The Ultimate Coyote Ugly Search

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Episode Guide

    • New York
      New York
      Season 1 - Episode 1
      Coyote Ugly owner and founder - Liliana Lovell goes on the search for the ultimate coyote who will win $25,000 and a job at the New Orleans Coyote Ugly bar. First stop is New York where Liliana picks the first two finalists.
    • Memphis Mansion
      Memphis Mansion
      Season 2 - Episode 6
      The five teams move into a Memphis mansion, and are given one week to learn dances and bartending skills. Lil holds a singing competition between Molly & Sally and Bri & Sandra after which Maria & Regan show what they got leaving Lil to call out Kat & Stephanie for not stepping it up. The next day they decided to stop dance practice to show what they can do. Jacqui awards the girls with their own pair of boots. The girls sit down to dinner and share their best and worst of the competition and lastly they did a little too late and Lil eliminates Kat + Stephanie from the competition.moreless
    • Four Teams Left
      Four Teams Left
      Season 2 - Episode 7
      The girls join Jacqui for one of the last dance practices which is full of mistakes. Lil had a bartending quickness challenge and the rankings were Bri, Sandra and Maria - DQ. Molly - .57, Sally - .51, Regan - .41, Amanda - .40 and Wiggins - .38 leaving Lil less than impressed. Ultimately, Lil sends Bri and Sandra packing.moreless
    • Training Continues
      Training Continues
      Season 2 - Episode 5
      Being ranked # 1 - Maria + Regan get to dance "Boots" on the bar that night. The next day it's back to bootcamp and Jacqui teaches them "Country Girl." Dean comes back to have a flair competition. Maria + Regan challenge Kat + Stephanie and lose leading to K+S to challenge all other teams beating each one and winning the competition. Jacqui returns to teach them "East Boundin' Down." Lil returns to give the girls a bartending challenge where she gives them a drink order and sees who can complete correctly and the fastest. Maria + Regan and Kat + Stephanie disqualify while Sally + Molly get 1:03, Wiggins + Amanda get 49 secs and Bri + Sandra win it with a time of 45.5 seconds. On the last day of bootcamp Lil gives them the ultimate challenge to have one girl dances while the other prepares a drink order.

      They rank as: 5. Bri(Bartender) + Sandra(Dancer)- Disqualified (Dropped Bottle) 4. Kat(Dancer) + Stephanie(Bartender)- 1:11 3. Maria (Dancer) + Regan (Bartender)- 1:03 2. Wiggins (Dancer) + Amanda (Bartender)- 1:01 1. Sally (Bartender) + Molly (Dancer)- 1:03

      Lil ends bootcamp with the next overall team rankings which she based on bartending skills 5. Bri + Sandra 4. Kat + Stephanie 3. Molly + Sally 2. Maria + Regan 1. Wiggins + Amandamoreless
    • The Ultimate Coyotes Are Named
      The Ultimate Coyotes Are Named
      Season 2 - Episode 8
      The day has finally come when Lil is going to name one team the ultimate coyotes. At the bar, the three teams each get 45 minutes to show Lil what they've been working on all this time and how they can translate that into sales. At the end of the night, Lil rewards Maria and Regan with $50,000 and the title of the ultimate coyotes.moreless
    • 3/7/08
      Lil and Coyote Ugly are back and looking for the sixth and final spot in the Coyote Ugly traveling troupe, a group that tours the country singing and dancing on bar tops and impressing crowds. The winner will also receive a $50,000 prize. Eliminated: Tracy, 32, a nightclub promoter from New Jerseymoreless
    • Ultimate Coyote Search 2007 - 5 Ultimate Veterans
      Owner and Founder Liliana Lovell selects nine of her best veteran coyotes from all over the country to compete for five spots. The nine veterans include Sally and Jen from Nashville, Bri from Memphis, Kat O. from Charlotte, Kalei from Denver, Maria from New York, Wiggins and Kat R. from Fort Lauderdale, and Lala from New Orleans.

      The nine girls battle it out in dancing, bartending and entertaining challenges. The five selected will then travel around the country to find and be paired with a partner, and together they will compete for $50,000 and the title of Ultimate Coyote 2007.

      The final five that Lil chooses is Sally from Nashville, Bri from Memphis, Kat O. from Charlotte, Maria from New York, and Wiggins from Fort Lauderdale.moreless
    • New York and Nashville
      New York and Nashville
      Season 2 - Episode 2
      The five veterans are touring the country and auditions are held in New York City and Nashville. The veterans narrow the girls down to a few who meet the maker and audition in front of Lil. Later, one aspiring Coyote from each city is chosen to team with a veteran Coyote.moreless
    • Charlotte and Memphis
      Charlotte and Memphis
      Season 2 - Episode 3
      The veterans search for their perfect coyote match in Charlotte, NC, and Memphis, TN. The group is narrowed down to a few who then audition for Lil. Later, Lil chooses one lucky lady from each city to team up with the veterans.

