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  • Wannabe Ultimate Fighters!!

    This is the show that put the UFC on the map and brought MMA to the masses. It gives young up and coming fighters the chance to fight their way into the UFC, to become a UFC fighter.

    Some of the action takes place in the house where all the guys are staying. Due to the fact that these guys will be fighting each other at some point, a lot of testosterone and bravado emerges, with many guys hating each other. It's a purposely stressful environment, purely to bring out these adversarial reactions. This may seem childish but it generates an anticipation and gives the fighters a history which can make a fight much more fun to watch.

    Many of the fighters are quite rough technically and haven't built up the stamina to last three rounds. Putting these fighters with top trainers gives them the opportunity to reach at least part of their potential.

  • Wednesday night fight

  • knockout of the decade

    unbelievable friggin knockout
  • who would of ever thought of an octagon as a ring...very post apocalyptic at the same time back to the days when there were 2 men facing each other as gladiators of old...what a wonderful idea

    Spike and Dana White really came up with a great idea and put together one hell of a show...every Wednesday night i look forward to watching this show and before it use to be Saturday nights to watch Hockey Night In Canada...and here i thought Hockey fights were the best fights on television...its great that i can watch people smash each other for 40+ minutes every is too bad that they have to have some of the drama that does go on that show...but hey its reality television...this is as real as it gets...Thanks for all this show Dana
  • Joey Joey Joey.

    The premise of this show is to give up and coming fighters a chance to make it inside the Ultimate Fighting Championship. So they audition, and make the show with the promise that if they win, its a six figure fighting contract. Wimps need not apply. I could not stand watching tonights episode. Coming from a sales background you can see this guy Joey has lost his heart in it. Cut him, replace him and move on. The drama about Joey steers away from the guys that are there looking for their chance to win the contract. If I wanted drama about some guy named Joey wanting to go him to see his girlfriend I will watch a daytime soap opera. Dana White and Matt Serra should stop coddling these fighters, cut them immediately, save the air time for the guys that are there to stay the for the long haul. Last season, they wasted airtime on some 20 lb overweight guy named Gabe who got his butt kicked and tried to hog as much of the camera as possible. Thank god for TIVO. That is all I have to say about this. Other than the wimps the show rocks and I give Dana props for starting it.
  • dam good show

    hey guys, why is it that all the way along the ultimate fighter ride the fights get better but the fighters get more and more childish?.
    they cry on like babes that they miss there girls or they have injerys that they could not perform at there best! these guys have the best chance in the world at liveing a dream and they wee it away. is it me or do these guys make white belt mistakes in fights, dont listen to there team ow my goodness. it realy frustrates me to see this as i love the sport have trained in the game for 4 years,
    but i feel that season 7 was the best season to date and hope they make a lot more
  • Great show for the MMA fan, but I even got my girlfriend into it!

    I love this show! Obviously I'm a MMA fan and I've been watching this stuff since the first UFC with Royce Gracie. The thing is, it's not just a sport, it's a reality show. My girlfriend likes reality shows and actually loves TUF because she gets to know the fighters and has her personal favorites. I also like the fact that Dana White is giving these young guys a shot and hopefully some of them will even get a title shot someday like Forest Griffen. I think that as MMA gets more mainstream recognition, you'll see better fighters emerge and even more frequent seasons of The Ultimate Fighter. At least I hope so. Anyway, that's it for me. Go GSP!
  • The show that changed MMA forever!

    The Ultimate Fighter is the driving factor behind Mixed Martial Arts being the fastest up and coming sport in the world. The show has brought in so many new viewers to the sport that MMA and the UFC have grown to new heights. The popularity of the show has even spawned a new era. Many people refer to post 2005 MMA as the "T.U.F. Era". And not to be outdone from just gaining popularity, the show has actually turned out some of the best fighters in the sport today. Fighters like Rashad Evans, Michael Bisbing, Forest Griffin, Matt Serra, Diego Sanchez, Josh Koscheck, and more have risen to stardom or rejuvenated their careers after 1 season on T.U.F.

    Some of the biggest legends in the sport have spent time on the show as coaches or trainers. The list includes Chuck Lidell, Randy Coture, Matt Hughes, Rampage Jackson, B.J. Penn, and Jens Pulver. But the peak of the show came in season 4 where the head coaches were bitter rivals Tito Ortiz and Ken Shamrock. The show ended with the crowing of a T.U.F. Champion along with a extremely hyped grudge match between the two coaches that remains one of the most highly watched fights in MMA history.

