Season 3 Episode 6

The Big Dipper, Part 2

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Oct 01, 1966 on NBC

Episode Recap

Simon conducts a few experiments to prove that the Big Dipper works, trying a pool, a pond and a lake. He and his assistant Cad travel the world to dry up all the water supply. Polly again calls for Underdog who is fighting some killer whales, when all of a sudden the lake he is doing this in dries up, courtesy of Simon. Not knowing it was Simon, Underdog hears the calls of Sweet Polly and flies off to her.

He arrives at her TV studio and she tells him what Simon is doing. Underdog takes off and starts building fences around every body of water he can find. But the fences did not stop Simon. He dug under them and climbed over them to get the water which is stored in small bottles. Only the Atlantic Ocean remains. Back at the studio Polly tells Underdog that only the Atlantic is left. Can he stop Simon?