Season 3 Episode 33

The Vacuum Gun, Part I

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Jan 01, 1967 on NBC

Episode Recap

Simon is seen in his lab working on a giant vacuum machine. Cad asks what he is working on. Simon demonstrates by sucking up his tools, his workbench, then Cad! Cad is obviously impressed and asks his master what the purpose of the gun is. "I'm going to 'clean up' this city," replies the dastardly doctor. But to Cad's amazement, Simon says he plans to clean the city of crime!

True to his word, Simon scours the city of thugs. From petty armed robbers, to Riff Raff and his gang (in his hideout), to the Batty Man and company (in jail), even the Electric Eel (in the sewers)!

Sweet Polly talks to Shoeshine about her concerns over Simon's actions. Shoeshine dismisses her concerns, saying that, "if Simon is cleaning up crime, I don't think Underdog would try to stop him!" Polly pursues her arguement, but they are interrupted by a new bullitin. The ocean liner Lucitanic is sinking in the North Atlantic Ocean. Shoeshine turns his attention to a sinking liner instead, leaving the reporter with her worries. The episode ends with Polly singing.