    The one constant that has been in every season is UFC President Dana White. T.U.F. is White's "baby" and he makes his presence felt on every episode.
  • Matt Serra is wonderfully entertaining throughout this series. It appears that he is being assisted in this with editing that hams up his glee at putting the squeeze on his rival Matt Hughs.

    The production and editing teams' experience on the previous series shows in their improved ability spin extended story lines from what must be huge volumes of footage.
    This outing is underpinned by the unashamed gamesmanship that both coaches have entered into, and which Serra is, so far, dominating with unrestrained glee.
    As the weeks go by, and losses accumulate on Hughs' team, it gets easier to forget the disastrous 1st fight and it's consequences for a close and long standing friendship between Serra and Joe Scarola. By week 7 it looks as if Hughs' only hope is his first pick of the season, Mac Danig, and the failure of any of his other fighters to win or follow game plans begins to take its toll on Hughs' appetite for the show.
  • 16 of best unsigned MMA fighters in the world split in two teams will live and train inside the UFC. 6 weeks of training and fighting; Winners advance and losers are eliminated. Who will climb their way up the fighters pyramid to be THE ULTIMATE FGHTER!!?

    I fell in love with the Ultimate fighting Championship from the very first episode and I influenced most of my friends into watching it and making it their favorite show. The show stands out due to a number of factors such as, its genuineness, excitement and action packed pace. Some people mistake it for propaganda for what they call "blood sport" and it is not. The UFC has been the best ambassador and representative of MMA. The show is about competition and to set the record straight, this sport is far safer than boxing.Hence, tune in for tons of fun and excitment.
  • Ultimate Quitter?

    Three shows into the season and Im losing some interest. These guys are getting stage freight and fighting like school girls. Being a fighter in the UFC is not only about being a fighter, but you are expected to be an entertainer as well which means fighting in front of sell out crowds and being under alot of pressure. If these guys cant handle six weeks from home to chase a dream that a million other guys would kill for and are getting freaked out by a small number of guys and a few camera men then they need to seek life elsewhere. I hope the other fighters bring some more action in the weeks to come.
  • This shows boss, it gives great insite into the MMA world and I think u find a fight more exciting when u know the background of the fighters. Plus they dont edit the fights in this show u c the whole thing unlike another certain reality fighting show.

    This show is exciting inside and outside the ring Im constantly on the edge of my seat everytime its on and I cant wait till the next episode when its finished. I think Dana White is quite funny and would be good in a mafia film when he tellthe fighters to buck up he sounds like don colionni. When the fights are on there is far more incite than on a regular UFC event as there are about 30 people at the most present at the fights including the cast and camera crew and judges so when the fights on you can here both corners perfectly, and whether a fighter is listening to his corner. Outside the ring when the fighters live in the house it is a million times better than big brother they have as much drink as they want so its personal choice if they want to get recked or not and when they do there is so much at stake that tensions run high and there are some moments were u think they could start blasting each other there and then its happened on prior seasons, and I think it happens on season 6 if the adverts are anything to go off. The only downside is I think that even tho the rules state u cant fight on the show and it is immediate dismissal from the show if you do the two who have broke the rules should get the opertunity to fight in the finals I always feel a bit robbed when you see such a tense situation and then they dont get to fightr at the end. So to conclude this show is amazing theres very few reality shows these days that I can be arsed watching but out of the top 5 reality shows I watch and the only ones that aree worth having in my mind the ultimate fighter is at the top of the list.
  • It works...

    This has to be the best way that UFC can introduce its fans to its new fighters. You get to know the fighters way more then you ever would be able to do so in the past and actually care if they win or not when they actually start competing on UFC events. I see Diego Sanchez, Forrest Griffin, Stephan Bonnar, Mike Swick, Nate Quarry, Josh Koscheck and Kenny Florian from season 1 all having good to great UFC careers. Season 2 has some good prospects too with Joe Stevenson, Luke Cummo, Melvin Guillard, Josh Burkman, Sammy Morgan, Jorge Gurgel, Rashad Evans, Keith Jardine, and also Brad Imes if he gets more experience.

