Season 2 Episode 25

The Flying Sorcerers, Part 1

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Nov 01, 1965 on NBC

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  • This episode troubled me back in my teenage years.

    I've first watched this back when I was 17, but my inside was 8 1/2, and guess what? I was ticked off with the story idea that involved people being forced to cook because it reminded me of the way teenagers were treated when it comes to home economics and growing up. Such as King Cup's dialogue " You're going to stay here and bake cakes forever" reminded me of the adults' dialogue "You're going to do more" to their teenage children. I remember back in the late 1990s, my siblings were forcing me to do more because of me age. My brother was forcing me to babysit, but I wasn't able to take care of children because of my problem of being aspergers. As of now, my brother is more easier on me since he understands my problems, especially my sister. To me, this was not a good episode for people with understanding problems. All other episodes are much better than this.