The Ultimate Fighter

Season 14 Episode 9

Get Me To The Finals

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 16, 2011 on Fox Sports 1

Episode Recap

Dustin Pague and the guys party through the evening with Jason Miller. Miller and the others have a barbecue for the boys. Later, Miller decides to play a little "Fear Factor" with him for cash. Dustin agrees to eat a cockroach on air.

A coach's challenge is made. Bisping ends up winning it after a long bout with Miller.

Tj Dillashaw and Dustin Pague talk about their upcoming fight. They both realize that the winner of the fight goes to the finale, so stakes are very high.

Round One

Two come out slugging away with TJ coming out slightly ahead on points. Dustin slows the action down by grappling with him. He takes down TJ and tries to get him in a submission. For the next minute and a half it's Dustin trying to grapple with TJ. TJ sees the opportunity and lands several elbows. Two finally come out striking with thirty seconds left in the first.

Dustin is able to land a few blows of his own as the horn sounds.

Round Two

This starts as nothing but grappling. Similar to the last round Dustin is trying to grab and try a submission on TJ.

The two appear tired as neither fighter is able to mount any offense. However, eventually as before TJ is able to come up on top. Picking his spots, he rains down strikes on Dustin who can only cover up.

Dustin is able to a few punches on his own. We can see that Dustin has connected on TJ's face as it is all bloody. Horn sounds.

Amazingly this goes to a third round.

Round Three

This is the same as the other round. Dustin cannot do anything when he is grounded. TJ is able to pick his spots.

Although, Dustin does not give up, he also does not make much headway.

This round is decidedly won by TJ when the horn sounds.

Dana makes the official announcement that TJ has won and is going to the finale.

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