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  • All Women Flash Mob in Tanzania

    Dear Tyra, I appreciate your strength, wit and independence. I think you are doing a wonderful job raising other women's self esteem. We are a small NGO located in Moshi, Kilimanjaro Region, Tanzania and our mission is to empower adult women via education and entrepreneurship. Many of our students are very shy, afraid to speak up and hide their face when their name is called. When I told them I would like to do a flash mob, they thought I was crazy. 2 weeks later, 60 of our students shut down the busiest part of Moshi, the bus station, and performed in front of many unsuspecting bystanders. They were so strong, happy and enthusiastic. And we were immensely proud of them. I wanted to share their video with you so others can learn from their strength. And hopefully understand that many women in other parts of the world certainly don't have it easy. Thank you. Monika 7B0Q