Season 3 Episode 34

The Vacuum Gun, Part 2

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Jan 01, 1967 on NBC

Episode Recap

Simon finally reveals his plan to Cad: He plans to train all of the crooks into an army, with Simon as Commander in Chief! "They will, or else," he claims to Cad. Simon trains them in the style of a Simon Says Game (of course!).

"Meanwhile, the Lusitanic was going down for the third time." Underdog dives down (after a speech), lifts the liner out of the water, and pours water out of the hull.

"While Underdog was fixing the hole in the ship..." Simon comments on his army. He feels they are ready for the next part of his plan. He suddenly hears a sneeze. Sweet Polly was watching from the window! Simon sucks her up into the vacuum. Cad lets her out. Polly announces that she has heard his scheme and will bring Underdog to stop him! As she sings, Simon orders Cad to allow it.

Underdog hears Polly's song and flies to save her. He crashes into Simon's lab. Simon orders him to "come here!" Underdog stands firm, confident he can withstand a vacuum cleaner. He's wrong! He and Sweet Polly are sucked into the tank! Simon hooks the tube to a water cooler. The tank slowly begins filling with water!