The Ultimate Fighter

Season 8 Episode 13

Ultimate Finale VIII

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Dec 13, 2008 on Fox Sports 1

Episode Recap

Ultimate Fighter Finale Season Eight

First fight is Junie Browning vs. Dave Kaplan. Joe Rogan talks about the personality problems with Junie. He says that "those antics are what got him on the show.".

Mike Goldberg and Rogan compare Junie to Chris Leben looking at the problems they had. Kaplan talks about the matchup and says he hopes "to have the fight of the night."

Mike tells viewers that Dave and Junie trained together with Extreme Couture and that Dave runs seven miles each day.

Round 1 sees Junie landing a kick to crotch area so fight is temporarily stopped. Mike says a hit like that is always unintentional. The two strike with Junie landing a couple of jabs but Kaplan remains standing. Browning lands a high knee lift to Kap's face but falls down in the process. Dave goes for a submission but Junie is able to fight his way out of it. Then Junie tries a rear naked choke but Dave gets out of it.

The two strike again with Junie landing more jabs to Dave's face. Dave is able to push Browning to cage but doesn't follow through with anything. The two fight on the mat but then Dave commits the mistake of turning his back to Junie giving him the chance to pull off another choke. However, Kaplan stays alive. The two strike each other and then fight on the cage as horn sounds. Mike calls the fight "a great way to start the night".

Round 2 sees the two fighters once again swinging. Browning takes Dave down The two fight on mat with Browning on top. He applies another submission but this time Dave isn't able to fight his way out. Junie is the winner. After the fight Junie apologizes for his behavior on the show. Intermission sees Rogan interviewing Kevin James.

The next fight is a Light Heavyweight fight with Eliot Marshall vs. Jules Bruchez in a fight dominated by Marshall.

Marshall comes out on attack swinging heavy blows to Bruchez. Jules tries to grab him but Eliot slams him down. Eliot pounds on Bruchez. Jules like Dave Kaplan does the same error of turning over exposing himself for a submission. Marshall does the rear naked choke for submission. Rogan calls the fight "complete domination".

The next fight is a Middleweight fight with Jason MacDonald vs. Wilson Gouveia

Round 1 sees Jason pushing Wilson to the cage then slamming him on mat. Wilson gets back up quickly as the two fighters strike briefly and once again fight near the cage. The two strike again and this time Wilson is able to get Jason down with a nasty left jab. Jason tried to move in but Wilson come with a right then left. MacDonald is almost knocked out giving Wilson the opportunity to land a couple of elbows securing the win. MacDonald is actually busted on the forehead.

The next fight is a Welterweight fight with Kevin Burns vs. Anthony Johnson. This is a rematch from July. Kevin says that tonight he will show all facets of his game. The fight in July ended in controversial when Johnson was poked in the eye. Anthony says that Kevin can't compete with him and that he will knock him out. Kevin says that tonight the fighter who wins will establish himself as a rising star that will him to a title shot. Round 1 sees both fighters exchanging kicks then Johnson throws a right hand. Johnson throws a high kick which misses then throws a right jab. Anthony takes down Burns down and throws down elbows on him. Burns tries a triangle submission but Johnson is strong and powers himself out of the hold. The two stand up and strike then Kevin goes down. The two have a skirmish on the cage as the horn sounds. Round 2 sees both fighters kicking then Johnson goes for the takedown. Burns tries a kimura but can't apply enough pressure for the hold. Anthony throws a couple of elbows at Kevin. Burns tries a high guard but once again Johnson's strength prevents him doing any damage. The last few minutes is a free for all with both fighters throwing elbows and right hands while down on the mat as the horn sounds.

Round 3 starts with both fighters exchanging kicks. Burns then moves inside with a couple of strong left and right combos appearing to have Johnson backing up. However, as Burns throws these strikes he leaves himself for a massive head kick by Johnson which connects and knocks him out. Johnson throws a blow but referee quickly steps in to end the fight. Both Rogan and Goldberg call the fight a great rematch. Johnson in the post fight interview says he just the threw the kick and it landed.

Intermission Joe Rogan interview Frank Mir about his fight upcoming fight with Nogueira. The next fight is the Light Heavyweight Finale fight with Ryan Bader vs. Vinny

Dana White is shown backstage. Round 1 starts with Ryan and Vinny trading blows. The two are cautious for the bulk of this fight. Ryan movies with a right hand. He backs off then runs into Vinny with a high knee that connects. Then much to everyone's surprise Ryan catches Vinny with a big right hand knocking Vinny down. Vinny appears visibly shaken as Ryan moves in for the kill. He rains down hammer fists on Vinny as referee stops the fight. Despite being describes as just a wrestlers, Ryan has won the victory over the Ji-Jitsu fighter Vinny. Rogan calls Ryan "a beast" as they cut to commercial. Rogan interviews Bader and they both agree that the best strategy was to keep Vinny on his feet eliminating his Ji-Jitsu threats. Ryan Bader is the winner of the six figure contract.

The next fight is a Light Heavyweight bout with Krzysztof Soszynski vs. Shane Primm. Round 1 has Krz coming out strong swinging hard at Shane. Shane cuts him off with a takedown. Krz powers out and the strike again. Krz gets Primm in a headlock then Primm turns himself around. Primm tries to break the hold then Krz puts him down with a hard slam. The two get back up to fight and once again Krz is on the offense. Shane again tries to get Krz down on the mat but Krz is too strong. Rogan says that Krz got to meet WWF wrestler Bad News Brown and learning the arm bar. Back on the mat Krz tries the arm submission. Primm is able to survive the attempt but leaves himself open for a couple of hard shots from Krz as the horn sounds. Round 2 the two fighters resume the strategy from before with Shane once again trying to take Krz of his feet. At 2:43 the two grapple on mat with Krz on top of Primm. Krz eventually is able this time to lock the kimura for the win.

Lightweight Finale Phillipe Nover vs. Efrain Escudero Round 1 sees throw a big right by Phillipe but is slammed down by Efrain. Phillipe tries to stand up but gets hammered by Efrain near the cage. On the mat Phillipe takes more damage by Efrain who has the angle on him. The two strike but again Efrain takes him down. Phillipe launches a couple of kicks but not is taken out of Efrain. The two stand up again with Nover trying to catch Efrain with a couple of knees. The two grapple near the cage as horn sounds Round 2 sees Efrain still controlling the fight as Phillipe lays down on the mat. Phillipe throws a knee but catches himself again under Efrain's grasp. The two fight near the cage exchanging knee lifts. Coming of the clinch, the two are back in the middle of the ring. Nover wants to box but Efrain gives him kicks for his trouble. The two are back on the mat with two trading blows. Near the end of the round, Nover tries a leg lock which trips Efrain. Seeing the open opportunity, Nover lands a big body kick which is heard through the area. Amazingly, though, Efrain is still standing and slams Phillipe as horn sounds. Round 3 the two box and trade kicks again. Nover misses a giant kick and again the two are fighting on the mat at guard. The stand up and box again. Nover throws a knee but is taken down by Efrain. Phillipe does a rubber guard on Efrain manages a couple of offensive moves. Efrain now catches himself under Nover's hits but the horn sounds before Efrain is able to finish of the fight. The judges decision is that Efrain is the winner. He is the Ultimate Fighter and winner of the six figure contract.