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  • my daughter loves her some tyra!

    where do i begin? to keep it simple my daughter worships the ground that tyra walks on. my step-daughter ashley whom i love and acknowledge as my flesh and blood loves everything tyra stands for. beauty, power, respect, and adored by everyone on the planet. my daughter recently made 16, and though she is a pretty young lady she lacks confidence. like any other parents not having confidence would really cause concern. her mom and i have tried to get her to enter contest, yet by her not having the confidence these attempts have fell short. if anyone seen our daughter, they would agree that she have the looks, as well as potential to do and excel in whatever it is she wants. yet it hurts that our words as parents aren't good enough at times to give that push she needs, cause she feels that we are saying whatever just because she is our daughter. we know that tyra can't be everywhere at once, however if someone that was in the buisness could tell her that she has potential and if she worked hard at it she could become successful, then we would be confident that she would come out that shell and blossom into the beautiful flower that she rightfully is. any help would be appreciated, cause like all parents we just want the best for our baby girl.
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