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  • WooHOO Work it Girl??

    Oh man, don't get me started. This show is a bomb, a bomb like its hostess MODEL Tyra Banks. Who in frick wants to watch a MODEl on TV. A coat rack is more interesting. What? we need a MODEL on TV coaching women (they look down their noses at) that they too can exude an air of superiority to dupe everyone into thinking they are cool and beautful? Just LOOK. You boring mannequins. I would rather watch my lava lamp for ten hours.
  • Like a bad Saturday Night Live sketch Miss Tyra bats her eyelashes at the camera and tears up before each commercial break, proudly proclaiming her \\\"Messiah\\\" status to an ugly duckling from Ohio, badly in need of an oral surgeon. How egotistical ca

    Like a bad Saturday Night Live sketch (which will undoubtedly come to pass...) Miss Tyra bats her eyelashes at the camera and tears up before each commercial break, proudly proclaiming her \\\"Messiah\\\" status to an ugly duckling from Ohio, badly in need of an oral surgeon. How egotistical can this Tyra girl BE? Keep tuned - the first show simply Oooozed with \\\"How Great Am I?\\\" Tyra-ness. It played like a joke - like an SNL send-up. I kept waiting for Tina Fey to step onstage with the punchline. But Miss Tyra is her own punchline. She IS the Joke. She tries to sell teenagers and pre-teens on the idea that she is Not responsible for their Bad Body Image fears at a camp she pays for!!! How psychologically purging is *t*h*a*t*?! Perhaps if she Did Admit her mistakes, she might be more interesting. Perhaps if she did aim her talkshow subjects at reality instead of magazine topically starved teens, it would fly. But this piece of fluffy lint will be brushed off the shoulder of the public none-too-soon.
  • If you had any brains you would still be stupid.

    As an environmental engineer and scientist for more than 50 years, including doing experiments that prove that the greenhouse gas effect does not exist, I assure you that you just stuck your feet in your mouth up to your knees.

    Man -made global warming is a lie.

    There are thousand of peer reviewed papers that prove that the greenhouse gas effect does not exist and also that the "consensus of 97% " of climate scientist is a total lie.

    I hope you love eating crow because you jumped into an area where your looks will only get you into more trouble that your stupid mouth.

    Science is never settled

    Real information can be found below.
  • Get it together Tyra, America is watching and you have a rare chance to say something that people will actually listen to and learn from.

    I watched the interview with Barack Obama when Tyra talked like a nervous school girl and recounted her meeting him at a party where Kimora Lee embarrassed herself. I suffered though the episode where she put on a "fat suit," I even gave her a couple of points or the show about sterotyping people by their names, but overall I think that she is squandering a great opportunity to be the voice for young women in America - and throughout the world since she is seen in several countries.

    Wanting to give her the benefit of the doubt, I went to a taping of the show, I was completely frustrated and unimpressed. Tyra was aloof and acted very strange peeking backstage every time the taping would take a break.

    The warm up guy was corny and had to beg the audience to clap and put on fake smiles when the taping started up again. The topic was disjointed and seemed to have no point even though she was trying to be profound. She had to do several takes and what should have been a simple taping was two hour ordeal. I say she needs to stick to modeling and leave the talk shows to the big girls.
  • This show is as plastic as it comes. Or, should I say as superficial as Tyra. It does provide a learning element to those that want to be airheaded, self-absorbed and/or silly.

    I tried, I REALLY tried to get into this show. But... this show is as phony as Tyras' wigs! The humor is sophmoronic and, the shows that would love to be informative, turns out to be extremely superficial and mundane. In the show descriptions, it would appear that I just might learn something from it. Yeah, I do. I learn that Tyra is phony and hasn't ever had a deep thought about herself or anyone else. It's fashion, hair, image and everything else on the outside. Nothing about thinking and caring for anyone else but yourself. So, Tyra, I've changed the channel and so have ALL my friends. Your show isn't anywhere as popular as you think!
  • she is a bias stupidd judgemental oprah wannabe

    she is a bias stupid judgemental oprah wannabe.
    she pretends that she understands everyone but when she finds somone that she doesnt understands or doesnt like what their doing (Sasha Grey episode) she trys to "fix" them. and when she can't, the show cuts out everything that counters her and her amazing ability to help ppl out of their horrible lives.(sarcasm) WORD REQUIREMENTS are stupid a a a aa a a a a a a aa a a a a a a a a a aa a a a a a a a as **** exactly 100 words happy ?!
  • Tyra Banks is a joke and has been given too much power. She is not intelligent at all and speaks to people like they are children.

