The Ultimate Fighter

Wednesday 10:00 PM on Fox Sports 1 Premiered Jan 17, 2005 Between Seasons





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  • Joey Joey Joey.

    The premise of this show is to give up and coming fighters a chance to make it inside the Ultimate Fighting Championship. So they audition, and make the show with the promise that if they win, its a six figure fighting contract. Wimps need not apply. I could not stand watching tonights episode. Coming from a sales background you can see this guy Joey has lost his heart in it. Cut him, replace him and move on. The drama about Joey steers away from the guys that are there looking for their chance to win the contract. If I wanted drama about some guy named Joey wanting to go him to see his girlfriend I will watch a daytime soap opera. Dana White and Matt Serra should stop coddling these fighters, cut them immediately, save the air time for the guys that are there to stay the for the long haul. Last season, they wasted airtime on some 20 lb overweight guy named Gabe who got his butt kicked and tried to hog as much of the camera as possible. Thank god for TIVO. That is all I have to say about this. Other than the wimps the show rocks and I give Dana props for starting it.