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  • Need help

    if you get a chance please read our story thanks so much.

    Hi Tyra,

    My name is Marisa Wallace and I am part of amazing team here in Hattiesburg MS. We are consultants for ItWorks Global and we are wrap girls. We go around and help women and men tighten, tone, and firm different parts of their bodies by wrapping them with our Ultimate Body Applicator. I'm not sure if you ever heard of use but our product is amazing. Please check me out at !! We would love to come on your show and wrap your cast, crew, and audience members.
  • Dance moms, Toddlers and Tiaras, and Honey Boo Boo!

    These shows experience some harsh viewers criticism, however most of us love to watch them! America's Next Top Model is a personal favorite of mine! I would love to see a new reality show similar to Top Model but for kids. You see them in magazines, becoming young actors, and parents put them in many pageants. If there was a show for these kids to compete in a modeling showdown for scholarships towards college, I believe it would be a perfect show for young children to watch to be inspired by. Not just reality, but great hope that they can make their dreams come true! Also sending the message out there how important it is to have an education. :)
  • All Women Flash Mob in Tanzania

    Dear Tyra, I appreciate your strength, wit and independence. I think you are doing a wonderful job raising other women's self esteem. We are a small NGO located in Moshi, Kilimanjaro Region, Tanzania and our mission is to empower adult women via education and entrepreneurship. Many of our students are very shy, afraid to speak up and hide their face when their name is called. When I told them I would like to do a flash mob, they thought I was crazy. 2 weeks later, 60 of our students shut down the busiest part of Moshi, the bus station, and performed in front of many unsuspecting bystanders. They were so strong, happy and enthusiastic. And we were immensely proud of them. I wanted to share their video with you so others can learn from their strength. And hopefully understand that many women in other parts of the world certainly don't have it easy. Thank you. Monika 7B0Q
  • this girl has a sad story!

  • Modeling Update

    Dear Tyra,

    My name is Jasmine I'm 20years old and I always wanted to become a model since I was 5years old I could never find a right place to start for many of years and now that I'm writing to you I was wondering if you can help me out. My family is very supported and I really want to become a model because I think that it will give me conference and knowledge to become a better person inside and not be shy all the time. I watch every show of America Next Top Model and I get great knowledge what I should and shouldn't do.. I really would appreciate if you can help me?!
  • ACNE SCARRING IS RUINING MY LIFE!!! help me please :(

    Dear Tyra,

    I'm a 14 year old girl and suffer from acne scaring. It makes me really self conscious, emotional and I don't feel like I can ever leave my house or go to school without covering my face with foundation- which doesn't even work properly- but i wear it anyways just to feel secure .Its just really depressing to look in the mirror at my face when all my friends have flawless skin . I just want to be able to leave with a clear spot free scar free face so i can be happy and confident in my self again. I'm tired of using make up to cover up instead of enhancing my features like you said. I started to cry just writing this to you I just want it to go help me ?

    PS. I'M a big fan of you and your show and you really do inspire me to love my self and my features that make me unique #fivehead ;)
  • Tyra,my mother just married a man that repeatatdly raped me when i was just a little girl and now she is on the run with him.

    This man is a convicted child molester and has a outstanding warrant for his arrest. I am hoping that you can help me bring this story to light in an effort to get people to see the true reality of sexual predators. She knew about this back when it happened and she made me keep my mouth shut and he went free. Npw I am nearly 30 and have a pending case against him for this crime that happened when I was 12 years old. They are both living in Michigan and running from the law. I don't know what else to do to get the word out to help get him caught. Can you give me any suggestions? I have lived with all this for so many years and just recently found the support that I needed to give me the courage to take this case to court. The law is on my side and they have done a full investigation and know that it is all truth. There also are many witnesses to this case and also another victim. He was already in prison for the same crime and was on the sex offenders list when he was doing it to me. I just need a little help getting the word out so that we can get him back behind bars where he belongs. As you can also guess I am struggeling with knowing that my own mother chose to be with this man 15yrs. after he raped me. She flat out told me that she loved him more than me and is ok with not having me in her life. How does a mother do that? I really need your help Tyra. I come to you out of desperation for closer and understanding. I really want to help other people that have gone thru this as well as help myself heal over the lose of my mother. My bio father molested me from the time that I was 3-5yrs. old. My mother also covered that one up. My ex step uncle did it to me as well. I took him to court and he plead guilty right before we walked into the court room because we has so much evidence against him. My mother stood next to me thru that which is why I am having such a hard time understanding how she could do this to me.