    Also a great way for helping get attention to the veteran UFC fighters who work as the coaches on the show.
  • fair show, mildly entertaining, long reivew

    After watching four seasons of mixed martial artists who live in one house, scarf down pasta, and trash-talk before entering the ''Octagon'' fighting ring to box, kick, wrestle, and generally pummel each other, I've got to say this fifth edition may be the best. If you're not watching Spike TV's Ultimate Fighter 5, now a little more than halfway through its hammer-fisted season, you are missing one of the most exciting, goofy, addictive reality shows on the air. It's not too late to get on board. This season is the first time for the lightweight division (155 pounds and under), and these strutting bantam roosters are just more nutty and ornery than any bunch that's preceded them — they seem to have more to prove.

    Eloquence is not their most developed skill. After one knucklehead wrote an insult on a wall of the shared house, another indignant knucklehead spluttered, ''I take it offensive toward me!'' Even the coaches — mixed-martial-arts pros B.J. Penn and Jens Pulver — hate each other; in fact, during the June 23 live season finale, they will climb into the Octagon themselves, to try to choke out or generally damage one another.

    What makes ''ultimate fighting'' such a hoot — anarchy-with-rules competitions that permit all sorts of down-and-dirty techniques — transfers beautifully to the decadent, mind-numbing elimination conventions of reality TV. One of the more irony-appreciating fighters said cheerfully after an outside-the-ring squabble, ''It's a sad day for humans.'' But a great one for fan-viewers.
  • This shows awesome!! A lot of action... so much better than boxing, in my opinion.

    UFC is about men who think they are strong enough, tough enough, and good enough to make it in the UFC. All of the fighters live in the same house and even share rooms. The fighters fight in the ring and outside the ring seeing whos tougher and better. They train all day to prepare for there fights. There is also a lot of conflict on the show between the coaches such as when Tito Ortize was a coach against Ken Shamrock. The show has a lot of blood and violence. Most of the matches that they pick are very close since they try use there top fighters against the other oppenets weakest or strongest so they can weed the weak out and get the strong out early. So that way they don't have to worry about fighting the other teams good fighters. To conclude the UFC is a great fighting show.
  • This has to be the best way that UFC can introduce its fans to its new fighters.

    A show about UFC hopefuls training, living, and eventually competing with each other to see who would win a contract in North America's biggest mixed martial arts event. With the glut of reality television shows about anything from weight loss to word puzzles where contestants win by chicanery, politics, and backstabbing, it's refreshing to see a show where the outcome is determined by actual skill.

    Now into it's 4th Season we have seen new fighters come to the fold like Diego Sanchez, Forrest Griffin, Stephan Bonnar, Josh Koscheck and Kenny Florian Jorge Gurgel, Rashad Evans plus amny many more.

    Naturally the winner get's a hugh paycheck but most important at all a 6 figure contract in the UFC.

    Season 4 has just finished and instead of new fighters we got to see some of the more seasoned fighters who had either lost there way in the UFC or turned there back on it for a few years, it was great to see the likes of Matt Serra, Jorge Rivera, Shonie Carter, Pete Sell and Edwin DeWees.
  • It took an MMA fighter to make a good reality show… who would have guessed!?

    I must admit that I did like the first season of the Swedish reality show ‘Expedition: Robinson’ (claimed to have invented the modern version of the reality show concept, and known in the US as ‘Survivor’) but that was where my fascination for Reality Shows and “normal people” in an extreme situation ended…until now.
    Lately TV and Reality Shows in particular have appeared to stop evolving. It’s the same concept in a new costume, the same stereotypes in a new situation, the same facades with a different lighting. The along comes The Ultimate Fighter that looks and feels more genuine then all the others. The reason, and this is me speculating, is that the idea to try to lead a punch drunk MMA fighter and make him ‘act’ for the sake of the show appears to be impossible. All joking aside, having seen the first season of the show, I must say that I’m starting to shift my focus from K1 back to the UFC and from drama re-runs back to Reality Shows.
  • Hmmm Las vegas, throw in some fighters that could beat you a**, wow now you gots your self a show!

    When i came to vegas i was not to happy to be living here, until i heard about UFC. These guys would beat your a** right then and there. It was not kickboxing, it was not boxing it was not even wrestling it was all of those things plus more techniques. This show got me addicted! The rivalrys are the best this is not some cheesy who wants to be a fighter type of thing this is the elbows flying, grappling submissions, round house kicks, stinging jabs type of show! This is my show! I freaking love it! And if you guys want to see some get there a** just handed to them watch one of these fights!
  • Oh my God, I am completely addicted to this show. A real adrelane rush.I am on the edge of my seat every show. Unlike the WWE, this show is totally real and dangerous. A fighters are fighting for: a belt,ranking or just the pride of know they kissed ass.

