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  • Trying so hard

    I am a 23 year old girl married to a wonderful man who served in our military. We just found out we are having our first child in July 2013, a boy. I am currently a full time student ( I am going to school over full-time, I take 18 units when full time is 12 units) and I work for myself ( I clean houses when I am not in classes- around 25 hours each week) while my husband works full time. We pay 450$ every month for medical insurance and we are having major issues trying to pay our medical bills and up coming bills for the birth of our baby boy. Our insurance will not cover one cent until we can come up with our 3k deductible (Not to mention when the baby is born our deductible become 6k). We are on a payment plan with the hospital and we pay 200$ per month until the birth however that plan does not include lab work, ultra sounds, ect. Just in the past two months we have received over 2k in medical bills and we have applied for medicaid and we do not qualify. We are a hard working American family and we are barley getting by as it is. Now we are faced with choosing to buy food, gas, pay our rent or pay the medical payments. We are trying so hard to responsible but I have no other ideas. We are drowning in medical bills and we do not qualify for any assistance. What should we do?