    I think your show is amazing. The way in which you help people is truly inspirational. I really do hope you could find it in your heart to help me.

    I have a problem with my teeth. After about the age of 12, I stopped smiling. I just could not smile anymore because of how my teeth looked. I was bullied constantly in school over the way I looked. All I want now more than anything is to have my teeth fixed so I can finally smile again, like you do. It would mean the world to me.

    Dear Tyra,

    I just wanted to say I love your show and always wanted to talk with you.. :)

    Your wonderful fan,

    Stevanie Luster


    Dear Tyra,

    I have been bullied ever since the 1st grade for my weight. I am very obese and I try to do many things to make my life simpler and nothing seems to work. People call me many things that are harmful and I have been harmful for myself. Unfortunately, my parents can not afford anything for change. I wish to have lipo-suction and I want to look like the fit, sportsy person everyone else at my school looks like and I want everyone to leave me alone about my weight. Will you please help me?
  • TYRA PLEASE HELP US. Please give my wife and the wonderful mother of our two children a consideration.

    My wife has dreamed of modeling. She has spent what little money she had to take modeling pictures and could not afford the constant photo updates to pursue her dream. We have been married for almost seventeen years and don't tell her I told you but she is only forty years young but looks 25. I have taken her to a "talent search" location and they said they were looking for younger. Please Tyra, I beg you to please review her latest pictures. If you met her you would meet one of the most honest, warm hearted person with unconditional love and glowing smile that can place a crying child at ease. She has supported me for seventeen years in the Army and has sacrificed her 17 year career as an Assistant Manager for Target Dept Store and my chain of command expected me to abandon her after I found her curled up in a fetal position crying in severe pain. My Command Sergeant Major told me " son, I don't know if you know this or not but if the Army wanted you to have a wife, we would've issued you The love and concern for my wife kept me from going to jail that day. We have been through so much together and I owe her everything. There is nothing I can say or do for her that would make me feel like it was enough. I am willing to do anything to help her become famous or follow her dream to model. Please email me for photos. Thank you and God bless you for your time and consideration. Respectfully

    Dewey Stafford
  • Long time Fan and hopefully ANTM

    I hope that you really get this I love your work I would like to be on ANTM but I fear that my stretch marks are going to be a problem I love my body and I love my look I just fear that it would hold me back in the show please. email me back I want to come on the show and I would love to get to meet you please. help me out
  • My Moms Funeral Fund

    Hello Tyra, my name is Melody Rox & me, my little sister & older brother could really use your help in any way you can please. we are trying to bury our mother who passed from Metastatic Breast Cancer Sept 1, 2013. Any donation that is given would be a tax write off be its under the umbrella of a 501c3 organization. if money can't be given could you please help us to promote the websites and the video below for donations on your show. we would greatly appreciate it. we are trying to raise $8,000-$10,000. we are in Los Angeles California. well I live in Texas but have been here 5 months now I came down May 17, 2013 to take my mom to the doctor and that's when we found out she had stage 4 Metastatic Breast Cancer and it was incurable.

    my contact is 2817839897 thank you for taking the time to read and watch this video.

  • The little penguin handbook

    I love your show :)
  • An Amazing Mom Life May Be At HELP !!!!!!


    its my moms dream to meet you she watches your show all the time she says "it takes her away from her issues even if its for a little while"

