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  • An Amazing Mom Life May Be At HELP !!!!!!


    its my moms dream to meet you she watches your show all the time she says "it takes her away from her issues even if its for a little while"

    My mother is 36 years old she takes care of her 21 year old sister with "downs" , Her 59 year old father with lupus & also me (years) & my son (3 months) & if that's not enough on her plate she has Degenerative nerve disease. This condition eats away slowly at her nerves till they are gone, she often has muscle spasms & shakes which can both be very painful, some days she cant even move. My mother takes care of everyone else & its costing her her life & health, She has acquired lot of weight over the years & fears losing her life over it has saved for the Gastric Bypass but had to use it for our home & bills . Needless to say shes a selfless woman & deserves the best. I would give my right arm for this woman shes already given some much for me countless others.