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  • please help me get my story heard I wanna help others so they know about what can happen to them and their children!

    My name is Megan Chavis and I'm 20 years old and ill be 21 on September 2. I'm contacting you because I truly believe a I have a stroy that needs to be heard. On May 9, 2007 I was diagnosef with a rare form of ovarian cancer at the age of 14. I was in stage three and I had to recIeve chemo therapy at dupont hospital for Children in Wilmington de. WHICH IS THE BEST HOSPITAL I HAVE EVER BEEN TOO. They found this because I had a tumor the size of a football ruptured in my abdomen. I was always a healthy child growing up so this came as a really big surprise to everyone of the family including myself. Before recieving chemo therpay I was asked if I would like to take the regular form of chemo or another form that was considered "The Study". The study was a different way of treatment that would give me more dose in a less amount of time instead of a less dose in a longer amount of time. They told me that choosing the study could help young woman like me in the future. Knowing me and how I am with putting everyone first I choose to do the study praying one day because of me could save a life even if mine wasn't. So i start treatment on may 12 and end up haveing an allergic reaction to a medication called phenorgon which scared me half to death thinkin this is what i was gonna feel like for the next few months! I was ready to quit treatment but i stay strong and continued. 3 months go by and by this time I was all done my treat ment and no sign of the cancer! During this time I was just starting high school freshmen year and I end up being taken out of school. Well school told me I was going tk have to repeat 9th grade and I wouldn't graduate on time. Being that I'm so dedicated to school I ask the school to send a teacher which homework to my house so I could go to 10th grade after I finish chemo. I pass and I was able to go to 10th grade and make honor roll. A year now goes by and start getting extreamly bad pain to where it was impossible to move without being in pain! My parents rush me to the hospital only to find out I had appendicitis! Another deadly infection that could kill me within 3 days so I get surgery and recover. Another year goes by and I'm doing good in school and a radio station contacts my mom about a letter she sent for this fundraising they doevery year for a week chosing local people to participate. They try to make a wish come true for each local that has had a devistaing experience happen to them. Well my mom sent them a letter telling them my story and told them she really wanted to get me a car for college after I graduate. They grant me my wish and donate a 2002 saturn coupe to me fully paid. Well unfortuntely 4 days after I got the car a man ramed into the back of me when I was at a complete stop and totaled the car. By this time the cancer has really changed our lives with both of my parents losing their jobs and we pretty much loose everything our cars our house and pretty much my life. I end up switching schools my senior year to a new school and having to graduate with new people! Which with me I try to adapt to everything and I make a few friends and make do. So as you can see my life has been all around crazy for me and I really want to get my story out there especially to young wonan because this form of cancer is very silent. I want woman to know that its very important to get checked on a regular basis with there doctors becausecthis can happen within a blink of an eye. It all happened for me within two weeks. So please please can you help me!
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