The Ultimate Love Test

Season 1 Episode 5

Episode 5

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jun 30, 2004 on ABC
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Episode 5
Amber and Diego.......Being with Roy, Amber is realizing that she has many options, and she needs to take care of herself. Diego arrives, excited to see Amber, but is put off when he finds Roy waiting for him. Roy tells Diego he has to take a test before he can see Amber, but Diego tells him he wants an apology from Roy first. Diego asks Roy about his intentions, and Roy tells Diego he wants what's best for Amber — in other words, what ever she wants. The tension builds as Diego and Roy stand each other off, Diego intentionally trying to intimidate Roy. Diego is told he has to roll a boulder across the beach and give the same answers Amber did to 7 out of 10 questions. Diego misses four answers, but still demonstrates that he knows Amber very well — and will try his hardest to get to see her. As they walk back from the beach, Roy tells Diego that it's clear he loves her. Diego tells Roy that he's beginning to love Amber more than himself. Roy offers Diego a second chance to see Amber at $2,000 a minute, and Diego asks for just one minute. Before letting Diego see her, Roy explains to Amber that Diego failed the test, and that he has chosen only one minute. He then brings Diego in to see her. They cry as they see each other, which shocks Amber, as Diego rarely shows his emotions. Amber tells him they can give up the money and leave, and Diego says he'll do anything for her. As they say good-bye, Diego tells her he just wants her back, and he doesn't care about the money. Amber decides not to give up. After he leaves, Amber finds a package of gum that Diego brought for her, and realizes he has written her notes and poems on the insides of the gum wrappers. Later that night, Roy and Amber talk on the beach, where Roy tells her he would never choose money over love, and he had hoped Diego would make the same choice. Amber realizes how much she loves Diego, and how much he loves her, but is at the point where she must think of herself first. Heather and Frank......Heather is wondering if Frank is the right person for her, but needs closure before she can move on. Frank arrives in Cabo, anxious to see Heather, but is shocked and angered to find C.R. waiting for him. C.R. has a test prepared for Frank — if he passes the test, he gets to spend 10 minutes with Heather. C.R. takes a very bitter Frank to the test, where Frank must take the same bungee jump Heather and C.R. had taken in Episode 2. Frank rides up to the top of the bungee jump, but reconsiders. He refuses to jump off the tower, or bend over backwards, for a "measely" ten minutes. C.R. can't believe that Frank pased up a chance to see the woman he loves. Frank is preparing to leave, when C.R. offers him a second chance to see Heather — at $2,000 a minute, for a mximum of five minutes. Frank immediately agrees. Before he gets to see Heather, C.R. tells Heather that Frank was not willing to jump off the tower to see her. He then brings Frank in. After they tearfully reunite, Heather asks Frank about his not jumping. He explains his thinking, but Heather thinks he is taking her for granted. Before C.R. collects Frank, Heather tells him that C.R. knows she wants a commitment from Frank, and that he also knows she loves Frank. After Frank leaves, Heather confesses that Frank's failure to jump has hurt her feelings. After Frank leaves, C.R. explains to Heather that Frank had no idea he would get a second chance to see Heather when he chose not to jump. Heather is hurt by this, and wonders if she's waiting for something that is never going to happen. Carolyn and Jayre......Carolyn arrives not knowing what to expect, and is dismayed and upset when she is greeted by Jayre's three dates. They offer a test to Carolyn — if she can guess what answers Jayre will give to questions about the four of them, she'll get to see him for ten minutes. After missing the first two, Carolyn then gets six of the next seven questions, and passes the test. Carolyn goes to Jayre's room, where she doesn't even want to touch him. Carolyn has questions about everything Jayre's done, and wants to know why Jayre was touching the other women. Jayre tells her that he's come to Cabo to learn what he likes, and discover what he is looking for. He also tells her that if she wants him to come home, he will. Carolyn doesn't accept what Jayre has to say, and tells him he should do what he wants. Her ten minutes up, the other women come and get her. Before she leaves, Carolyn tells Jayre if he loves her, he'll come home. That evening, Jayre sits down with his three women for dinner, where they ask him about the state of his relationship. They tell him he needs to start seeing things from the woman's perspective. After talking with the women, he realizes that he's looking for the perfect person, but that there is no perfect person. He also acknowledges that he has commitment issues. Jayre also says that there are things Carolyn needs to work on, like being less suspicious and controlling, or it won't work. As she arrives at home, Carolyn wonders if there's anything left for them to work on.moreless

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