    Tyra Banks is a joke and has been given too much power. She is not intelligent at all and speaks to people like they are children. She contradicts her self daily and has the dumbest topics i have ever heard of. She once had a show about getting off your butt and doing something with your life. I know she isnt smart but is she retarded, her entire following are stupid girls that sit on their butt and watch her show at 3pm. Get a job! Tyra the devil and will mke you stupid! PLEASE dont ever watch it is for your own good!
  • I tried to give her a ZERO rating, but it would not take. I did not mean to give her a 5. Oprah has a higher raiting than in my opinion.

    Tyra is not the role model we want for our teenagers or grandchildren, she disrepects
    herself and women in general in my opinion. She seems to have given into slutty for sexy and making women into this image that we got away from for so long...other
    than the cheap adult magazine. I don't like Tyra's show or Top Model - they degrade women.
    It is pathic that these young girls will do ANYTHING for fame or money - and blinded by
    the moral depletion that has occurred in their behavior. I am not thrilled with Oprah's new
    age thinking; however, she never disrespects women that way I feel Tyra does.
  • LAY OFF on Tyra! She's is getting better, although...

    ...I don't understand why she insists on putting together guests that don't really go with the overall theme of any given episode. Case in point: she had the cast members of The Game (a FOOTBALL show) on an episode where guests were talking about infidelity in the BASKETBALL arena. Obvious to us, but TWO SEPERATE sports, Tyra! I think you need to check your fact-checker or fire your booking agent. She also would present a serious show with a serious topic, and then randomly end it with some rap artist performing with a new cd that had nothing to do with the episode topic at hand.

    Tyra, I hope you're reading.....
  • NO charisma, no charm, nada. This disaster is one of the worst talk shows out there.

    Tyra is completely self-absorbed. Why does she even bother to have guests? This shows keeps getting worse. Once upon a time, I thought Tyra was a looker and might be cute or funny or surprisingly bright as a TV personality. Wrong on all three counts.

    An obnoxious former model so full of herself it's sickening. She's made her fortune and could easily retire. Look out Oprah, Tyra's on your tail.
  • I hate this show and please give us all a favor and cancel it please

    I watch this show and I wonder what kind of people watch this junk. Tyra banks tries to be cool but she isn't all the guest stars in the world couldn't change that. This show makes and forgive me for saying this 7th Heven look good. I hate the Trya Banks show because she wants to talk about radom Junk. I think Trya is nothing but a drama Queen.I don't have anything personal against Trya but she should stick to Modeling. I think that everyone needs a break from this show. I have a word of advice cancel it. This show needs alot of work
  • i have absolutely no idea why anybody watches the show. After sitting through a few episodes it is clear that the show is motivated by commericialsim and ratings. All the segments that are presented are tacky, trivial and unimportant.

    They feature unoriginal issues like plastic surgery, bullying and makeovers. Infact i find the show to be quite fake and a complete waste of time. Tyra is quite fake herself and seems very unintelligent and rude at times. I think this show is disgusting and why people take interest in it i have no idea. It appeals to the uneducated majority who are only interested in issues of no importance to young women who are trying to "reach there goals" as i myself am 18 it dosent make me feel liberated or accomplished but it patronises me. I was recently watching a show with Jay Emanual a regular guest of hers, and they did a segment where you ask for the your favourite celebrity features like a nose etc. i found this to be so condesending toward women who should be told to embrace there individualism. There is nothing important or relevant about the shows she presents,and i was mortified when i heard her described as 'the next oprah' i find oprahs shows much more entertaining,pertinant and informative. However i think tyras serves a diffrent purpose, one which can be labelled as INFOTAINMENT. instead of presenting the latest issues affecting young women, she turns it into a dating show, or celebrity central. The shows purpose has no central focus. I beleve at the end of the day it comes down to choice. What people choose to watch and if it meets there expectations. The tyra show for me is simply pathetic, and her hosting ability is disastrous. She tries to appear to be intelligent and informed but she comes across as quite the opposite, doing no real investigative work of her own. The show where she went to the womens jail and described the situation as 'degrading' was completly sensationalized and served its purpose to its 'maury povich' watching demographic. All in all A complete disaster and completley unoriginal.
  • i guarantee u,, if u watch this show, you will either be bored to death or "sillied" to death... this show is hosted by a model who tries to be oprah,,, unfortunately she ALWAYS fails miserably...

