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  • Good nostalgia but not much else

    One of those shows you remember from your childhood which was probably better then than it seems now. Some of the voices are more interesting nowadays (Wally Cox as Underdog raises a chuckle as does the actor playing Simon sounding quite like Lionel Barrymore in It's a Wonderful Life). Plotting is simple and dialogue is not especially clever. Sweet Polly still rates as one of the best looking cartoon characters but her personality is more like a weather girl than what we would expect these days from a roving news reporter. No initiative, no shades of gray in her character, she just cries for help from Underdog whenever she's in trouble. Tennessee Tuxedo comes off better, with the voice of Don Adams and with his informative mentor. (You can actually learn something from him, a rare thing in this type of cartoon)
  • Underdog has been a surprisingly durable cartoon character and series.

    Underdog has been a surprisingly durable cartoon character and series. Produced during the 60s and 70s it has lasted all the way to 2005's live action movie. That movie had almost nothing in common with the old cartoon, unfortunately. Still, it says something about the staying power of the franchise.

    Underdog was a blatant parody of Superman. Underdog's secret identity was Shoeshine Boy, who would take a special energy pill and transform in Underdog. Underdog would usually have to save Sweet Polly Purebred, the Lois Lane stand-in.

    Like most long-lasting cartoon series, Underdog had a great theme song. "Here I come to save the day!"

    Interestingly, Underdog has stayed in the public consciousness for so many decades partly as one of the more famous floats in Thanksgiving Day parades.

    Underdog's animation was often a bit crude, and the storylines were simplistic, but the show had a certain sweetness about it that endeared it and the character to its many fans.
  • There's no need to fear, underdog is here!

    This cartoon is a true classic. He and Miss Polly were a trip. She was always getting into trouble and crying out for him to "save her", hilarious! From the cheesy nature of the stories, to the announcer's voice describing the scenes-cartoons didn't get much better than this. Underdog was a true hero, but not many people remember him. I first viewed the Dog in reruns when they used to appear early in the morning before I went to school. The lineup was: Dennis the Menace, Beanie and Cecil, Popeye and Underdog. All classic cartooning. You can't go wrong with this one, either!
  • Old Cartoons :D

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  • Would you believe, a dog could fly?

    I'm happen to see the big screen version of "Underdog." Even though I didn't like the movie, I brought me back memories of the 1960's and those memories of a dog that could fight crime. His name was Underdog. Now here's a series that may be a tiny bit weak in the amination department, but the music score was second to none, even better than the music score that was heard on Hanna-Barbara show at the time. He batle villains such as simon Bar sinister and Riff Raff and then rescue Polly. Not much of a cartoon, but much better than the movie.
  • "Theres no need to fear, Underdog is here"! By day, the mild mannered Shoeshineboy becomes the superheroic Underdog when the call for help goes out, usually from Sweet Polly Purebred. he fights villians like Simon Bar Sinister and Riff Raff.

    Okay, I love Underdog. I admit it. Though it is a similar animation style to Bullwinkle, it was produced by a differant company. The humor is more subdued, and plots standard, but there is a simplicity to this character thats very appealing. For one thing, Wally Cox was born to be the voice of Underdog. Rarely has a voice talent been so perefectly married to a cartoon character. And I love the sing song dialogue of Underdogs. And while the villians are standard, I actually get a kick out of Riff Raff with his gangster duds and Sheldon Leonard-like voice. While Bullwinkle was a little more "out there", I actually preferred Underdog and its gentility. And I also liked the music, with its, "Underdog, Underdog....ahhhhhh...Underdog, Underdog!" I was somewhat disappionted that they made a live action movie rather than stick to the familar animation. But the TV series will always have a special place in my heart.
  • A classic.

    I first like this show when I was 17 (8.5 inside). When I was going to school, I hate missing it. Okay, When it was playing on Cartoon Network in the late 1990s, the next part of the episodes aired at 4:30 am on Monday mornings, but mom refused to let me watch it because I had school in the mornings at 8:30 am. In 2002, it was aired on Boomerang and it was a blessing. This is by and large a program for all ages. The suspense was chilling for an old cartoon. I enjoyed listening to Wally Cox voicing Underdog (too bad he's been dead for almost 4 decades ago). The entire series is now on DVD and I ought to buy it. They've made the live action movie 5 years ago and it was beyond awesome compared to the cartoon.
  • Underdog was a classic, and one of my personal favorites.

    Underdog was a 60s classic. It was innocent fun and great for the whole family (seriously, adults; don't be embarrasad to watch this amazing show). I used to watch it every night at around 8pm in the early 2000s until they mysteriously took it off TV. Now, with the new Underdog movie I had watched just a few days ago, brings back a lot of good memories. Underdog was adorable, hilarious, endearing, lovable, and irreplacable. Who thought of this and who were the cruel monsters who took it off TV? Underdog is forever my favorite old 60s show. I feel it is underappreciated. Someone, be my hero, and bring back the infamous Underdog!

    Underdog was a classic about a dog who is a shoe-cleaner& when sweet polly is in trouble he is underdog & defeating simon bar sinister & his lacky kad

    the dialog is similar to a Veggietales episode & Coconut Fred's Fruit Salad Inland also & there great to teach kids how to deal with there problum & there was decent voice-acting in all 2 parters & shouldn't be taken-off because it good for Childen to watch

    I hope Boomerang will bring it back some day,because Baby Looney Tunes are ugly, gross, & horrible to look at

    do not watch Baby Looney Tune EVER!
  • There's no need to fear! Underdog is here!

    This show is very creative and my dad loved it when he was a kid. Underdog is very cool for a super hero show. He's one of my favorite heroes, next to Krypto the Superdog and the Mighty Heroes. Anyone who watches it will definitley fall in love with it and would wanna watch it again and again.
  • damn you Polly, always getting into trouble, this show was really good.

    I loved this show, good ole shoe shine boy, I mean underdog always saved Polly from whoever was capturing her this episodem I hope I didn't give it away about shoeshne boy, sorry about that. HA. This was a classic cartoon, and was fun to watch, Underdog and Polly was kind of like Popeye & Olive Oil, he always saved her, but she never gave him the sweet sweet lovin'. I know I just turned a wholesome cartoon into something dirty but I mean come on they almost just expect them just to come and save them, what if he has better things to do. OK enough of that, good show, watch it if you haven't it's has to be on somewere.
  • This theme song moved me as a child and I was utterly amazed to find thatit moves me even more as an adult! It says something universal and hopeful about the common man and the justice we all crave, and it does so with real heart and dynamic flair.

    On this five year anniversary of the deaths at the World Trade Center I just happen to be watching a # of DVDs I bought the other week out of nostalgia and one of them is an Underdog collection, so once again I heard the theme song that moved me so much as a child and I was utterly amazed to find that the song moves me even more as an adult! I'm almost embarrassed to admit that it can even bring tears to my eyes. The Underdog episodes themselves are forgettable, and I don't mean to trifle with the occasion of 9-11, but the opening theme song of this cartoon says something universal and hopeful to me about the common man underdog and the universal justice we all crave, and it does so with real heart and dynamic flair.
  • Another great Hanna-Barbera classic animated series.

    Another great Hanna-Barbera classic animated series. I would love to throw in some more adjectives but it would look pretty silly. Many of these shows got canceled because a few parents said they were too violent. I think if they would have spent the time with their kids that they spent sending in stupid complaints their kids would have turned out better. I'ts usually the parent that do not know how to parent that make complaints like these. This was a very funny show and was not even one of their best shows. Underdog was a great hero and a great role model for kids.