      Lil choose Stephanie (24) a Entertainer from Las Vegas, NV to be Kat's partner from Charlotte, NC Coyote Ugly Bar and she choose Sandra (32) a Medical Assistant from Southhaven, MS to partner with Bri from the Memphis, TN Coyote Ugly Bar.moreless
    • Fort Lauderdale and Let the Training Begin
      The final open auditions are held in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., and Lil selects Amanda, 21 a Makeup artist from Orlando, FL to team up with Wiggins, the Fort Lauderdale veteran. The five teams are complete, and the girls head to San Antonio, Texas, for an intensive dance and bartending boot camp with Jacqui and a Flair lessons with Dean. Jacqui teaches the girls the "All Jacked Up" and the "Boots" dance. Some of the girls are given nicknames: Amanda= Red, Molly= Ice, Sandra= Mexico and Stephanie= Vegas. At the end Jacqui ranks the teams 1 to 5:

      5 Bri and Sandra 4 Wiggins and Amanda 3 Sally and Molly 2 Kat and Stephanie 1 Maria and Reganmoreless
    • The Ultimate Coyote Search 3: Episode 6
      Coming Soon...
    • The Ultimate Coyote Search 3: Episode 2
      The girls go through more boot camp including Mauli's voice lessons, Jacqui's dancing and Keith's workouts. Eliminated: Tiffany, 22, a dancer from San Francisco
    • 3/21/08
      The girls go through more boot camp including Mauli's voice lessons, Jacqui's dancing and Keith's workouts.

      Quit: Tanea, 25, a actress and singer from New York
    • 3/28/08
      Coming Soon...
    • 4/4/08
      Coming Soon...
    • The Ultimate Coyote is Discovered (Part 2)
      The five remaining finalists have their skills tested during Mardi Gras. Kassie Miller is crowned the ultimate coyote and walks away with $25,000 and a position at the Coyote Ugly location of her choice.
    • The Ultimate Coyote is Discovered (Part 1)
      The seven remaining finalists practice their dance moves and bartending skills in New Orleans' French Quarter. Afterward, two girls are eliminated.
    • Heading to the Finals
      Heading to the Finals
      Season 1 - Episode 6
      The Coyotes-to-be finally make it to New Orleans where the final two contestants will be announced. A challenge is issued to see who will get to tend bar alongside the Crescent City Coyotes. After that, two girls are eliminated.
    • Nashville
      Season 1 - Episode 2
      Two finalists are picked from hundreds who try out in Nashville. Meanwhile, the two New York girls continue their training.
    • Austin
      Season 1 - Episode 3
      Two lucky possible coyotes are chosen from hundreds to represent the Lone Star state while the four finalists from New York and Nashville continue the ever grueling training.
    • San Antonio
      San Antonio
      Season 1 - Episode 4
      San Antonio shows what it's got adding two more finalists to the bus. Meanwhile, a dancing and drink-slinging competition ensues to determine who is exempt from the first round of cuts.
    • Denver
      Season 1 - Episode 5
      Will the ultimate coyote be found in Colorado? Two more finalists are picked from the great city of Denver. Meanwhile, contestants are taught new dance moves and given bartending tips en route.
    • The Ultimate Coyote Search 3: Episode 7
      Coming Soon...
    • The Ultimate Coyote Search 3: Season Finale
      Coming Soon...
    • Ultimate Coyote Ugly 302
      Season 3 - Episode 2
      With nine women left, the competition is on. The girls have an intense workout with trainer Keith, and it's on to the next challenge. The girls are split into three teams of three for the Build the Bar...
    • Ultimate Coyote Ugly 306
      Season 3 - Episode 6
      Just five top contenders remain. We see the women sing and dance as individuals for the first time, and seemingly the weakest singer has a surprise for Lil. Another contestant is eliminated and is devastated.
    • Ultimate Coyote Ugly 307
      Season 3 - Episode 7
      The final four women are challenged to direct their own photo shoot, with the winner receiving an amazing makeover which will shock everyone. Meanwhile, the other three contestants are put through their toughest workout to date. Lil takes the women on a road trip and surprises them with an unimaginable gift. Lil ultimately has to send someone home and we have our three finalists.moreless
    • Finale
      Season 3 - Episode 8
      With only three contestants remaining and everything on the line, the competition truly heats up. Lil sends the women out on the 'super seller' challenge to see who really can hustle and earn a dollar. The three perform together at the bar, and Lil surprisingly eliminates someone on the spot. The final two contestants each perform with the traveling coyote squad, and Lil crowns the Ultimate Coyote 3..moreless