Season 2 Episode 1

The Witch Of Pickyoon, Part One

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Sep 08, 1965 on NBC

Episode Recap

Sweet Polly Purebred was returning home from covering a big story outside the city when her private plane ran into a fierce storm. As she lost control of the plane, Sweet Polly sang for help.
Shoeshine heard Polly's song, apologized to his customer, and dove into a telephone booth. As Underdog, he flies to her rescue. Only he has arrived too late! He pulls apart the plane and finds Polly, shaken but alive. "My hero," she cries. He blushes.
They are in the strange land of Pickyoon. The poor citizens had been enslaved by a wicked witch. The Witch asks her magic mirror, "Who is the most powerful in Pickyoon?" The mirror says another has arrived more powerful than she, and shows Underdog.
She asks if he has a weakness. The mirror shows Sweet Polly picking flowers. The witch decides to capture Polly to control Underdog.
Underdog tells Polly that he has a bad feeling about the place. Polly says that she wants to gather some of the weird flowers before they leave. She asks Underdog to pick some from a nearby grove while she waits under "this friendly tree."
The "friendly" tree turns out to be the witch! She grabs Polly. Polly threatens to scream, but the witch gags her. They disappear. Underdog returns to find his love and the tree gone!

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