Season 3 Episode 35

The Vacuum Gun, Part 3

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Jan 01, 1967 on NBC

Episode Recap

"Now, Simon says, 'Army... FORWARD!'"

The Electric Eel sucks up the money (and people) in a Chicago bank.

"Meanwhile, what of Underdog and Sweet Polly Purebred?" Polly exclaims over their situation. Underdog adds that his trip with the ship has weakened him. His pill would save them, but it slipped off in the tank! Polly dives down to search.

Riff Raff arrives in Las Vegas. He cleans out a nightclub of games, gamblers, and money!

Polly resufaces with a hubcap. "If at first you fail your deed," Underdog rhymes, "try again 'til you succeed!" She dives back down.

The Batty Man arrives in Boston. He sucks up the contents of an armored car, money and police.

Polly resufaces with a link of chain. "Never give up while you can fight," Underdog rhymes, "you'll win if you do right!" She dives back down. Simon gets a report that he now has all of the money in America! He orders them all to bring to money to his hideout.

O.J. Squeeze reports that Washington will soon speak on the topic of the state of emergency. Meanwhile, the Army has been called to stop Simon and his gang.

The Army gets sucked up, too!

Will nothing stop Simon?!