The Ultimate Coyote Ugly Search

Friday 9:00 PM on CMT - Country Music Television Premiered Apr 10, 2006 In Season


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  • The Coyotes have some spark beyond the bars!!!

    For those of you who are not familiar with "Coyote Ugly," it refers to a coyote with its paw stuck in a trap. In relation to the bars, a person gets drunk, passes out, and wakes up next to an ugly bedmate. That person will opt to chew off one's own arm to escape without waking up the ugly bedmate.

    Before watching this show, I didn't realize that it takes a lot to become a Coyote. Having watched this show, I have a bigger respect for the ladies. They may use sexiness in their routines to sell drinks, but they don't sell sex to profit. That shows integrity in these barkeeps. Also, some of these Coyotes actually good singing voices! Very cool!

    That being said, I only have one gripe about the contest. The only problem is the city selection. I thought that the first season worked when a bunch of girls were selected to become a coyote. Although there was now a team effort between a veteran and an up-and-coming rookie, a lot of talented girls may have possibly been cut in favor of other girls who may have done better in a city they were not picked in. There was no discrimination in the show (except to look good, dance well, possibly sing well, and be a proud Coyote), which is good. I'll be sure to see what happens next season!
  • reality tv where you get to see what these women do. competition based

    I enjoyed the movies Coyote Ugly and Coctail better. These women are just above average on appearance which makes it less appealing. I admit that I only saw a few episodes. That is all that I wanted. I did like seeing what the challenges were and what was expected. Maybe if I were to actually see these women perform in a bar, I would enjoy this more. I actually went to a bar on a quiet night that had a few and nothing happened that I saw. This is in Wyoming where maybe I can't expect anything. Basically the people I am seeing don't look like elite entertainers behind the bar. Tom Cruise as an actor did far better.