Season 3 Episode 39

Phoney Booths, Part 3

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Unknown on NBC

Episode Recap

Umderdog has just entered one of Simon Barsinister's phoneybooths, and is now completely in Simon's power. Simon and Cad have fun with Underdog. Cad tells his Boss to make underdog do things, which Simon takes pleasure in doing. Then Cad tells Simon to make Underdog bring them all the bank. But Simon does something better than that. He makes Underdog bring them the bank. Cad and Simon enter the bank. Cad tells Simon to make Underdog do something real big. Simon comes up with a idea. He orders Underdog to bring him the Empire State Building. Underdog flies off to get his next target. Meanwhile, Sweet Polly Purebred, Ace Reporter gives the news, when her boss tells her about Simon Barsinister putting phoney phoneboots all over. Mr. Squeeze tells Polly that Underdog was seen walking off with a bank. Polly sets out to detroy the phoneybooths. Cad tells his boss that Polly is busting up the booths with a fire ax. Laughing evily, Simon sends Underdog to destroy Sweet Polly. Will Underdog destroy Polly? The answers lies ahead in the conclusion.