The Tyra Banks Show

Season 4 Episode 148

Trading Popularity: High School Edition

Aired Weekdays 3:00 PM May 11, 2009 on The CW

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  • The meaning of popularity

    I'm 14 and from the UK and we also have these problems, i am not one of the 'popular' girls at school but the girls that are considered or refered to as this are not truely 'popular' they are just well known throughtout the school. most of these girls aren't known for good things either, they are known for storming out of lessons, swearing, having underage sex, smoking, not doing work always in detention. Yes whilst these girls may be the slimmest and the clearest skin and the biggest chests as guys would descibe them "hot" not ALL of them are nice people. obviously some of them are but for the most part they make fun of the truely popular girls and guys. these are the people that are liked the most, the ones that are still good looking but maybe not the best but overall the truely beautiful people, inside and out. x My reason for such a low rating is that the girls got to see what life was like for the others but the girls that were being horrible to the majority did not apolygise and i think that was wrong because there was proberbly no change once they went back to there regular everyday lives and Tyra seemed to blame the 'unpopulars' when it was none of their fault, its just the way that society has been shaped and its so wrong. both sides had something to apolygise for but neither really stepped up to the plate and tried to make the change
  • about tyra's character...

    tyra is beautiful, and we all know it, but DAMN, she is one rude bitch. I don't know who she thinks she is talking to people like that, just because she is famous does NOT make her better than anyone. I used to LOVE tyra, but after seeing this ( and basically ALL of her talk show episodes) i have to say, i can't stand her.
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