakes, she might be more interesting. Perhaps if she did aim her talkshow subjects at reality instead of magazine topically starved teens, it would fly. But this piece of fluffy lint will be brushed off the shoulder of the public none-too-soon.
  • A decent talk show

    This sounds like a great show to watch. Tyra Banks looks fine and wants to do something different than modeling. She probably wants to put herself out their so everyone can see her. Fox 5 is a popular station people love watching. For example, "American Idol" got alot of ratings. If you like Tyra Banks, then you should try watching this show.
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