The Uncle Floyd Show

(ended 2003)


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The Uncle Floyd Show

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The Uncle Floyd Show billed itself as "the worst kiddie show ever" (at least until Reading Rainbow really polluted the airwaves). Truth be told, Uncle Floyd and Company did aim this show for kids when they started in 1974. There was a Peanut Gallery, Audience Participation, all that. Floyd's most loyal fans were the college crowds. From Princeton to Rutgers to Seton Hall, they were the true Uncle Floyd Peanut Gallery. Thus the show, originating in the studios of NJN, went into syndication. Bits of it were extracted for Nickelodeon's Turkey Television.
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  • Buttermilk Mountain Revue

    Does anyone have any videos from The Uncle Floyd Show with appearances by The Buttermilk Mountain Revue?
  • One of the strangest shows of all time.

    There used to be quite a variety of shows on local cable in New York in the early 1980s. From music, to language instruction, to locally produced programs on anything from art to politics, you could truly tap into the most experimental material and get to know the adventurous minds out there.

    "Out there" would be the perfect, and perhaps the only, term to adequately describe the entity that was the Uncle Floyd Show. Floyd wore a flowerpot attached to his fedora. That's right. I said flowerpot. He talked while the guests were talking, had music break in at odd intervals, and walked off the set it he felt anything had gone wrong. It would have been more unusual for something to be done correctly.

    Floyd was a direct precedent of David Letterman and Mario Cantone.

    If you ever saw this show, count yourself lucky. There's none like it. There couldn't be.moreless
  • A great memory

    I remember coming across this show way back when I was in 4th grade on Channel 68, WWHT. That one UHF station introduced me to such shows as Hercules, Lassie, Speed Racer, and of course, Uncle Floyd. I absolutely loved this show, and couldn't wait to watch it every day. I can remember sending in a picture and being so excited when it appeared on their bulletin board for one of the shows. I even remember meeting the cast when they appeared at an autograph signing at Union Market. I honestly don't know why I stopped watching it, as it was one of my favorites. Looking back I guess I have to admit that it was pretty silly, and was hardly high comedy, but it was still a blast to watch. The last time I saw it was several years back on NJN, and the show just seemed so much "smaller" than I remembered. Still, it's a shame it's not still on the air.moreless
  • Uncle Floyd Memories
    Anyone have any Uncle Floyd memories they want to share?I liked Bones Boy with his "Snap It, Pal!" and Ken-Do (it's things to do w...
  • DVDs?...
    I hesitate to ask, but dare we hope for this classic of television weirdness to ever come out for home viewing?:question:Please TV...