Season 3 Episode 37

Phoney Booths, Part I

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Unknown on NBC

Episode Recap

Undercover of darkness, something strange begins happening all over town. Real phonebooths are being removed, and Phoneybooths are being put in their places. It happens at office buildings, railroad stations, everywhere, but why? The mastermind behind the plot is revealed to be Simon Barsinister. Simon tells Cad about his plan. The milkman drops the milk off at Simon's doorstep. Simon invites the milkman in by tricking him into thinking there was a phonecall from his dairy office. The milkman enters, and is under Simon's control. Simon gives the milkman orders to march and stop and drive his milktruck into a telphone pole. Simon tells Cad that anybody who walks into his phoneybooths, will be completely in Simon's power.