Season 3 Episode 36

The Vacuum Gun, Part 4

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Jan 01, 1967 on NBC

Episode Recap

Polly finds the ring and sinks to the bottom from exhaustion. Underdog takes his pill, gets energized, and birsts through the tank! By this time, the Vacuum Army has regrouped outside of Simon's hideout. Underdog birsts through the wall.

Eel begins the offensive. Underdog blocks his shocks, throws him in the air, spins him around, and throws him into the house. Riff Raff deals out lead from his machine gun. Underdog walks right into the round of fire, punches Riff, and tosses him into the hole with Eel. Batty Man sends out his squadron of bats. Underdog each one into Batty Man's face, knocking him into a truck.

Cad exclaims over the situation. Simon laughs, holding up his Vacuun Gun. "It stopped him before, it'll stop him again!"

But this time Underdog is able to withstand the powerful vacuum. With his atomic breath, Underdog inhaled, creating a more powerful force than the Vacuum Gun! He punches Simon and Cad into the air, sucks them into the Vacuum Gun, then exhales into the nozzle. The tank explodes, showering him and Polly with money.

The US economy is saved!