    OH MY GOD! WHY WHYYY! this is one of the worst shows ever...
    it is even painful to watch n this is not a joke!
    and if u do not knw why,here is your answer:
    i think that tyra is deep down a blond,, she asks the most stupid questions, for example: some people in her show talk abt their worst experiences and they say how horrible they were and stuff.. and the first question tyra asks them is: \\\\\\\"so how did u feel then?\\\\\\\" I MEAN COM\\\\\\\'ON the person just said it was horrible,,, this didn\\\\\\\'t happen once or twice, it happened a lot,,,
    another thing, oprah became a famous talk show host not bcoz she imitated another one,, but by being herself,,, unlike tyra..
    and btw ,,, i dn\\\\\\\'t care abt models! i don\\\\\\\'t care about abt their \\\\\\\"poor\\\\\\\" lives! for heaven\\\\\\\'s sake, with all the misery in the world...
    unless the topic is related to actual reality, reallyyy i don\\\\\\\'t care...
    this show should be cancelled looooong time ago.. wt r they waitin for?
  • tapeworm diet episode

    Just watched your episode about the tapeworm diet and wanted to say I don't think its right with the guy was doing by dang you were a strait bully in that episode. You brought someone on national television to try and humiliate them. U attacked him and what did u expect him to react like. He was seriously caught off guard what did you tell him to get him there because I know if he knew you we're going to attack him he would have been better prepared. I know you have done episodes on bullying before u took the number one spot of bullies in that episode. Also u said what he was doing was animal cruelty he had a very good point about them slaughtering them for food. That was nothin g compared to the lab test done All of the country on animals. He isn't breaking any laws doing what he is doing. If people are stupid enough to travel out of the country to have any kind of procedure done rather it be ingesting a tapeworm or cheap surgeries that us there problem.
  • UGH!!

    I HATE this show so much!!! It makes me want to shoot myself in the head! I love America's Next Top Model so naturally I thought her talk show would be cool! But I get 10 minutes into it and want to slap her in the face! She discusses the most pointless topics! And whats the point of having someone on your show if you don't even let them talk and cut them off all the time and turn the conversation onto yourself!! Don't bring someone on your show if you are just going to mock them and tell them how disgusted you are by them! You are supposed to HELP THEM!! GIVE THEM ADVICE!!! Tyra you make such a DICK out of yourself. Everything that comes out of your mouth sounds fake or stupid! Just because you're famous it doesn't mean you need to have a talk show. You are such a waste of airtime!
  • The worst Talk show ever

    I'm telling you right now you are wasting your time tunning into Tyra to try and get the daily gossip or info or how to fix anything thats wrong with you. Do not tune in to this, I can't believe she has lasted this long with her making up different things for shows and trying to be different from other talk shows. I give her an E for effort because she does come up with different topics for her show that I haven't seen tested on TV talk shows so she gets an E for that but in all other areas this show just fails for me so don't waste your time and tune into Oprah or something else.
  • A carbon copy of a already bad show

    Wow this show makes me want to vomit. This show is basically a copy of Oprah in everyway. I like how the guest stars are usually pathetic people that have been in a couple of movies or bad artists. I also like the way Tyra always cuts off her guests and often yells "Girl oh no you didn't" and the way she makes everything about her. Look if i wanted to watch some whiney rich girl complain i would go watch gossip girl. Tyra also likes to give out crappy gifts like Oprah. "Look heres a free new handbag" i find it sad that people watch this.
  • *starts laughing* I can't believe Tyra's afraid of DOLPHINS. I mean how can anyone be afraid of dolphins? Today I watched a show about the stupid phobias people have and I have to admit, it was funny to watch.