    My mother is 36 years old she takes care of her 21 year old sister with "downs" , Her 59 year old father with lupus & also me (years) & my son (3 months) & if that's not enough on her plate she has Degenerative nerve disease. This condition eats away slowly at her nerves till they are gone, she often has muscle spasms & shakes which can both be very painful, some days she cant even move. My mother takes care of everyone else & its costing her her life & health, She has acquired lot of weight over the years & fears losing her life over it has saved for the Gastric Bypass but had to use it for our home & bills . Needless to say shes a selfless woman & deserves the best. I would give my right arm for this woman shes already given some much for me countless others.
  • 10
    I just want to say, You are so Cool, you really do care about anything & everything. You also give good advice, your mom should be proud of you of all the things you accomplished & started. I love Obsessed! I have seen every Cycle From Start to finish except Cycle 19. I can't wait to see Cycle 19 all the way through & looking forward to Cycle 20. Boys VS Girls! I think after Cycle 20 has aired you should have Another All Star Cycle 2 called End It 2 Win It! Bring back all the runner -ups like Cycle 2 Mercedes, Cycle 4 Kaitlyn, Cycle 5 Nik, Cycle 6 Joanie, Cycle 7 Eugena that can twist the hold her leg up in the air and keep her face Fierce! Cycle 8 Natasha the Russian Spy Sex Bomb, Cycle 9 Chantal, Cycle 10 Anya, that girl can model, Cycle 11 Sam, that Cycle was so close, but the better model won. Cycle 12 Aminat with that beautiful skin and those legs. I just seen Aminat doing her thing on Project Runway. Cycle 13 Petite Cycle, Erin ! Cycle 14 Raina With those Wolf Eyes Culture! Cycle 15 Chelsey with that nice runway walk. Cycle 16 Bad Ass Molly, that girl can model. I really hope shes on there, because she might actually win. Cycle 18 Laura the Rebel Chick! Cycle 19 Keira! You have to bring these girls back, it's going to be Firece with these girls & it's a definete Cycle you will never forget. Please Tyra! I garentee they will be Firce with great personal Style & Personality! Thank- You for Reading my Email! Have a Good Day! Ps Bring back & Miss J.
  • A life long insecurity that I hope I'll be able to fix...

    Ever since I was little, kids would tease me about the size of my forehead. I'd just go home and cry. I never told my parents about it because I was embarrassed. I always wondered what was wrong with me. Even up until middle school kids were cruel and would laugh at me due to my appearance. Now, I have bangs that cover my face because I am so insecure. I speak of it with no one and now that I'm older, my insecurities have grown even worse :( I wanna cry a lot because no matter what it's unfixable. I just want to be normal. This whole thing has taught me a lot and how much bullying can mentally affect and ruin someone. It's ruined my self confidence by a lot. I'm saving up money to have surgery done so I can finally be happy and confident with looking at myself. I give you a lot of props, you truly are my role model and you embrace your forehead, as to me, it does the complete opposite.
  • please help me get my story heard I wanna help others so they know about what can happen to them and their children!

    My name is Megan Chavis and I'm 20 years old and ill be 21 on September 2. I'm contacting you because I truly believe a I have a stroy that needs to be heard. On May 9, 2007 I was diagnosef with a rare form of ovarian cancer at the age of 14. I was in stage three and I had to recIeve chemo therapy at dupont hospital for Children in Wilmington de. WHICH IS THE BEST HOSPITAL I HAVE EVER BEEN TOO. They found this because I had a tumor the size of a football ruptured in my abdomen. I was always a healthy child growing up so this came as a really big surprise to everyone of the family including myself. Before recieving chemo therpay I was asked if I would like to take the regular form of chemo or another form that was considered "The Study". The study was a different way of treatment that would give me more dose in a less amount of time instead of a less dose in a longer amount of time. They told me that choosing the study could help young woman like me in the future. Knowing me and how I am with putting everyone first I choose to do the study praying one day because of me could save a life even if mine wasn't. So i start treatment on may 12 and end up haveing an allergic reaction to a medication called phenorgon which scared me half to death thinkin this is what i was gonna feel like for the next few months! I was ready to quit treatment but i stay strong and continued. 3 months go by and by this time I was all done my treat ment and no sign of the cancer! During this time I was just starting high school freshmen year and I end up being taken out of school. Well school told me I was going tk have to repeat 9th grade and I wouldn't graduate on time. Being that I'm so dedicated to school I ask the school to send a teacher which homework to my house so I could go to 10th grade after I finish chemo. I pass and I was able to go to 10th grade and make honor roll. A year now goes by and start getting extreamly bad pain to where it was impossible to move without being in pain! My parents rush me to the hospital only to find out I had appendicitis! Another deadly infection that could kill me within 3 days so I get surgery and recover. Another year goes by and I'm doing good in school and a radio station contacts my mom about a letter she sent for this fundraising they doevery year for a week chosing local people to participate. They try to make a wish come true for each local that has had a devistaing experience happen to them. Well my mom sent them a letter telling them my story and told them she really wanted to get me a car for college after I graduate. They grant me my wish and donate a 2002 saturn coupe to me fully paid. Well unfortuntely 4 days after I got the car a man ramed into the back of me when I was at a complete stop and totaled the car. By this time the cancer has really changed our lives with both of my parents losing their jobs and we pretty much loose everything our cars our house and pretty much my life. I end up switching schools my senior year to a new school and having to graduate with new people! Which with me I try to adapt to everything and I make a few friends and make do. So as you can see my life has been all around crazy for me and I really want to get my story out there especially to young wonan because this form of cancer is very silent. I want woman to know that its very important to get checked on a regular basis with there doctors becausecthis can happen within a blink of an eye. It all happened for me within two weeks. So please please can you help me!
  • A soon to be brides worst nightmare