    The fighters give their all when they step into the octagon and it is brutal. Each has to be trained well and focused. Although it is not true martial art form, the strategies are a bit watered down to fit Americ status-kind of Tex-Mex-but it is close enough to proudly represent the Thailand gurus. I predict this form of fighting will take over wrestling and pro boxing. Mainly because those sports are lacking the reality and excitement it once had and Ultimate fighting is stepping up to the plate. UFC isn't money-driven, yet like the other sports.
  • wow

    This season has many good talented fighters.

    if you like the ultimate fighting championship, (UFC), then you will love this show, go buy the box set! This season has many good talented fighters. If you like mixed martial arts, or (mma) this will be a definent show for you to watch because it is very exiting, and has alot of drama in it. This show has 16 mixed martial arts fighters that dont have a fighting contract, and they all compete against each other for the contract by fighting each other. I foyu love crazy drama you will love this show! this is a must have show!

  • Reality fighting show

    This show is about competitors that is after a dream to become the next ultimate fighter with a 6year contract from UFC in the MMA style.
    It\'s reality show wich consist of 16 people from 2 weight classes, they live together and train and compete against each other for several weeks. They have elimination rounds for getting the contract, there is only 2 contracts, 1 for each class. After winning a fight person is 1 step closer to getting their dream as reality to win a 6 year contract sponsored by UFC.
    Very entertaining if you like to see good fighting.


  • This is the best show ever

    UFC is my favorite TV show ever to exist. It is so intese. My favorite part of it is the fighting but I also like watching the reality part to. THe reality part is good because it can sometimes determine the intensity of the fight. Such as if the fighters are friends or if they are huge enemies. THat can determine if the fight is a neckbreaking fight or if it is just a best of 3 round fight. I would not reccomend this to younger kids because of the blood in the octagon(the arena that the fighter fight in) but anyone else, watch this.
  • Reality with fighting

    The ultimate fighter teams up different men for the goal of obtaining a contract with the UFC. The men compete in challenges based on their weight class. This show also features what happens in the home the men share. The end of each episode features a match to bring each winner closer to the contract goal. This show is entertaining for both men and women. It gives sports fan atheletic aspect and the reality junkie a dose of drama.
  • if you like the ultimate fighting championship, (UFC), then you will love this show, go buy the box set! This season has many good talented fighters.

    if you like the ultimate fighting championship, (UFC), then you will love this show, go buy the box set! This season has many good talented fighters. If you like mixed martial arts, or (mma) this will be a definent show for you to watch because it is very exiting, and has alot of drama in it. This show has 16 mixed martial arts fighters that dont have a fighting contract, and they all compete against each other for the contract by fighting each other. I foyu love crazy drama you will love this show! this is a must have show!

    This show just has to be the best thing on TV right now. Sure I like 24 and Battlestar Galactica and watch a whole lot of sports but nothing compares to the UFC! Ultimate Fighting/MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) is the greatest sport of all time. During its roots as an ancient olympic sport (Pankration) it was widely considered the greatest sport in the world and was one of the most followed, with the success of The Ultimate Fighter and the rest of its shows, the UFC is on the fast track to getting MMA back to where it belongs, as the greatest sport in the world!

    The Ultimaet Fighter is Big Brother meets Boot Camp meets...well it just rules. The MMA equivalent of The Contender, The Ultimate Fighter places a group of wannabe fighters (although most have a good deal of experience) all fighting for their place in the final and a shot at a 6 figure UFC contract.

    Sparks fly in and outside of the cage.

    Only 1 episode in, Season 3 already looks likely to be the best so far with an undeniable chemistry between the 2 trainers Tito Ortiz and the legendary Ken Shamrock. The coaches hate each other and wit ha fight between scheduled for the end of the show, the tension is palpable!

    The UFC is as close to perfect TV as possible and is a must see for anyone interested in the combat sports!
  • The BEST DAM SHOW!!! IF you like wrestling, boxing, martial arts. Imagine that all in ONE SHOW.