    This show is just as stupid as "Who Wants To Be a Superhero?". I guess the reason I watched it was because I had nothing to watch and I decided to see how Tyra's doing. I used to have her book "Tyra's Beauty Inside & Out", but then one day, my mom and I were watching TV and my mom turned to UPN57. Boy was I surprised to see her in a FAT SUIT on her talk show. She wasn't the beautiful model that I remember seeing in her book. Months later, I threw away her book, because when I looked at her book, I was reminded of how disgusted I was to see her in her fat suit. Nowadays she seems to have come out of her fat suit only to be the overrated model and talk show host she was destined to be. Her voice really annoys me. I think she should go back to being a model or at least retire and do what she wants with the money she earned. That way we can all be happy.

    Note: That show about everyone having phobias like being afraid of ovens, styrofoam, gnomes and clowns (which I think being afraid of clowns can be understandable since there's movies out like Stephen King's It and Killer Clowns) is stupid. Tyra, stop trying to be the next Dr. Phil or Oprah. It's not worth it. I only wish I could push you into a pool full of sharks. That'll give you something to really be afraid of.
  • I'm watching the tyra show and it's about different races and how they define beauty.

    I think this is what's wrong with the world she's taking a few people out of races and they keep saying "well my community thinks this" I don't think these people should speak for everyone for there community I'm caucasion and I have agreed with nothing the girl representing the white community has said she's shallow and superficial
    This show has bothered me so much,Every individual person thinks diffently,just beacause your a certain race doesn't mean that race all thinks the same and views beauty the same. This show was very small minded! I'm sure tyra doesn't want this kind of image for her show.
  • What an empty shell she is

    I'm sorry for all those who fall for this Tyra. In my opinion she is a vacuous dodo bird, with a brain to match. I have had to sit though this show more then once (thank you wife). She talks about the most unimportant things that concern nothing. Please, fear of dolphins?! Is she serious? How can you fear something you never come in contact with? She does the show from NYC, a city I grew up in. Funny I never saw a dolphin on the subway or riding in a taxi. I only fear that people will start to really listen to her none sense. I guess this show makes money because it is still on. I hope a dolphin bites her right on the butt. Please just go back to looking good and modeling.
  • I hate the Tyra Banks show.Because she only knows about modeling.She has nothing up stairs.She always talking about her body.Whats annoying about her she always talking about fart.And how she something don't wash the make up off her face.She ask dumb stuf

    I think her show should be taken off the air.Her show should be call lets talk about modeling.She talk about her butt a lot.And she wonder why she can't keep a man.She talks about how she don't take shower until late in the even.If she don't have nothing to do.To much information.I think she likes girls.Tyra is curious about a lots of things.She is a fake person.She act like she this angel.Talking about she going to be the next Oprah that offense to Oprah.
  • Holy heck!

    I\'ve never been much of a fan of daytime talkshows. Jerry Springer is the only one that I like to watch occasionally, and only that one for the sheer shock value of the people they bring on.

    The other morning I was home from work and stumbled across The Tyra Banks show. I had seen her on ATM once in a while but hadn\'t seen a full body shot of her in some time. Anyhow, I happened to see a full body show of her as he was waving everybody goodbye...holy heck! When did Tyra put on about 60 pounds around her hips. Is life just too laid-back for her now that she\'s not really modeling anymore? I mean, she was never skinny like most models. But now \"Baby\'s got back.\'
  • I like America's Next top model....

    But Tyra's talk show sucks. The topics are boring and the most commonly one I hear about is teen sex. My biggest complaint about most of these airhead talkshow hosts is instead of trying to teach teens abstinance till marriage, why not educate them about having protected sex? And some of the things her guests talk about seem a little too exaggerating and far-fetched. Another thing i hate about some of these talk shows along with others is that they seem to bash women who work in sex-oriented businesses, like strippers, porn-stars, etc. and make the topics on those far-fetched, like they can't understand that this is a bad economy and they have to do something to make money to feed their kids (if they have any). Not everyone has the time or money to get an education and get a professional career
  • My review is pretty much my opinion on Tyra and her opinions. Hate it or love it.

