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    I just want to say, You are so Cool, you really do care about anything & everything. You also give good advice, your mom should be proud of you of all the things you accomplished & started. I love Obsessed! I have seen every Cycle From Start to finish except Cycle 19. I can't wait to see Cycle 19 all the way through & looking forward to Cycle 20. Boys VS Girls! I think after Cycle 20 has aired you should have Another All Star Cycle 2 called End It 2 Win It! Bring back all the runner -ups like Cycle 2 Mercedes, Cycle 4 Kaitlyn, Cycle 5 Nik, Cycle 6 Joanie, Cycle 7 Eugena that can twist the hold her leg up in the air and keep her face Fierce! Cycle 8 Natasha the Russian Spy Sex Bomb, Cycle 9 Chantal, Cycle 10 Anya, that girl can model, Cycle 11 Sam, that Cycle was so close, but the better model won. Cycle 12 Aminat with that beautiful skin and those legs. I just seen Aminat doing her thing on Project Runway. Cycle 13 Petite Cycle, Erin ! Cycle 14 Raina With those Wolf Eyes Culture! Cycle 15 Chelsey with that nice runway walk. Cycle 16 Bad Ass Molly, that girl can model. I really hope shes on there, because she might actually win. Cycle 18 Laura the Rebel Chick! Cycle 19 Keira! You have to bring these girls back, it's going to be Firece with these girls & it's a definete Cycle you will never forget. Please Tyra! I garentee they will be Firce with great personal Style & Personality! Thank- You for Reading my Email! Have a Good Day! Ps Bring back & Miss J.