    As a little girl I've always imagined my wedding day to be one of the happiest days of my life but i just don't think it will be my skin is horrible acne is all over my face n my body ive tried everything acne medicine creams solutions pills nothing my hair is dull and lifeless as a young girl i was never taught how to put on makeup because my family didnt believe in it and i dont feel like a women im going be 24 n i still dress like im in high school trya i need ur help can u please give me a make over?
  • Hello,

    Jah'Kiyla is my 9 year old daughter looking to start a foundation for Cheerleading. She came to me one day and ask me can I pay for her friends to cheer with her because they parents couldn't afford it. I told her I'm a single mother and I can barely afford to pay for her. She is trying to become a model, also actor. She knows she has to put her education first. I told her I will do whatever I have to do to get her started, as long as she does her part in school. Jah'Kiyla has a personality that will light up a room. She is beautiful and has the attitude to go with it. She has help 2 college kids start there photograpy business off. They cherish her for that. I'm not looking for money, just would like help to get her a non profit organization started. I owe her that much. You can check more photos of her on Instagram: @jahkiyla and YouTube: Jahkiyla Atwaters. She also was awarded by the mayor for her dedication to the City. Her cheerleading team won "State Champion" last month. She is a awesome cheerleader. When you see Jah'Kiyla, most people think she is about 5 or 6. She is tiny, but has the heart of a lion.
  • Inspiring Leukemia Fighter 16 Years Old.


    I am writing this with regards to my cousin Jorie Elliott.

    Jorie was diagnosed with Acute Pro-myilotic Leukemia which is a type of Acute Non-lymphocytic Leukemia she was 15 years old when she was diagnosed with this on January 9th 2013. Jorie turned 16 years old which she had to spend in the hospital alone in London Ontario.

    She is a straight "A" student and a very athletic person playing 7 different sports on 10 different teams, due to cancer Jorie had to give up her love for her sports and her school. But this hasn't stopped her she has already convinced her mom to let her play hockey every now and then.

    Jorie loves turtles in the summer of 2008 when Jorie was 10 she wrote her first letter to the Municipality of Kincardine about her concerns that turtles would get killed trying to cross the street. After not hearing any news about this issue Jorie decided to send in another letter this time including an essay about Ontario's turtle populaton and how 6 of Ontario's 8 species of turtle are at-risk. Jorie's 2 year wait paid off as the Municipality began to search for a turtle crossing sign. Jorie set out to raise money to pay for the signs herself.

    When Jorie was 11 she planned on taking school supplies and clothes over to Cuba were she goes on winter vacation. Jorie states that she wants to make them feel like the luckiest kids in the world. Thanks to Jorie 31 packages were sent with her to Cuba and handed out to the children in Varadero.

    Jorie's wish is to meet Justin Bieber so I am asking you to help her out, she puts everyone before herself and always stands up for what she believes in, and now it's our turn to give back to her.

    We have also started a #turtlesforjorie campaign and are trying to get it to "trend" on twitter. So every time you see a turtle think of a girl who is battling something no child/teenager/person should have to.



    I know you probably get a lot of people asking for help and i apoligize for taking up you time. As i stated before i am a mother of 6 beautiful children , 1,3,5,7,8 and almost 10 , 3 boys and 3 girls. We have been homeless for 10 months now , been staing in a 1 bedroom hotel room for 3 months scrounging up the rent each week which is 245 per week. Cant find a job , trust me i got out everyday aplying everywhere i can and still no luck. :( I have my GED plus 3 semesters in collage, im a photographer with several other talents. Currently residing in Clearater florida, been here 4 months. I really want to be able to provide my family a stable home, ive tried everything that i know to do and keep ending up back at the bottom or below. I absolutly love you and your show and everything that you do so thats why i turned to you hoping somehow, someway you can work you magic and get us back on our feet. My email is .

    Thanks A Million,



    My name is Shawnte Wash. I was invited by the People to People Ambassador Program to apply to become a student ambassador. I completed the application process and passed the interview successfully in September 2012. As a student ambassador I have the opportunity to go to Europe for the summer.