    I\'ve been trying to bite my tongue but I just can\'t take it anymore. The only real reason I watch the Tyra Banks show is because of the guests. Tyra has gotten so phony, self-righteous, and judgmental. What gives someone who doesn\'t have kids the right to tell someone how they should be raising their kids? What gives someone who made a personal choice not to party the right to tell party girls that they are ruining their lives? I hate to tell you this Tyra, but there is no way in hell you are going to be the next Oprah. So maybe you should just give it up. Whether you realize it or not, you talk to your guests with your nose in the air. You always find one reason or another to look down on them. You have a very condescending tone in your voice. The episode that pretty much pushed me to the limit was about the “Party Girls”. Tyra talked down to those girls, told them everything they were doing was wrong, and that one of them would have to die before they realized the truth. I understand that you\'re 32 years old and you never really had time to just let go and experience what it\'s like to be a normal woman in her early 20\'s, but this is how it is. You go out with your friends (i\'m not sure if you know what those are), you drink, and you just want to have a good time. If this isn\'t your idea of a good time, that\'s fine. That still doesn\'t give you the right to put someone down who decides that they do want to be a party girl. In conclusion all I want to say to Tyra is this: If you want this talk show to continue and to grow a larger fan base, maybe you should take a good look at yourself and re-evaluate what you\'re doing wrong.
  • Great concept, but Tyra's phoniness is so nauseating!

    The concept of her show is wonderful. However, her phoniness is so obvious and it's quite nauseating. I wish she would be more down to earth. I think the fame of America's Top Model has gone to her head. She is an Oprah wannabe, but not even close. Oprah is real, Tyra is transparent. It's a good thing she has a talk show, because her acting is atrocious. I used to like her in the beginning, now I can't even stand to watch her. I have to change the channel. She's actually quite flakey. I guess she's too over the top these days.
  • Tyra Banks's Talk Show.

    I do not enjoy this show, at all. However it does have entertainment value. It is interesting to see how Tyra reacts to certain things, especially her personality. She is vivacious and tries a little to hard to make the show more interesting. I feel that it is almost too much Tyra to handle, and just seeing her at panel during America's Next Top Model is just enough for me to handle. I have a feeling that Tyra will not be known as a great talk show host, but rather she will and should be known for her fantastic, inspiring modeling career.
  • Modeling

    Hi Tyra,

    I am a model and a vegetarian. I am very active because for me, that's fun. I dance, run, sing, and play with my dog, mainly. I am a size zero, really slightly smaller. But, that's just natural for me. Any one who knows me can tell you that I DO NOT have an eating disorder. I feel like with this new trend, people who naturally do "fit the bill" are being attacked. I would love different body types to be featured equally. But, this is natural for some people. I started asan actress then a mag wanted to use me and I loved it. So, I never tried to be a model. Stop attacking us and start embracing our willingness to embrace different body types.
  • It is as if someone with no prior experience and no natural talent for it gets a talk show. Means well, doesn't work. Reminds me of Tyra's movie, is it "LargerThan Life" or something like that where the Barbie-like doll comes to life. It's not natural.

    Guests are contrived; Way the show is done results in Tyra coming off with an air of superiority. Does not seem genuinely interested even for the moment, just to get the show done. She hasa so much else going for her, get out now!or get better advisors. I'm a fan!
  • So bad it's good

    Oxymoron Alert: This show is some really good bad TV. Never before has a televison show made Geraldo's old show creditable. OK, let's be honest here. Some TV executive said, "I got an idea! Let's get an ex-underwear model to host a show and think she is Oprah." Then another network picked up it's reruns?!

    I just love to watch the shows when she investigates stuff,
    Why do men Like strip clubs?
    Do ugly women get treated worse then pretty ones?
    Why do I keep giving Best week ever and the soup material?

    Now tonight I turn on the show and she has Sapharri from Flavor of Love as her Roaming reporter?

    and the hits just keep on coming.....
    Please Tyra keep up the bad work, and keep looking down on people.

  • ANTM tyra

    Not a review of talk show,just saying the ANTM college is so confusing when they meet the judges. Put together poorly. Points here,points there, face on review of each model. I would like to know just one critique of the photos. Altogether as one voting group.If you have a good picture,but everybody on line votes against you that doesn't reward the right model.
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