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  • TYRA PLEASE HELP US. Please give my wife and the wonderful mother of our two children a consideration.

    My wife has dreamed of modeling. She has spent what little money she had to take modeling pictures and could not afford the constant photo updates to pursue her dream. We have been married for almost seventeen years and don't tell her I told you but she is only forty years young but looks 25. I have taken her to a "talent search" location and they said they were looking for younger. Please Tyra, I beg you to please review her latest pictures. If you met her you would meet one of the most honest, warm hearted person with unconditional love and glowing smile that can place a crying child at ease. She has supported me for seventeen years in the Army and has sacrificed her 17 year career as an Assistant Manager for Target Dept Store and my chain of command expected me to abandon her after I found her curled up in a fetal position crying in severe pain. My Command Sergeant Major told me " son, I don't know if you know this or not but if the Army wanted you to have a wife, we would've issued you The love and concern for my wife kept me from going to jail that day. We have been through so much together and I owe her everything. There is nothing I can say or do for her that would make me feel like it was enough. I am willing to do anything to help her become famous or follow her dream to model. Please email me for photos. Thank you and God bless you for your time and consideration. Respectfully

    Dewey Stafford