    I am a child that one could easily mistaken as a statistic. My father died when I was 3 from diabetic complications. I am being raised by a single mother on Public Assistance. My mom has done all that she can to ensure that I stayed out of trouble and focused on my education. She has invested in extracurricular activities to keep my busy and focused so I would have no time be become a victim of my neighborhood. I have always excelled in school because I knew that education would provide me with more opportunities. I have become a pillar in my community and an essential member of my family. I am a scholar athlete which helps me to be a well rounded individual. I am humble. I am thankful for the accolades that have been bestowed upon me for my stellar performance in the class and on the field. I appreciate my family and my experiences that have gotten me to this point in my life and have opened avenues to my future. I am excited about the opportunity to explore other countries and broaden my horizons. I am an African American young woman with a lot to offer and even more to learn.

    People to People Ambassador Program has been around since 1958; their mission is to provide a unique opportunity for educational growth, which can help give you an edge in the classroom. In addition, academic credit and service-learning hours are available. As a high school student my involvement as a Student Ambassador can provide me with a competitive edge on my college and scholarship applications.

    My goal is to raise $3500 from this fundraising letter. This fundraising supports, me, Shawnte Wash, in pursuit of becoming a Student Ambassador with People to People Ambassador Programs. My mom and I have been working hard since we found out that I was accepted in this program and we have raised half of the money needed for this experience. We are not done working but with your help I can reach my goal.

    I invite you to consider what donation you can make whether it is big or small, a financial contribution will be greatly appreciated. It is your support that will have the ability to move me closer to experiencing this wonderful opportunity. With your donation you will be helping me to broaden my horizons and see beyond my neighborhood boundaries.


    Shawnte Wash

    my mom's email
  • Can you help me, Tyra?

    Hi Tyra,

    I wasn't sure where else to contact you so I publicly ask for help on here. I'm sure you receive a lot of these help-me messages, and I apologize for having to be one of the many with a sad story. I'm currently a high school junior at Georgiana Bruce Kirby College Prep. I love my school and enjoy every day of attending there but unfortunately because it's a private school, the tuition is: $20,750 per year. Our school doesn't have a library so we all have to pay for our textbooks, which cost around $50-$150 or more. My mom and I were able to receive a scholarship for which we are very grateful, but we still had a portion to pay that was due at the beginning of year. Unfortunately we were barely able to afford it and as a result, we had to rent out my room. We ended up getting money to pay for my tuition once the second semester had already started. And as for the textbooks, I had to make copies of every book so I could complete my homework and catch up with my classes. Four years ago, my mom was pregnant with my little sister and had to leave her job for maternity leave. She tried to get her job back but was unable to. She's been looking for a steady job since then, but it's been very hard. Last year my mom and I weren't able to afford any new clothes for the school year. To make it economically easier and less stressful for her, I decided to take a job during the summer so I could pay for my own clothes. It was only a summer job. I've been looking for another job ever since. My point in getting a job is so I can afford a nook tablet and not have to pay for the books. Yes, we've tried the library, but they don't always have the books need. What comes with a college prep school besides the books, is also the tremendous amount of homework assigned. I try my hardest not to turn in my work late, but my junior year has been the most difficult to keep this up. I'm especially worried about not having a way to do my college apps for next year. Computer time is limited at the library, and my school closes at 5. My way of solving this issue is if I find a job to buy a yoga laptop. Another problem I face this year is having to find a way to pay for my AP Final Exams which cost around $100. One of my biggest fears is not having enough money to pay for my SATs, ACTs and the fees for college applications next year.

    Adding to the stress, I unfortunately was sexually molested by my neighbor when I was 14 and 15. Most recently, the police were involved again when the truth came out that since I was 5 years old, I had been a victim of physical and verbal abuse at home. I was sent to a group home for a while but was sent back to my mother's house. But I would proudly like to let you know that I hold 3.5 GPA and am the star of the varsity basketball high school team. My ultimate goal is to get a basketball scholarship to Stanford or UCLA. Despite everything I'm still able to keep a positive attitude and a smile. So after I've just shared my story, I truly hope you'll be able to help me in any way you can.

