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Season 18 : Episode 14

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Fighters travel to Las Vegas with one dream, one goal - to become The Ultimate Fighter. Determination, Discipline, Excellence. These young men are accomplished athletes, disciplined in a wide range of mixed martial arts that includes wrestling, boxing, judo, Jiu-Jitsu, karate and kickboxing. Each has the dream, the hope, and the will to fight in an Ultimate Fighting Championship event. Only one fighter from each of the two weight classes will succeed with the challenge. During the show the competitors will take their training to a higher level. They will be brought to Las Vegas where the UFC brand has its National Training Center. For the next seven weeks the competitors will be under the strict supervision of two successful and famous UFC fighters and trainers. The competitors will endure the most grueling training and intense pressure of their lives. They will train together, live together, and fight against each other inside and outside of the storied UFC Octagon. The men are split into two teams and compete against each other within their weight classes to avoid elimination. At the end of each week, one fighter from each team must fight in the Octagon to avoid being eliminated from the competition until only two remain in each weight division. In the end, The Ultimate Fighter will be decided by a competition match -- a head-to-head fight to the finish inside the Octagon. The weak are eliminated... The strong will survive... Only one will be left standing from each weight class... The Ultimate Fighter

George Sotiropoulos

George Sotiropoulos

Welterweight [Season 6]

Jason Miller

Jason Miller

Head Coach [Season 14]

Justin Wren

Justin Wren

Heavyweight [Season 10]

Marcus Jones

Marcus Jones

Heavyweight [Season 10]

Matt Arroyo

Matt Arroyo

Welterweight [Season 6]

Roy Nelson

Roy Nelson

Coach [Season 16]/Heavyweight [Season 10]

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  • knockout of the decade

    unbelievable friggin knockout
  • Wannabe Ultimate Fighters!!

    This is the show that put the UFC on the map and brought MMA to the masses. It gives young up and coming fighters the chance to fight their way into the UFC, to become a UFC fighter.

    Some of the action takes place in the house where all the guys are staying. Due to the fact that these guys will be fighting each other at some point, a lot of testosterone and bravado emerges, with many guys hating each other. It's a purposely stressful environment, purely to bring out these adversarial reactions. This may seem childish but it generates an anticipation and gives the fighters a history which can make a fight much more fun to watch.

    Many of the fighters are quite rough technically and haven't built up the stamina to last three rounds. Putting these fighters with top trainers gives them the opportunity to reach part of their potential.

  • who would of ever thought of an octagon as a ring...very post apocalyptic at the same time back to the days when there were 2 men facing each other as gladiators of old...what a wonderful ideamoreless

    Spike and Dana White really came up with a great idea and put together one hell of a show...every Wednesday night i look forward to watching this show and before it use to be Saturday nights to watch Hockey Night In Canada...and here i thought Hockey fights were the best fights on television...its great that i can watch people smash each other for 40+ minutes every is too bad that they have to have some of the drama that does go on that show...but hey its reality television...this is as real as it gets...Thanks for all this show Danamoreless
  • Joey Joey Joey.

    The premise of this show is to give up and coming fighters a chance to make it inside the Ultimate Fighting Championship. So they audition, and make the show with the promise that if they win, its a six figure fighting contract. Wimps need not apply. I could not stand watching tonights episode. Coming from a sales background you can see this guy Joey has lost his heart in it. Cut him, replace him and move on. The drama about Joey steers away from the guys that are there looking for their chance to win the contract. If I wanted drama about some guy named Joey wanting to go him to see his girlfriend I will watch a daytime soap opera. Dana White and Matt Serra should stop coddling these fighters, cut them immediately, save the air time for the guys that are there to stay the for the long haul. Last season, they wasted airtime on some 20 lb overweight guy named Gabe who got his butt kicked and tried to hog as much of the camera as possible. Thank god for TIVO. That is all I have to say about this. Other than the wimps the show rocks and I give Dana props for starting it.moreless
  • dam good show

    hey guys, why is it that all the way along the ultimate fighter ride the fights get better but the fighters get more and more childish?.

    they cry on like babes that they miss there girls or they have injerys that they could not perform at there best! these guys have the best chance in the world at liveing a dream and they wee it away. is it me or do these guys make white belt mistakes in fights, dont listen to there team ow my goodness. it realy frustrates me to see this as i love the sport have trained in the game for 4 years,

    but i feel that season 7 was the best season to date and hope they make a lot moremoreless

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