Season 1 Episode 3

Simon Says

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Oct 01, 1964 on NBC

Episode Recap

Simon Barsinister gloats in his laboratory. He has created a camera- the Camera Ray - that can turn any living thing into a picture. He first tests it on a mouse. Waves shoot from the camera, and the mouse becomes a photograph.
"Bright and early the next morning, Simon set out to conquer the world." He first turns the entire police force into pictures. One of the officers tries to throw a grenade, which also gets frozen. Then he plots to capture Sweet Polly in order to lure Underdog into a trap.
Simon grabs Sweet Polly outside her work. She screams for help. Shoeshine rushes to her aide. Simon "knocks out" Shoeshine and drives off with Polly. Shoeshine waits until they are out of sight before ducking into a telephone booth and turning into Underdog!
Simon is about to turn Sweet Polly into a picture when Underdog crashes through the ceiling. Simon activates the ray, but Underdog's brilliant mind has already come up with a solution. He holds up a mirror, sending the waves right back at Simon, turning him into a picture!
Polly worries over the policemen. Underdog turns the lens of the camera around to reverse the affect. The grenade goes off. The explosion effects all but Underdog, who flies off before Polly can embrace him.

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