    Thanks for reading,

    Jenny Aguilar

  • The Unknown: Darkness By: Sasha christophersen

    I was wondering if i could come on your talk show and talk about my book The Unknown: Darkness and i will even bring a book and personally sign it for you. Would this be a good plan? I love your show and Americans next top model. I'm from a small town in Oregon and i have worked so hard on my first book. I come from a rough back ground of abuse and addiction and now i have three years being clean and sober from heroin. i want to show people that just because you come from a rough background that doesn't mean you can't become somebody and make something out of your life. let me know if you would want to do this. I would be truly grateful and honored, Thank you so much for writing me back i hope to hear from you soon God Bless. if you are interested in doing this please send me an email at Thank you so much and God Bless.
  • Foundation for Haitian and Dominican Street Kids

    Hi Tyra,

    My name is David Palmer and I am the founder of the Joan Rose Foundation. The Joan Rose Foundation is devoted to giving impoverished children the basic necessities and the opportunity to succeed in life. We provide food, education, medicine and clothing to over a hundred children Monday-Friday. We operate in a rural area of the Dominican Republic. The majority of our children are illegal Haitian immigrants.

    I founded the foundation when I was 24 and have been living and the Dominican Republic and running it with my girlfriend since then. We have a short youtube video about what we do and the area we work in. You can check it out here . We were also featured in the Detroit news back in September and actually made the front page, here is a link to the article. 20120926/OPINION03/209260362

    We are an extremely efficient organization, we have almost no overhead or administrative costs whatsoever and my girlfriend and I make a combined 300 dollars a month for running the foundation. The children we help are truly destitute and I know that we are making significant changes in their lives. We handle all of the fundraising an publicity ourselves and would love to take advantage of any opportunity that you can provide. Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you shortly.

    David Palmer
  • Dear Tyra is Shawna !!!Please read this !!??!!

    Tyra my name is Shawna I am 25 years old I live in a little town called Palm Bay Florida I have four children three of which are Jaime and Myiah and a stepson name Anthony .I have never been married ohh but I have dreams of that day all the time I am very much so in love with my boyfriend of 5 years I have one problem though I am to fat to get married and fit into a dress I have struggled with weight my whole life I am 5'3 and I weigh 200lbs I have tried dieting and not eating and starveing myself and everything I possible could think of and to be honest with you sometimes I feel like giving up I hate the way people look at me I hate the comments I hear of my own family talking about me and how fat I am I cry myself to sleep almost every night when I get undressed in my bathroom to take a shower I cry I am just so sick of crying I avoid mirrors for the simple fact that I dont even like who I am anymore I used to watch a show called extreme body make over and always thought I WOULD DO THAT IN AN INSTANT GIVE IN THE CHANCE BUT THEN IT WAS NO LONGER ON . ANY MORE have tried everything I could think of and im running out of things to try I diet all the time I dont have alot of money to do much I have a family that I support as well I try to do things for people who need what I have I would give anything for you to help me find a way to make over my body so that maybe just maybe my boyfriend someday will want to be married to me as bad as I want to marry him I know you probably have alot of people to responde to so ill let you go but one day maybe Ill be the one you choose to help fix what I hate most about my self !!! my email is and my number is 321-914-6995 and i have facebook as well sorry to ave bothered you but I think I need your help your a beautiful person and you do beautiful things for others as well and I watch your show all the time and everything youve done in your career is wonderful keep showing everyone why you are Tyra Banks 1 super model and beautiful person you Shawna Nevue
  • born a female but mentally a Drag Queen

    Dear Tyra

    its been years that i have been wanting to write you a message

    but i have finally gain the courage to ask you for advice

    I am 20yrs old and ever since i was a very little girl i knew that there was something different with me

    one day when i was 5yrs old i was in my parents room getting ready for church and i told them that i am a boy they told me that i am not a boy i am a girl then i felt bad and never spoke of it again as i grew up it was obvious that my parents were ***phobes i have tried explain them three times of my sexuality

    but even as i explained to them I myself was confused as well

    sometimes i cry because i wish i was born as a man and be drag queen so that i can be somewhat straight

    my sexuality is PANSEXUAL

    I AM gender blind and I find all forms of sexuality beautiful and amazing

    i wish that i was born as a boy so that i dont hurt my parents anymore

    i was bullied almost my entire and i have also been beaten for my uniqueness

    my hero is my brother and my sister the have been so patient and understand with me

    dont get me wrong i love my parents very much and have been very supportive of me my family has been there for me through my illnesses and school etc

    i just wish that they were more accepting me for me

    i am tired of hiding who i am

    Tyra i now you are an extremely busy well known famous fantastic women

    and i know that there are so manny people that need your help more than i do

    but when you have a chance to read this all i ask is a message from you for your advice

    (my celebrity role model is Jim Adkins from Jimmy eat world Pink Ru Paul and Isis King)
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