    Hell yeah!!! Im James from Fatetteville GA and I cant explain to you how I feel about this show. I invey these people and coaches. I havent followed this show alot but i'm going to start, because they have two of the most netories fighters coaching. Tito Ortes is my hero. When he goes out there and fights he gives it ALL he has and wont settle for a lose. Ken Shamrock is one of the most crazyest fighters I know. When I was little I would look at him and wont to fear him.
    Alot of people cant and probable are not able to understand what these men go though, to train. I'm a wrestler and im 15 and have been wrestling for about 8. I've been beat and torn down by componets and and coches andi've also been weak enough to settle for a lose but these guys cant because its their future. When these guys want to quite because their bodys have been punished so much that they can't move, these guys are trained to get back up and keep their momentom and dont show weekness or fear of lose, to be mentaly and physical tough thick or thin. A great fighter named Tito Ortize once said "we punish are selves, so we can punish them".
    I've always wanted to be a offiser or go into the Military but I think I found what I would love and enjoy to and that is to be an ultimat fighter. Just think about. Being paid to kick someone's ass until they can't hold up their arm, let me think... hell yeah!!!
  • If you like reality tv, you're set. If you like sports, you're set. It's a win-win situation!

    I'll admit it, I'm a reality TV junkie, so when this show came on I gave it a chance. Boy, was I impressed! You have the regular reality TV battles in the house - people having trouble living together, the challenges, even "immunity" of sorts... then you have the bloodshed, the battles, the determination, all the good assets of a sport of champions.

    This is my favourite show - you can root for your favourite to literally beat up the villain! How many shows allow nemesis' to actually have a fist fight? Not enough, that's for sure!!

    When Season 3 comes around, I'll be glued to my TV all over again!
  • Finally, a reality based show worth watching.

    In this environment of a new reality show a day, finally there is a reality show that is different from the likes of The Real World, The Apprentice, The Bachelor, The Restaurant, et al. The Ultimate Fighter Championship has taken a sport with an expanding fan base and created a reality show, both to locate and identify potential future fighters and to further develop its fan base.

    Season One set the bar quite high. From the coaches, Randy Couture and Chuck Liddell, affable personalities and communicative abilities, to the diversity of the fighters, to the entertaining discussions and events among the fighters in the house, to the high-tension animosity between Chris Leben and Josh Koscheck, to the uncertainty of Forrest Griffin’s future teeters on the fulcrum of how well the cut on his head heals, there was never a dull moment.

    However, Season Two's contestants seem to be a little less committed and intense than those of Season One were. While the training each fighter is put through early on is rigorous and challenging both physically and mentally, I was surprised to see several of the fighters quit.

    Initially, I thought Rich Franklin and Matt Hughes, the pair of coaches for Season Two, lacked the some of the traits exhibited by both Randy Couture and Chuck Liddell, especially in terms of their personality, coaching capability, and ability to convey their knowledge to the trainees. However, as Season Two progresses, the two coaches seem to be settling into their niches a little better. Matt Hughes certainly seems to be a person who both understands and utilizes the art of psychological "warfare" and playing "mind games." For whatever reason, he has clearly started the "mind games" with George.

    Also, at the beginning of Season Two, I found it quite interesting to see the fighters immediately assume Luke would be a "push-over" based on his demeanor, glasses and philosophical beliefs and practices. However, in the first interview with him, I could see heart and intensity in his eyes. It came as no surprise when he handily did the wall-sit (or "PT" as I always knew it) for five minutes.
  • Chilling

    The ultamate fighting championship 2 men locked in a cage to duke it out for pride, glory, and gold. Thhis show brought that to cable tv god bless you Dana white. In the finals Forest and stephen Went toe to toe for the title and the better man won i think but both men got the contract Wow Once again wow
  • Devoid of whining babies from Reality shows like Real Word, T.U.F brings real men that take their emotion to the ring and respect each other after

    What a great idea this show was. Instead of reality tv shows featuring babies that either complain about how no one likes them at a house, island or how his girlfriend cheated on him now he wants revenge.. a *real* reality show arrives.

    The Ultimate Fighter. You get to see a new revolutionary way of Reality Television that doesn't have the whining, and if it does-well.. the whining rewards you with great professional fights monitored by a referee. It's not just fun seeing people beat each other up. It's the emotional connection you form with certain fighters. Fighters you can relate to. Not in terms of how "tough" you are but in terms of their personality. Do they bully people? Are they nice, funny, love to make jackasses of themselves to make others in the house laugh?
    This show gives you variety of personality.

    And with the finale of Forrest Griffin vs Stephan Bonnar it left people speechless and the UFC to not give a prize to the winner but to the loser as well. Yes the effort of both of the finalist was *that* great that the loser ( hardly a title I'd use on him, though)got a prize contract to fight in the UFC. What a great show. Can't wait 'till season 2.