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  • tapeworm diet episode

    Just watched your episode about the tapeworm diet and wanted to say I don't think its right with the guy was doing by dang you were a strait bully in that episode. You brought someone on national television to try and humiliate them. U attacked him and what did u expect him to react like. He was seriously caught off guard what did you tell him to get him there because I know if he knew you we're going to attack him he would have been better prepared. I know you have done episodes on bullying before u took the number one spot of bullies in that episode. Also u said what he was doing was animal cruelty he had a very good point about them slaughtering them for food. That was nothin g compared to the lab test done All of the country on animals. He isn't breaking any laws doing what he is doing. If people are stupid enough to travel out of the country to have any kind of procedure done rather it be ingesting a tapeworm or cheap surgeries that us there problem.