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  • Tyra,my mother just married a man that repeatatdly raped me when i was just a little girl and now she is on the run with him.

    This man is a convicted child molester and has a outstanding warrant for his arrest. I am hoping that you can help me bring this story to light in an effort to get people to see the true reality of sexual predators. She knew about this back when it happened and she made me keep my mouth shut and he went free. Npw I am nearly 30 and have a pending case against him for this crime that happened when I was 12 years old. They are both living in Michigan and running from the law. I don't know what else to do to get the word out to help get him caught. Can you give me any suggestions? I have lived with all this for so many years and just recently found the support that I needed to give me the courage to take this case to court. The law is on my side and they have done a full investigation and know that it is all truth. There also are many witnesses to this case and also another victim. He was already in prison for the same crime and was on the sex offenders list when he was doing it to me. I just need a little help getting the word out so that we can get him back behind bars where he belongs. As you can also guess I am struggeling with knowing that my own mother chose to be with this man 15yrs. after he raped me. She flat out told me that she loved him more than me and is ok with not having me in her life. How does a mother do that? I really need your help Tyra. I come to you out of desperation for closer and understanding. I really want to help other people that have gone thru this as well as help myself heal over the lose of my mother. My bio father molested me from the time that I was 3-5yrs. old. My mother also covered that one up. My ex step uncle did it to me as well. I took him to court and he plead guilty right before we walked into the court room because we has so much evidence against him. My mother stood next to me thru that which is why I am having such a hard time understanding how she could do this to me.